The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, January 17, 1961, Image 1

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    VOLUME OIL No. 5
The Fickle Finger of
The Council Takes
An Office
The Student Council has finally
got an office. Located in the base
ment of Erie Hall (part of the
girls' locker rooms, albeit parti
tioned off), the Council can func
tion in a more organized and less
confused state. Having a place
from which to conduct business and
file its policies and correspondence,
the Student Council can how begin
instituting some long-planned serv
ices to the student body of Behrend
Through the indefatigable efforts
of Mike Mulligan, this and other
necessary facilities have, after a
long and bureaucratic tete-a-tete,
become realities. The office serves
not only administratively but is
also, at present, a recreation booth
where students can rent pingpong
paddles and balls, pool cues and
balls, and other equipment for use
in the game rooms. Later on the
Council plans to put up a bulletin
board outside the office to petition
or inform students on any initiated
or tentative ideas.
Ideas now being considered by
the Student Council include a Book
Store where preceding students can
bring their books. For a slight
handling charge, the Council will
sell them to incoming students.
Council gets new Head Shed—
D. Conrath and P. Narducci.
BEHREND CAMPUS—Pennsylvania State University
Mardis Gras
Ferrier 10
The Journeys Of
An Artist As A
Young Man
On December 19, the willing
Odysseus of Behrend Campus went
on the road in Kerouac style. With
little money, but much enthusiasm,
Fran Doohan set off to see the
people that interested him.
Fran's goal was New York City
but before reaching there he en
countered many trying, albeit in
teresting, experiences. For in
stance, he visited Danville Mental
Hospital where an inmate asked
him, "Why are you growing that
beard ?"
Fran answered, 'l'm posing for
holy pictures over the holidays."
Eventually he arrived in New
York City or that part of it called
Greenwich Village -where the ever
famous "beatifies," commercially
referred to as beatniks, mock con
formity and society. However, Fran
explained that the true beatific is
actually hidden among the con
glomeration of imitators and is a
person who truly believes and prac
tices his philosophy. While there
he met "Prometheus" who received
this nickname from the "beats" be
cause he represented. the character
of the mythical legend who stole
fire from the gods and brought it
to man. He became Fran's constant
companion and narrator while
visiting Washington Square, coffee
houses, and. other sights. In tour
ing the city they also met a Negro
woman who lived for the things
which she loved, and Fran and his
new friend fell into this category.
Along the way Fran gained an
other friend, Moses, who was a
quiet, poor, self-taught intellectual.
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Erie Hall To
Five-Day Extravaganza
Thursday, January 19, marks the first day of a five-day spectacular
to be held in Erie Hall. It is to be entitled Final Examinations. This
will be the time when Behrend students will be tested for what they
have learned or for what they have crammed into their heads the night
before over beer at the Mar Mar. But however hazy the student and
however foul the weather, the program WILL be presented and every
student is urged to attend or in event of absence to make sure the office
is fully informed of this inevitability. The schedule is as follows:
FALL 1960-61
Thurs. Fri. Sat. Mon. Tues.
Time Jan. 19 Jan. 20 Jan. 21 Jan. 23 Jan. 24
8:15 A.M. Engr. 1 Human. 1 Corn. 30 Math. 41 Engl. 800
Phys. 236 Math. 43 Engl. 0
E. Mch. 813
10:30 A.M. Psy. 2 Math. 2 Chem. 1 Acctg. 1 Engl. 1
Engr. 800 EE 810 Math. 6 Acctg. 5 Engl. 3
1:15 'P.M. E. Mch. 11 Fr. 1
EE 803. Phys. 800
ME 805
3:30 P.M. Bot. 1
Bot. 27
NOTE: All examinations will be held in Erie Hall. Please report (in
writing to the Receptionist) if there are any conflicts or if you
have more than two examinations falling on the same day. This
must be done before 5 p.m., Friday, Jan. 13, 1961.
Selections From Siwash
Cheating on final exams has be- School of Commerce (C.H.1.).
come a highly-developed art; a Mr. Siwash emphasizes his prac
fact which won't help you one little tice of sitting a considerable dis
bit if you happen to get caught. tance from the other studens dur-
Perhaps the only safe method of ing an exam. Since Mr. Siwash has
labor-less exam-taking requires a been known to wear the same T
photographic mind. In this case you shirts for as long as three months,
probably already work for the the other students are quite willing
State Department and have one to comply. Mr. Siwash usually has
eye on that Russian travel folio, so his answers tattooed on the inner
what's the use of talking to you? side of his eyeballs, which is very
There is a publication now avail- difficult to duplicate. He recom
able in a plain wrapper, entitled mends that the apprentice cribber
"Cribbing, for Fun and Profit," by use engraved contact lenses until
Sergius K. Siwash. Mr. Siwash has his eyes become accustomed to
an impressive .record that speaks close reading. For the far-sighted
very eloquently of his authority on cribber the use of sky-writing is
the subject. A few of his degrees often a boon, although the expense
are U.C.L.A. (8.A.), M.I.T. (8.5.), might be prohibitive to the student
Siberian School of Mines (M.S.), of modest circumstances. One coed
U.S.M.C. (D.D.), Lebanon 'School had answers written on her chest
of Camel Husbandry (8.5.), MKVD where she could read them merely
(U.S.S.R.), New Orleans Conserva- by glancing down and adjusting
tory (NAACP), and Havana her blouse.
Music 5 Engl. 2 E. Lit. 26
IE 801
Econ. 14
EE 804
Hist. 18
Spch.. - 200
Hist. 21
Tuesday, January 17, 1961
Soc. 1 Ger. 1
EE 801