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Volume VII—NO. 2
Council Representatives Meet At
Sophomores Plan
Sixth Annual
On the weekend of November
12-13, once more the alumni of
Behrend Center will invade our
campus to take part in the sports,
games and usual good times that
mean Homecoming time is here
The sophomore class will handle
the week end for our visitors and
students now in attendance. Invi
tations have been issued to the
Alumni of the seven years of Beh
rend’s existence as a Penn State
The guests are expected to ar
rive on Saturday afternoon to par
ticipate in the basketball games,
a traditional aspect of homecom
ing; the sophs have planned a
banquet for all who wish to at
tend and any guests they might
bring. The price for the banquet
is $1.75 per person.
The alumni dance, climax to the
fun,' will start at about 8:00 in
Erie Hall. The theme will be a fall
scene this year, and the price has
been set at 50c a person, or 75c
a couple.
Committees have been selected
by the sophs and their sponsor,
Mr. Baker, instructor in math in
physics. These groups will plan
and co-ordinate the activities for
Behrend Center’s Homecoming
Week End.
Students Journey
To Penn State
By Jack Rimp
On November 6, a number of
students will journey to State, to
take in the game between Penn
State and Holy Cross. This excur
sion, under the.sponsorship of Mr.
Hughes, district representative of
Perm State, promises to be full of
fun. A few of the students who
plan to attend this game are: Jane
Eisenbei’g, JoA n n Haumesser,
Charlotte Flack, Mary Ann Jack
son, John Mallory, Willie Storer,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gomall, and
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Anderson.
A special feature of the half
time activities will be a presenta
tion of a number of district bands
around the State College area,
plus the State band and the Holy
Cross organization. If the game
itself does not draw a great num
ber of Behrend students, surely the
presentation of these musical or
ganizations should interest some
music minded individuals.
The Behrend Center seats will
be reserved between the 30-40 yard
lines. Be sure to sit in this sec
tion if you go. Cars and drivers,
will be needed for the trip, so get
that co-operative spirit going and
help your fellow students. Mr.
Hughes plans to leave at eight
a. m. on Saturday, November 6.
Chorus Selects
Varied Scores
A Behrend Center choral group
has recently 'been formed to ac
commodate those students who
wish to participate in singing for
various functions at the Center.
Mr. William Hover, instructor of
music and language, will act as
the group’s advisor, and will direct
the musical selections. This chorus
meets each Monday at 7:00 pm.
in the memorial room.
Bather than elect a body of of
ficers to head the chorus, s the stu
dents decided to select a chairman
and four assistants to aid Mr. Ho
ver. One of the dormitory girls will
be chosen to fulfil the duties of
social director.
The choral group has started
working on “Palling In Love With
Love” by Rogers & Hart, “Now
Let The Heavens Adore Thee” by
Bach,’ “Prayer of Thanksgiving” a
Norwegian folk tune, and “In The
Still Of The Night” by Cole
The chorus still needs basses
and tenors to complete the voice
ranges. Membership is open to
anyone who would like .to join.
The chorus also expects to pre
pare a program for the Christmas
service that is held at the Winter
green Gorge Cemetery.
Mr. Lane Names
Fall Play Cast
The cast for “Night Must Fall,”
the play that the Dramatics Club
is presenting on November 17, 18,
and 19 in Erie Hall, has been
chosen. The people who are hard
at work getting the production in
shape are: Diane Fagan, Olivia;
Fran Vidil, Mrs. Bramson; Willie
Storer, Hubert Laurie; Paul Har
per, Inspector Belsize; Fran Niel
sen, Mrs. Terence; Sue Lockley,
Dora Parkoe; Pat Stocker, Nurse
Libby; and Jack Rimp, Danny.
The play, under the direction of
Mr. Ben Lane, instructor of Eng
lish and German, is a British
melo-drama written by playwright
Emlyn Wiliams. Williams created
the role of Danny, the bellboy in
the production, on the New York
Besides the cast, technical crews
are already organized. Crew heads
are as follows: Jim Culberston,
technical director; Donna Cramer,
stage manager: Jody Borkowski,
scene designer; Dot Kaliszewski,
wardrobe; Blaine Smith, sound;
Jack Murray, Clem McClusky, and
Elton Himes, lighting; Charlotte
Flack, house manager; Ray Metz,
and Janie Brown, business; Joe
Schmitt, publicity; and Bob Heat
er, props.
A miniature scale model of the
set, complete with furniture and
draperies was designed and con
structed by Jody-Borkowski, Dot
Kaliszewski, and Jack Rimp: This
model will greatly facilitate the
choice of colors and materials for
the actual stage setting.
Science Club
Elects Officers
The Science Club of Behrend
Center held its initial meeting of
the year on Tuesday, October 12.
The club, whose advisors are Mr.
Balmer, assistant professor of
chemistry, and Mr. Shields, in
structor of botany and zoology,
plans to promote interest in all
branches of science. Field trips,
movies, and assemblies are part of
their tentative program.
