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    Volume I—No. 9 *
Behrend Center Students to Hold Carnival
Swing Six Makes Debut at
Friday night, March 18, Behrend Center’s Activities
Committee sponsored the school’s first St. Patrick’s Day
Dance. Although a day late, for the sake of the dormitory
girls, it was, in every sense, a true Irish fling.
The Recreation Hall, lighted with green bulbs, provided
a gay, Irish effect for all “rug-cutting” enthusiasts. The.
walls almost shook with the music as the students witnessed
the premiere of their school’s own dance band.
The orchestra, under the able direction of Jack Long
necker, provided quite a surprise for those who attended.
Compliments, all favorable, during and after the dance came
from everyone..
Especially notable were JoAnne
George, former Behrend recep
tionist, and John Pagonis, whose
warbling became quite a topic for
Although the loud-speaking sys
tem was deficient, both of the vo
calists proved themselves quite
capable. Among “Kip” George's
selections was “Milette” and “If
I Only Had a Match.” John Pagonis
pitching his voice somewhere be
tween the “Groaner” and “the
Crooner” rendered his own ver
sion of “If I’m Lucky” and "Talk
of the Town.”
The other sections of the orches
tra ar.e: Bhylhm-. with CtestojaL
Show, on the aSct"'' - Janet
Brown pounding the piano; the
brass section, made up by “Howie”
Starks, and George Hamilton; and
the reed instruments, handled by
“Mickey” Monahan, John Pagonis
and Jack Longnecker. Mickey also
let loose with a few of Artie
Shaw’s renditions on the clarinet.
The climax of the night’s activi
ties was an announcement by Miss
Mary • Jane Davis, dean of women,
giving the dormitory girls one
o’clock permission.
B. €. Band
Plans Future
Messrs. Jack Longnecker and
Mickey Monahan, two members
of the Behrend Center band found
frequently behind the scenes,
boast of interesting backgrounds,
and also interesting plans for the
Jack, the capable leader of our
band, is a native of Erie, Pennsyl
vania, and. a graduate of Erie
Academy High School. He studied
music under the able hands of
Robert. Burger, instructor of alto
sax. and 'teacher at Erie East High
School, and played with numerous
popular Erie dance bands. He
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IFlash! Hold Everything!'
► Tom Pearce has joined golf’s'
►most exclusive group; the]
|“Hole-in-one” Club. Tom, a.
►novice at the sport, used a no.]
►three iron to accomplish thei
[feat on Lawrence Park’s 170]
►yard fifteenth hole. Mr. Gott-'
[lund, Mr. Thurbon,' and Ray]
►Reed completed the foursome 1
[that witnessed the first “ace”]
of the year. 1
vNi i i isy i i ll
Price Five Cents
St. Patrick’s Day Dance
Behrend Centers Cubs found
the going a little rougher in
their return engagement in
Bradford' Saturday, but, led by
Big Jim Mullard’s 13 points, they
managed to down Bradford
Credit Center 38-28 on the lat
ter’s hard wood.
Mr. T. Reed Ferguson, Behrend
Center’s'a’dmfhistratlve head,', an
ncunced recently that Mrs. E. R.
"SHBreriU, ' donator "ox the - site '/and
buildings of Behrend Center, [will
visit the center from April 9 to
April 12 inclusive. She will spend
much of this time visiting on the
grounds and is expected to attend
a meeting of the advisory board
on Monday, April 11.
Mr. Ferguson complimented the
student body on the admirable im
provement in the cleanliness and
order in the student lounge. Much
care has been taken in these re
spects since its reopening.
Recent visitors at the center
bave been Mr. Nick Theil, in
charge of physical education at
Penn State, Mr. Ted Holtzinger,
who visited the chemistry depart
ment, and Mr. Thomas Hammonds,
who is in charge of public rela
tions at the campus.
Mr. Ferguson has brought plans
from State College for the second
floor of the classroom building.
These plans provide for a large
library, a large lecture room, sev
eral classrooms, and more faculty
offices. The plans are now in the
hands of Mr. Campbell. His draft
ing students are making accurate
measurements of the space.
An open house for high school
seniors will be held here on April
28 and 29. This is the climax to
several speeches made by Mr. Fer
guson and others of the faculty to
students in the local high schools.
Mr. H. C. Mitchell, a member of
the Behrend advisory board, will
come here to lay. out a nine hole
golf course on the grounds. It will
include, with the course, a driving
range and practice greens, and will
he open to all students interested
in golf.
Little work will be done on the
drive leading to the school except
for scraping and filling holes. It is
hoped that the state will hard top
the road this coming summer,
Memos From
Mr. Ferguson
Tuesday, March 29, 1949
Visits Campu
Mrs. Mary B. Behrend, whom
we all know and love, will vis
it the school on April 9-12. Ac
companying Mrs. Behrend will
be her daughter, Mrs. Garyle
Sayer of Long Island.
