The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, May 19, 1955, Image 1

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    Ike MTTiS> CUB
Volume VII—No. 8
“Enchanted Evening” Sets Theme For Prom
First Associate
Degree Students
Will Graduate
On Saturday, June 11, the first,
•group of students earning the_ as
sociate degrees in engineering
•will graduate. The services will
he held in conjunction with the
regular graduating services at. the
Pennsylvania (State University.
If the weather is fair, the
graduation ceremony will the held
outside in Beaver Field, the foot
toali stadium; otherwise, the event
wall take place indoors. Dwight D.
Eisenhower, president of the Uni
ted States, will deliver an address
at the ceremony.
(Since this is the first class to
graduate, under the two-year pro
gram from Penn State, the boys
from Behrend Center attended a
conference at the main" campus
on May 7 to obtain the details of
what they are to do. Leaving the
center in private cars, the day
tech students left early Saturday
morning and were accompanied 1
by (Mr. Richards and Mr. Koeha
nowic, both, of whom are day tech
instructors; They all met at
State College at the Hetzel Union
Building for lunch and then re
assembled at the Extension con
ference on the campus. They re
ceived details shout the gradua
tion procedure there.
There are two curriculum trader
the associate degree system, the
dirafting and technology course
and the electrical engineering
course, both of which require two
years for completion of the course
and for receipt of the degree.
The boys will not only take part
in the services at State on June .
11, tat will also receive formal
recognition at the convocation and
awards day held here at the Cen
The students graduating from
the drafting and technology
course are Harold Adams, Uomen
ico Cipriani, James Culbertson,
Charles FleisChmann, Robert
Eamey, Albert Kaufman, William
Simmons, Jack Tupitza and Sam
Those obtaining their degrees
in electrical engineering include
William Haenel, Elton Himes,
■Robert Lemmler, Clan McCluskey,
Melvin . O’Neil, David Rodhin,
Lloyd Brooks and Russell Waech
Award Day
On Friday, June 3, at 2:00 p. m
in. Erie Hall, the annual convo
cation and award day ■will foe held.
Various awards will toe given to
outstanding students for • such
achievements as ■ scholarship,' :
Journalism, and - others. Certifi-.
cates will also foe’awarded to those"
students’ who' have' completed
sixty' credits' or more of scholas--
■tic-study. ■ ;
At this --same time, - -seventeen
students will foe recognized as the
■first-Students to receive associate
dreeg from Penn State.-
Three Girls
Enter Contest
Three of the freshmen girls of
Behrehd Center are among thirty
entrants in the “Miss Ene” con
test. Marge Elliott of 138 High
land Road, Pittsburgh; Nancy
Johnston of 1154 Whitney Street,
Pittsburgh; and Sally Stauffer of
Feasler Avenue, meet the require
ments of being 18 or over and un
The three girls were among
five who were chosen to christen
a Capitol Airlines airplane, “Miss
Erie’’. Nancy bestowed the proper
-honors by breaking a (bottle of
champagne across the nose of the
The girls are to attend a tea
later in the month, where they
■will meet the judges of the con
test, among whom are (Mr. Sample,
the conductor of the Erie Phil
harmonic, and Pat English, the
society editor of the Erie Daily
Preliminary judging will take
place on June 2 in the Rainbow
Gardens auditorium. This Jaycee
sponsored affair will then send
five finalists to the “Miss Penn-
sylvania” contest on June 4. The
girls will model swimming suits
•and evening gowns in addition
to displaying their various talents.
In the talent line, (Marge El
liott plans to play the piano. She
took lessons for nine years. Nan is
planning to either dance or sing,
while dancing instructor Sally
Stauffer intends to perform an
acrobatic dance-
In the past, Marge reigned as
queen of the Lincoln DeMolay in
Pittsburgh, and Sally was crown
ed football' queen at McDowell
high school.
THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1955
Furniture For
Lounge Arrives
The new look, which has adoro-
ed the campus since the first
•blossoming of the trees, is tat a
small taste of (beauty. One look at
the student lounge would explain
why. Nearly all of the students
have had' a chance by this time
to try out the new green lounge
furniture which (has already prov
ed to.'be one of the Center’s most
useful additions.
