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Volume Vn—NO. 1
New Council Members Hold First
Map Plans For
Fall Semester
By Nancy Hendershott
The organization of the photo
graphy club for the fall semester
is underway, but before stating
the plans rf the club for this year,
a history of it is in order. The
students' who were interested in
photography last year, wanted a
dark room with facilities necessary
for the development of pictures.
They asked permission to cut off
part of Mr. Baker’s office, and
permission was .granted. It was
thought at first'that this might
inconvenience Mr. Baker, who is
the instructor of math and phy
sics. It is known, however, that
he bought some cameras and is
enjoying the use of the darkroom.
Materials for the. project were
furnished by Penn State, and Jack
Tupitza and his assistants built
the room. The furniture for the
darkroom was taken from differ
ent offices.
With Mr. Shields, instructor of
•botany and zoology, acting as the
clubs advisor, the members hope
to undertake the production of a
yearbook. _ w
One of the activities of the club
in the past consisted of taking
and printing pictures of such
events as the Mardi Gras and the
Spring Prom. This year, the pho
tography club would like to N add
to their pictorial collection. They
intend to replace all the old equip
ment- with new, if they are able
to obtain the funds through the
student council, it is hoped that
in future years the club may be
incorporated into a photography
Attention, Vets!
All new veterans are requested
to bring their certificate of legi
bility to. the administration of
fice as soon as it is received by
them. The government sends each
veteran an original certificate of
eligibility and a carbon copy to
the Center. It is then the respon
sibility of the Center to certify
that you are a student attending
Behrend Center of the Pennsyl
vania State University. Until this
certificate is presented to Mrs.
Adam, you will not be eligible for
your school allowance checks. If
you haven’t processed a form re
questing a certificate of eligibility
at your local Veterans’ Admini
stration, do so, right away.
Starting November 1, every vet
eran will sign a monthly certifi
cation form which Mrs. Adams
will forward to the Administra
tion in order that you will be re
imbursed for the stated period.
The first monthly certification
form will include the remaining
days of September, starting'Sep
tember 20, and the month of Oc
tober. The first day of each month
thereafter, it shall be your "re
sponsibility to see that this, form
is signed. Your checks from the
Veterans’ Administration should
then be 'forthcouiing about No
vember 20.
The people above constitute the student council of Behrend Center. They are seated, left to
right: Jan Jackson, Sally Stauffer, Mr. Kochel, administrative head; Mr. Patterson, advisor;
Charlotte Flack, secretary; and Norma Michael. Standing, left to right: Don Godfrey, Bob
Brandt, vice-president; • Joe Schmitt, treasurer; Jim Culbertson, president; Fred Loell, John
Mallory, and Herb Hanson.
Behrend Masquers-
Present Program
By Jack Rimp
Last Wednesday the Behrend
Center Drama group started off
in full swing on its new season.
Mr. B. A. Lane, faculty advisor
and director of. the group, mapped
out plans and schedules for the
club’s work this semester.
Mr. Lane stressed the fact that
talented or not, .please join the
club. Everyone has value as a
technical worker. Technical jobs
during a play are usually shunned
•because of too much work, but
the more hands, the lighter the
load. Workers for scenery, props,
lights, and sets are needed. Mr.
Lane is also looking for an assis
tant director. This person must
have access to a car and .be on call
during rehearsal time. ,
Plans were also laid for the fall
production, which will be “Night
Must Fall,” by Emlyn Williams.
This is a mystery-drama with a
cast of eight. Tryouts will be held
soon. Mr. Lane hopes that this
year’s efforts will be equal to the
spring production of last year.
From all views, it will be.
Tickets for the Penn State vs.
Holy Cross football game on No
vember 6 may be ordered through
Behrend Center. The price for
the East and West stands is three
dollars. All students interested in
attending this game please see
Mr. Hughes, district representa
tive for the Perm State Univer
sity and Behrend Center, before
October 22.
Faculty members, especially
part time instructors, are remind
ed to look into their mail boxes
before going to classes.
