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    Tfe Ml l\sr CUB
Volume VIII—No. 1
Behrend Welcomes Alumni
Grads Return
to Haunt Campus
By Fred Loell
That time has rolled around
again. By “that time” we mean
Homecoming. It seems that some
of the alumni, have started com
ing back to “Good Old B. C.” a
wee bit early. Joe Schmitt, Bob
Brandt, and Nancy Johnston were
prowling around the campus a
few days ago. Joe said he was
looking for Chenne. Try the swim
ming pool, Joe.
Jane Eisenberg and Mary Ann
Jackson, a pair of avid “revival
ists,” were numbered among the
more than early arrivals. It seems
that Jane is planning to come
back to Behrend Center for the
spring semester and just wanted
to see if the bowling alleys would
make the whole venture worth
Rumor has it that Dotty Max
well, Val Meals, and Patty Lentz
are going to land on us for the
gala weekend. If this is really the
case, the present residents of the
Old. Veterans Home can depend
on those three to really clean the
place up. Ask Earl Schriver if
they didn’t do a bang-up job last
year. While the O.VJEL is being
mentioned, has anyone heard how
“Dee” Pagan is making out . . .
with her dramatic studies, that is?
Don. “Who Threw My Pants Out
the Window” Catlin was seen'eye
ing the. pool with a longing look.
Don was noted for his ability at
'the “Sleeping Dive.”
Bob “Finally” -Detisch will un
doubtedly be prowling around the
old place to see. if anyone has
found his' secret studying place.
It must have been a dilly because
Bob’s average was TERRIFIC.
Has anyone seen “Kelly?” Dot
was noted, if you will remember,
for (hiving the “Cub” staff with
a long black whip, but we enjoyed
it no end.
I would like to close this column
by mentioning a fellow who has
become a by-word at Behrend—
Smoky, alias Jack Rimp. Poor
Jack is no longer considered
among the living ... he trans
ferred to Gannon. Rest in peace,
But seriously, grads, although
we cannot mention all your names,
everyone at Behrend is looking
forward to seeing you at the
Homecoming festivities.
The parking situation on
the Behrend Center campus
has become acute. When
the first- snow falls this
situation will probably get
worse. It is therefore re
quested that all students
try to set up car pools so
that a minimum number of
cars will be on campus.
All cooperation in this
matter will be very much
Yearbook to be
Published for
Second Time
One of the most enterprising
projects this year at Behrend will
be the publishing of a school
The last yearbook was publish
ed in 1950. This book had the
distinction of being the first suc
cessful attempt at the project.
The Cub of 1950 was an attractive
book in white cover with name
in blue lettering. Most of the pic
tures are the usual yearbook style:
individual pictures, of each stu
dent and of the various clubs and
social events.
This year, however, the theme
of the whole book will be entire
ly different. “We are going to give
it an informal touch,” remarked
Mr. Patterson. “There will be no
rogues gallery pictures.” The forty
eight picture pages will catch, in
an informal way, college life. Per
haps you will see a picture of the
Botany lab class looking in awe
through the microscopes at plant
cells; or the physical education
class tumbling. All the dances will
be included; clubs will also be
pictured, not in formal arrange- J
ment, but about their work. 1
A great number of students are
enthusiastic about the creation of
a yearbook this year. The staff
is well organized and the plan
ning has begun. Martha Mulligan
heads the staff as editor the
heads of the various departments
are as follows: Business Manager,
Sue -Hansen; Photography, Mari
lyn Pringle, and Fred Loell; Art
Director, Dennis Polatas; Lay-out
Director, Linda Hamer; Narra
tive, Jeanette Flory and Anne
IVTane Pagel, and Typing, Honey
Science Club
A science club is now in the
process of being founded. Those
interested can still sign up. The
group will make tours to different
plants. Those people who have
signed up are Jack Baldwin, Don
Hallor, Sue Thompson, Dorothy
Blazer, Walter Mitrorivas, Ron
Somewille, Jack Hassell, Robert
Allio, Richard Rowland, Anthony
Picko, and Frank Simon.
Photography Club
An organization meeting of the
photography club will meet Oct.
13 th. Anyone wishing to join
should see Mr. Patterson. Those
who have signed up so far are:
Kenneth Russell, Donald Lynch,
Harry Foulkrod. F. J. Schiller,
Martha Mulligan, Roger Sanford,
Weed, Becky Wilson, Laurie Hill.
Bonnie Hugus, Leo Burlingam,
Perry Wight, Edward Haight,
Judy Young, Bev. Stiou, T.
Giegoroff, Richard Gay and
Micque Brown.