The students will foe able to ap
preciate the furniture even more
when they consider that they have
helped- to finance half of its pur
chase price through the funds of
the student council treasury. The
balance of the eight hundred
dollars, the entire cost of the
lounge furniture, was provided
through contributions from the
Pennsylvania State University.
BEHREND CENTER—Penrusylvania State Uniraraifcy
Model ‘Niagara’
Presented To
Behrend Center
In a ceremony at Erie Hall on
Apr. 27, Mrs. Mary B. Behrend and
her brother, Alfred S. Brownell,
presented a model of the U. S. Brig
Niagara to Behrend Center. The
ceremony, which lasted about an
hour, was witnessed by Behrend
students and faculty, friends and
guests of the Behrend famly, and
representatives of the Erie His-
torical Society.
Along ■with the gift of the model
was the 'presentation of the orig
inal bell, mortar, and pestle -from
the ship, Niagara. Mrs. Behrend,
introduced by Mr. E. W. Nick,
president of (the advisory board
of Behrend Center, gave a short
speech on the founding of the
•Mr. Brownell, also introduced
by Mr. Nick, told about the his
tory of the ship, the -patience, ef
fort and research needed for the
building of the ship model. After
Mr Brownell gave his comments,
the entire ceremony was shifted
to the vestibule of Erie TTg.n
where the unveiling of the model
took place.
Mr. Nick then accepted the
Final Exams!
The schedule for final ex
aminations has been posted
on the bulletin board in
the classroom building. Ex
ams will start on Saturday,
May-28, and end on June. -
2, Thursday. Everyone must
take final examinations in, •
all courses, unless told
otherwise by their instruc- '■
Council Members
Tell Details of
Decor Scheme
The hustle and bustle of school
social life at ißehrend Center will
come to a climax for another year
with one of the biggest events of
the spring season, the annual
spring prom. This year the prom
will foe held in Erie Hah, rather
'than off-campus, on Friday, May
20, and will start at nine o’clock
p. m. with the last dance ending
at midnight.
The student council members,
who have sole charge of the event.
have chosen “Enchanted Evening”
as the theme for the prom, with
decorations of blue and white to
help set the scene for the gala
occasion- Twenty 'thousand feet of
white and ten thousand 1 feet of
blue crepe paper will be used to
carry out the planned color
Included in the decorations
will be the mirrored crystal ball,
which will shower the dancers
with star-like bits of light. Plan
ned also is a replica of a garden,
which will be placed ini the im-iriiriim
of the dance floor. Through the
ingenuity of the decorating com
mittee, this centerpiece will be
given a realistic effect by a mist
rising from a fountain surrounded
by a pool. Blue spotlights will be
trained on this section of the
dance floor. A slight mist will
also arise to form a cloudy iha«v
in front of the band.
Neil Charles and his orchestra
will insure an enjoyable evening
of dreamy dance music for an
admission price of only $2.50 per
couple. Every student of (Behrend
Center is invited to attend.
Refreshments ■wall ibe provided,
and possibly each girl will be
presented with a favor. In addi-
tion, programs will be given to
each couple.
The semi-formal, sponsored 'by
the student council, promises to
be one of the outstanding social
functions of the year. Mr. Nor
man Patterson, math instructor
and advisor of the student coun
cil, will act as faculty advisor of
the event.
Members of the council who are
handling the various jobs con
nected with the dance are: Nonna
.Michael, financial chairman;
Dennis Polotas, program chair
man; Sally Stauffer, piano tuning
committee; Bob Gomall, ticket
chairman; Jack Mallory and Sally
Stauffer, co-chairmen 1 of decora
tions; Donna Cramer, chairman
of refreshments; Charlotte flack,
advertising chairman; Art Carroll,
service chairman; and Don God
frey and Bill Loell, clean-up
model Niagara in -the name of
■Behrend Center, and Mr. Brownell
Concluded the occasion with the
answering of -questions about the
building of his ship model.