Mr, Kocbel Assumes Duties As_
Behrend Administrative Head
Mr. Irvin H. Kochel, whom
everyone is probably acquainted
with by this time, . led an
interesting and well rounded life
before assuming responsibilities
on the Behrend Campus in June,
Mr. Kochel, third in a family of
three boys, was born at Boyertown,
Pa. While a student at North Cov
entry High School, he participat
ed in football, basketball, and
track. In his senior year, he cap
tained these three teams.
In 1941 Mr.. Kochel entered
Penn State, but the second World
War interrupted his college life,
and in 1943 he joined the armed
services in the anti aircraft di
vision of the coastal artillery. In
1946, he returned to State with
his wife, whom he married while
in the service. Mrs. Kochel. is a
graduate of the Franklin School
of Arts and Sciences in Philadel
phia. '
After attending the spring and
summer sessions at school, he re
ceived his degree in. phys. ed. with
a minor in social studies in 1947.
Mr. Kochel earned his letter from
Penn State in track for the hun
dred yard dash, the half mile, and
the mile run. Wrestling also oc
cupied part of his busy life. He
was a member of Phi Epsilon Kap
pa, a national honorary fraternity
for phys. ed. majors.
Our administrative head’s first
position consisted of teaching
health, phys. ed., American his
tory, and P. O. D. at Junitta Val
ley High School. In addition, he
coached the football team, which
By Jan Jackson
BEHREND CENTER—Pennsylvania State University
Mr. Irvin H. Kochel
went undefeated that year.
A Master of Education degree
was obtained by Mr. Kochel in
1949; it was also in this year that
he moved to the Pottsville Center
as health and phys. ed. instruct
or. He coached the Pottsville bas
ketball team, and they placed
third in the Junior College League
of Pennsylvania? (Behrend Cen
ter’s location in the state prohi
bits participation in this league.)
Mr. Lane, Behrend’s instructor in
German and English, was at that
time a student at the Pottsville
Later, after being appointed to
a position as assistant adminis
trative head at Pottsville, Mr.
Kochel was transferred to Har
risburg. At that school, he had
charge of administrative duties,
of the technical center at York,
and of various evening classes in
he vicinity of York and Harris-
Council Choose
Officers For
Coming Year
Student council elections are
just' about the most important
event held on the Behrend Cen
ter campus, because it is through
the council that all student af
fairs are controlled. It is to the
council that all clubs must turn
for funds to carry out activities
and projects. Dances, parties, tra
ditions or other social and legis
lative functions must first be pre
sented to r,his group for their ap
Campaigning for council mem
bership this year went into high
gear as posters, signs, and slogans
filled every comer of the Beh
rend campus. Campaign mana
gers backed their- favorites to the
This air of enthusiasm prevailed
right up to the final day, Friday,
October 1, when the voting took
place. The results of the balloting
found eleven people elected to the
student government of Behrend
The council constitution states
that a meeting must be held on
'ftne - same 'day' that mem bers~'"are
chosen. At this session, which oc
curred only a few hours after the
election, the council selected four
officers form their own group.
The officers are: President, Jim
Culbertson: vice-president. Bob
Brandt: secretary, Charlotte Flack,
and treasurer, Joe Schmitt.
The remaining council members
are: Jan Jackson, John Mallory,
Herb Hanson, Fred Loell, Sally
Stauffer, Norman Michael, and
Don Godfrey.
Mr. Norman Patterson, instruc
tor of mathematics, was appointed
advisor to the group by the Beh
rend Center administration, and
Mr. Arthur Shields, instructor of
Botany and zoology, is the coun
cil’s selection for advisor.
At the first meeting, plans were
also laid for the student council
workship, which is to be held at
Behrend Center on October 29,
30 and 31. More details about this
workshop will be available in the
near future.
burg. During his years at Harris
burg, Mr. Kochel, also served as
president of the Junior Chamber
of Commerce there for 1953-1954.
Mr. Kochel then came to the
Erie. Center to assume the admin
istrative duties here.
. He is the father of three chil
dren, two' boys and a girl, and
with his wife and his family how
resides on the Behrend campus.
When questioned about his feel
ings- and plans for Behrend Cen
ter, our popular administrative
head thinks that we have a beau
tiful spot and great developmental
possibilities.-Mr. Kochel intends to
make Behrend the most outstand
ing Junior College in Pennsylvan
ia, both faculty and activity wise.