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1955 BEHREND CENTER—Pennsylvania State University
Professor Gordon Baker, who
is in charge of the Homecom
ing Program, in behalf of the
Administration, faculty, and
student body at Behrend Center
officially welcomes the alumni
for the traditional festivities.
Activities Season
Opened by Choir
Students at Behrend Center held
the initial choir practice meeting
on September 16 in the Memorial
Room with approximately 30 stu
dents attending.
Jay Roling, a sophomore who is
going to direct the choir, conduct
ed a short business meeting which
consisted of electing a chairman,
Helen Greenlee, who will hanHiP
all functions of the group.
Barbara Bell was elected ac
companist and Sylvia Kunkle, al
ternate pianist and librarian sec
Music for future performances
is to consist of both religious and
popular music. Future meetings
will be held every Tuesday at 7:30
in Erie Hall and all students of
Behrend Center are urged to at-
All freshmen at Behrend Center have to go through freshmen
customs. Shown are a few freshmen boys, duffing to the sophs.
To Homecoming
• Office News •
All veterans will please note
that they are to report to Mrs.
Adam by the fifth of each month
to sign their certifications.
Also, anyone interested in the
Naval Air Cadets will have the
opportunity to meet with Lieuten
ant Wemar of the Naval Aviation
Cadets on November 14th, at
which time he will be at Behrend
Evaluates Behrend
Representatives of the Middle
Atlantic States’ Association of
Colleges and Secondary Schools
visited Pennsylvania State Uni
versity during October for the
purpose of evaluating all phases
of college work connected with
the school.
Penn State was evaluated sev
eral years ago, but because of the
increase in population, the uni
versity asked to be evaluated again
to be sure it was doing a good
job as far as teaching standards
are concerned.
This was the largest evaluation
ever undertaken by the Middle
Atlantic States’ Association, so the
members of the association and
people connected with Penn State
appreciated the full co-operation
of everyone connected with the
Members of the evaluating
team visited Behrend Center on
October 11 to get a view of all
phases of life on Behrend Campus.
During its stay at Behrend Cen
ter, the evaluating team talked
with the students to get their
opinion of the Center, visited the
classrooms, and observed the
methods of instruction; and while
the students were busy at extra
curricular activities, the team ob
served the students in their free
Although the job of evaluating
Pennsylvania State University was
a difficult one, it is certain that
the co-operation of the student
body and faculty was appreciated.
Festivity Planning
Well Under Way
By Ross Caruana
On October 21, 22, and 23,
Behrend Center’s annual Home
coming will officially begin. Tiiat
is the time when all the old fa
miliar faces appear around our
Friday, October 21 at 6:00 P. M.
is the time set for registration of
all Alumni. There is nothing else
scheduled for Friday night, ex
cept for the fact that it will give
the Alumni a chance to talk over
old times and to get acquainted
with the new students who are
attending Behrend at the present.
Registration will continue through
Saturday morning for those who
cannot make it Friday night.
On the afternoon of Saturday,
October 22 at 1:30, there will be
a softball game between the Alum-
ni and the present students. If
the weather proves to be unfavor
able, we will have a basketball
game. Every year this game has
been characterized by spirited
competition and we would like
to see everyone attend this game
to cheer his team on to victory.
Anyone wishing to participate in
the game should contact Clark
The annual Homecoming ban
quet will be held Saturday night
at 6:30 P. M. After the banquet
there will be a dance held in Erie
Hall at 8:30. This dance has al
ways been a huge success and
you, the students and Alumni, can
make it that again this year by
attending and joining the crowd.
The feature at the dance will
be the crowning of the Home
coming Queen. Any girl wishing to
run for queen can submit a peti
tion of ten names along with a
picture of herself to Bob Gomall.
Pete Dedad has obtained Neil
Charles and his band to provide
the music for the dance, which
is under the direction of Don
Godfrey. Along with the glamor
ous side of the dance, there will
be the dismal side also, that being
the cleaning up of the gym after
the dance. That will be very well
taken care of because Warren Rose
is in charge of the clean-up com
Don McLaughlin and Gilbert
Rienath are in charge of the pro
grams and greeting ,the Alumni
as they arrive. The mailing out
of announcements will be taken
care of by Martha Mulligan.
Elaborate decorations are being
planned for this big event under
the direction of Dennis Polatas
with Bill Schweitzer, John Kol
pien, and Ross Caruana as his
Head of the catering service for
the banquet is Bob Purucker. He
is planning many delicious foods
including five different meats,
and luscious appetizers.
We are all hoping for a suc
cessful Homecoming, and that
can only be achieved by a big
turnout. A good time is being
planned for all, so we would like
to see you all at Behrend Center’s