The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, March 29, 1949, Image 3

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By Bernard
Flash! Ray Sturgeluski bits 238!
Plash! Ray Sturgeluski hits 238!
Yes, it was an eventful day, that
last Thursday that the bowling
league rolled. Despite his terriffic
238 game and his 538 series,
“Sturg” didn’t have the high in
dividual series of the day. That
honor once again went to “Laugh
ing Boy” A 1 Liebau with a 548
series and a 205 garoe-that is gett
ing to be a habit with him. Ray
Reed really let go, despite warn
ings of a few weeks ago to slow
down; and slammed out a 191-525
series. Despite forgetting his'hat,
“Uncle Dave” Thurbon banged out
his usual “fair” 191-507 series.
Wish I could do “fair” once in a
while like that.
High team game honors went to
the Loons in the game in which
Sturg and Reed went wild-732.
Losing the first one, the Loons
took the last two from the Eagles
despite : the valiant efforts of Liebau
and Scheimer' 173-477.
Losing the first game by one
pin, the lowly Penquins, led by
Belferman’s 183-469 series and
“Pappy” Demp's 161-469, came
back to win the next two from the
Robins. Korn was high man for
the*"Ravens- with 181-514 series.
This game featurjd the return of
Dick McGreary, and a -nice return
it .was too, to the -league -with a
173-482 series. Welcome back Dick!’
Each Jteam bowling with only
four men, the Owls easily' wallop
ed the Ducks Jhree games.' Mill
iard's 449 and Tucker’s 412 series
were high for the winners.
While- down on -alleys 1 and 2,
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4-LS. (-HotStuff)
Volleyball Makes
Intra Sports Debut
With Intramural basketball now
a memory, athletic heads turn to
a more springy game—namely
Practices have already begun
and team organizations are'under
way. Games win be held in the
Lawrence Park gym, as are the
practice sessions. The first night"
brought out (twenty men illus
trating typical enthusiasm. Next
Wednesday (and every Wednes
day) evening at least twice that
number are expected to .make ap
pearance on the! hardwoods.
Coach Demp hopes to organize
Volleyball as well as basketball
turned out to supplement B. C’s
growing Athletic Activity list.
Turning to the softball dia
monds, no definite plans have
been layed but if weather condi
tions permit, softball will prob
ably make an official intra-mural
debut to the Glen Hills Farm
The major difficulty seems to
be the lack of a diamond or im
mediate prospective diamond on
campus to “State” plans to set up
a really fine diamond for future
years. Chances are slim, reports
M. Demp that a diamond will be
set up for this year. Softball will
no doubt be among B. C.’s spring
the Pelicans,' with Monahan and
Hill driving, rolled over the Hawks
for two games. Hill and Monahan
each had a steady 449 series, while
Bitty Lou Dablinger had less trou
ble than usual keeping the ball
out of the gutters. Thurbon’s 507
series, was high for the Hawks. ....
" Despite the absence of Chuck
Ekerts' inspiration,' the 1 Flamingos
took two games from the Cardin
als. Butsch had a 421 series to' make
himself" high, man for the winners,
while Pearce’s fast 180-487 was
high for the Cardinals.
The Ravens' went wild to steam
roller over the Larks' in all three
games. Johnson’s '4BO, Beal’s 475, i
Longnecker’s 467, Stark’s 460, and
Holmstrom’s 244 (How did* she get
in there?) comprised the Raven’s
attack. Nice rolling kids! Dick Col-
Iman’s 373, was a slump' from his
high antics of last week, but never
the less high" for the Larks;
The largest .slice of luck of the
afternoon came in the battle be
tween the Ravens and the Larks
when Dorothy HoTmstrom picked
up a 4-7-10" split'Aw, some people 1
are just born lucky!
—i)L . (DREAM
this course very
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By Bob Gallagher
With the end of the basketball
season in sight, Mr. Demp is form
ing an intramural volley ball lea
gue. In all probability, the league
will consist of four teams that will
Vie for champ honors at Lawrence
Park High School each Wednesday
evening from seven-thirty until
On the" basketball side of the
picture, A 1 Liebau was the star
of the night, as the Cubs licked
the Dravosburg five, 56 to 36. A 1
was high man for the victors with
a big 20 point total. "Moon” Black
was high point man for the losing
five with 15 tallies. Behrend will
probably close the season with a
trip to Dravosburg, which is situat
ed some ten miles east of Pitts
burgh, near McKeesport.
I noticed the baseball gloves and
balls coming out of hiding with
the appearance of those two nice
days last week. It won’t be long
Don’t mind the glass in your
sulfuric acid, Mr. Balmer, just
chalk it up to Mr. •Gottlund’s “ac
curate” drives through the wind
ows of the Chem Lab. Don Blair
is also to be congratulated for his
unnerring swings. Who else could
drive'a golf ball in a fork of a tree
and" have it stick there?
I The snow is all gone, but Hie
memories linger especially those
of “Mr. Ferguson’s fall in the pool."
He still claims that Mr. Demp
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sports but it is doubtful if an or
ganized league wiff take shape be
fore the season of T 950.
On- the wrestling scene several
old faithfuls report each Saturday
for the grappling league: Top
men-in the-heavy-weights'appear
in the personage of Joe Renowitz
and Dick Heskith while Jack, and
“Red” Hamilton-hol'd the lighter
weight brackets. Also outstanding
are Tom Tucker and Dave John
son. New faces appear every Sat
urday and- among them," some
promising muscle-men. Latest
arrivals are Bill Richards, Lloyd
McGough, and Jerry Musser. The
league will probably break up
come nice weather. So if you’re
planning to do- any wrestling,
hustle-down to the Laiwrence Park
Gym next Saturday mom.
la /
y t
Cubs Have Successful Season
Behrend Centers Nittany Cubs wind up successful cage
season next week in a final game with Dravosburg, Pa.
They are, kneeling, from L to r.: Ray Reed, Bob Gallagher,
A 1 Liebau, Jinm Mullard, and Tom Pearce. Standing: Marvin
Demp, Coach; Benny Bernard, Ken McDannel, Gene Chesley,
and Henry Baker.
Pirate Treasure
By Penny O’NeHl
As the winter winds begin to
leave the cracks and corners of
Behrend Center, you can smell
spring just around the corner and
it' is said that in spring a young
man's fancy turns to thoughts of
love, and might I add baseball.
And speaking of baseball, which
everyone is doing these days, let
us speak of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Since so many of the fellows and
girls are' from Pittsburgh and
since a lot of the Erie people
came down to see a few of the
games, I decided to take a poll to
see" who was the most popular
player on the team.
Well, I asked millions and mil
lions" of people, and, yes, I suppos
ed you already guessed it. . . .It
was Ralph Kiner, popular home
run' hitter and left fielder for the
Bucs. Although lie was named the
top notch "player of the team,
quite a few other people express
ed their opinions about some of the
other' players.
gave that little extra push when
the latter jumped off the toboggan
and the former kept right on go
ing through the ace on the swim
ming pool. You’re all wet, Mr. Fer
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