Officers have already been se
lected. Tom Green will act as
president; Fred Forbes will be the
vice president; Janet. Evans will
assume the duties of recording
secretary; and Dick Russell will
take the office of treasurer.
Some of those in attendance at
the first meeting were John Olson,
Bonnie Champney, Marilyn De
Marsh, Bob Heater, Nat Kobasa,
Charlotte Flack, Dot Maxwell, Bill
Loell, Chuck Agnew, Jan Jackson,
Gerry Guzik, Gary Stultz, Ron
Thomas, Diane Harris, Norma
Michael, Sylvia Haise, Phil Hazen,
Venice Ceccacci, Ronald Cionco,
Peggy Duff, and Bob Maracci.
On Friday night, October 22,
the Science Club was invited to
attend a meeting of the American
Chemical Association-at the Gen
eral Electric Community House. A
number of interested members at
tended this meeting and reported
that they got a great deal of bene
fit from it.
The club hopes to receive many
more invitations, from interested
associations who enjoy having
members of high school and col
lege groups sit in on their con
ferences and meetings. The stu
dents can glean much information
from these other organizations, if
they are concerned enough with
the advancement of their own
knowledge to attend and listen..
Committee Sends Invitations
The student council committee, that is in charge of the jun
ior college conference to be held at Behrend, is busy attending
to last minute details concerning the meeting. They are left
to right, above: Herb Hanson, Norma Michael, Bill Loell, Jack
Mallory, Sally Stauffer, and Charlotte Flack.
BEHREND State University
Bridge Players -
Improve Skill
By Jan Jackson
The Behrend Center Contract
Bridge players have found an en
ergetic and helpful sponsor-in Mr.
Gordon Baker, instructor of math
and physics. This group, in spite
of the difficult time they had in
securing a legal meeting place,
now has enough members to make
three complete tables of -players.
They gather each Tuesday eve
ning, and the sessions last from
7:30 until 9:30.
The object of this contract
bridge club is to allow those who
have a knowledge of the universal
game to become better players,
and to instruct those who wish to
learn the whys and wherefores of
this popular pastime.
Members include Mr. Baker,
Janie Eisenberg, Becky and Mary
Ann Jackson, John DiPasquale,
Earl Schriver, Carolyn Lucas. John
Olsen, and Joni Haumesser.
The editors of the Nittany
Cub would like to take this
opportunity to welcome the
representatives of the stu
dent councils of the other
Penn State Centers and Jun
ior Colleges of Pennsylvania,
to Erie and Behrend Center.
We sincerely hope that your
visit here will be profitable
and enjoyable.
We have looked forward
to this convention, as a
chance to “show off” our
campus to students of other
Centers. We are proud of it,
and hope that you will re
turn to your schools with
many pleasant memories of
Junior Colleges
Compare Notes
On Programs
A special event this week end,
the annual council conference, will
take place here at Behrend Cen-
ter. This conference will he at-
tended, by representatives of most
of the Pennsylvania State Uni-
versity Centers and Junior Col-
leges and promises to be an im
pressive session. It will allow the
different colleges to compare notes
on their programs of student gov
ernment, social activities, and
sports tournament. With this in
mind, the convention provides an
opportunity for Pennsylvania State
University Centers and other col
leges to evaluate their progress.
A long week end is planned for
the benefit of the representatives
who will arrive at Behrend on
Friday evening, October 29, and
will remain here until Sunday af
ternoon, October 31. Among those
attending the conference are Ver
non R. Leftwich. Paait Eichcltsr-
CJeorge Robert
Evans of the York Center; John
Sicak, John Mizak, James Hawk,
and Roger Weltman, of the Mc-
Keesport Center; Roberta Brown,
Charles Espenlaub, Ben Winslow,
and Dick Sheteron, of the Altoona
Center; Harold Fowler, Ken Smith,
David Weaver, Kay Leitzinger,
Betty Tresize, Tom Walker, and
Mrs. Caccesse, advisor, of the Du-
Bois Center.
The program will start Saturday
and include two lecture sessions—
one in the morning and one in the
afternoon—which will give the
student representatives an oppor
tunity to discuss their problems.
Suggestions that will aid student
activities in the various schools
will also be represented. Between
the two sessions, a tour of the
Behrend campus will be taken. At
six o’clock on Saturday evening
all representatives who have taken
part in the conference shall at
tend a banquet which will be held
in the dining room of the admini
stration building. -
A dance at Erie Hall, from 9 to
12, will end the planned program
on Saturday. Music will be furn
ished by Joe Comi's band. The
decorations in Erie Hall will be
conducive to the autumn season
and, naturally, a Hallowe’en “spirit
will prevail. There will be no .ad
mission charge. This invitation to.
dance is extended not only to all
those who attend the conference
from the Centers, but to Behrend
Students as well.
The entire event is under the
direction of Mr. Balmer, assistant
professor of chemistry, and the
committee that, was selected (by
Behrend’s student council. Mr.
Shields, and Mr. Patterson, advis
ors to the student council of Beh
rend Center, will also assist Jn;wei
coming the representatives, ’ and
in making this program a success
ful one.