Easter Dance,
Cabin Party Top
April ActMtim
The Activities Board, composed
of our own student representatives,
and under the leadership of Miss
Ida Ficker have been quite busy
these last two weeks planning fu
ture activities for the students of
Behrend Center. Those board
members include: Tom Pearce,
Nan Weston, Jim Milliard, Joan
Baudino. Harry Schimer, Judy
Thomas, Bob Rathfon, Don Blair,
Beth Dunlap, and Howard Hes
Planned for the second of April
is our greatly anticipated “Car
nival Cabaret” sponsored by the
Dramatics Club. The “Cabaret”
will be held in the student lounge
and in the classroom building.
There will be dancing in the lounge,
which will be divided into dance
quarters. Tickets will be sold for
these, quarters. The classrooms
will be turned into concessions
where one can have his fortune
■told or may pitch pennies.
The week-end of the ninth
-brings forth our. first cabin party
of the year. This activity is being
carefully planned by the Nitfcany
Cub staff. Committee heads for
this’ event are: Bill Klabam, pub
licity; Sal Dickson, tickets; Lloyd
McG-ough, refreshments; and
Meida Moskowitz; transportation.
The cabin party, which is being
held at Presque Isle, will be an
activity that all at Behrend will
not want to miss. *
The Easter dance will be held
on the thirteenth of April, -under
the sponsorship of the Activities
Board. The dance, which is
semi-formal, will be held in the
Behrend Center 'library. Music
will be furnished by Jack Long
necker and his band. Those head
ing the committees for this big
event are: Tom Pearce, entextain-
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Fortune telling, pitching pennies, making records, hav
ing sketches drawn, putting golf balls, playing bingo, throw
ing darts, and games of all kinds can be played at the gala
Carnival Cabaret sponsored by the Behrend Center Dramatic
Club on Saturday, April 2, in the classroom building. The
committees are now hard at work getting the necessary ar
rangements made.
Judy Thomas, president of the club is the general chair
man with Marilyn Garden in charge of refreshments, Gibb
Brownlie, in charge of/ dart throwing, Sal Dickson will take
charge pitching pennies, Rita Jackson will help with Bingo,
and Ray Reed and Mr. Horean will take charge of fortune
telling' by the mystics, (Dody Fish
er, Frances Finsod and Mary
Hough.) Character sketches will be
drawn by Bill Klaban and Gene
Sundberg. The recording of your
voice will be done by Mr. Horean,
Nan Bierman, and Penny O’Neil.
The usual refreshments that are
sol? at a carnival will be sold here
such as hot dogs, pop, candy, and
Science Club
Will Tour
Resistor Co.
The Behrend Center Science
Club has made plans for a trip
though the Plastics Division of the
Erie Resistor Company, located on
West Twelfth Street, Erie Pa. The
tour will take place during the ac
tivities period, Thursday morning,
March 31.
The trip was planned by Howard
Hesketh, president of the club, with
the stipulation that the tour will
give the members of the club an
idea of the chemical and physical
processes which play an importarf;
role in 'the manufacture of plas
If the trip is a success, the club
plans to make arrangements for
other such tours through the var
ious plants in the vicinity of Erie.
Radio Station
Planned for BC
The Science Club of Behrend
Center has started work on a pro
ject which will be of interest to
every one on the campus. Under
the direction of Dr. Edwin Quade,
physics instructor, and Louis
Balmer, chemistry instructor, the
members of the dub are con
structing a radio set which will
broadcast programs of interest to
the students and faculty of Beh
rend Center. The scope of recep
tion will be within the immediate
vicinity of the school.
News programs and recorded
musical programs will head the
list of the station. In addition
there will be special programs
sponsored by the language and
speech classes. Important an
nouncements will also- be broad
cast. The club hopes to begin
broadcasting within a month.
The science club will welcome
any assistance or suggestions
which interested persons may
have. ■ There is a pressing need
for parts and equipment to com
plete the station. Anyone having
access to old radio sets, which he
would be willing to donate, is re
quested bo contact Dr. Quade.
Much to the dismay of Mr. Demp
and other sports-minded people
around the campus, it was learned
last week that the “Field Day”
which was to be held at the State
Campus was cancelled.
Behrend Center—Pennsylvania State College
pop corn.
The Carnival will open at 7:30
and the different games will be
played until 9:15. From 9:15 to
10:00 games and all sorts of enter
tainment will be held by Mr. Demp.
From 10:00 to 12:00 there will be
dancing to the beautiful music of
Jack Longnecker’s band.
All sorts of prizes can be won.
The most expensive game will cost
only three cents. So come on every
body, there will be loads of fun
ScEres-iesing of a number.of prizes..
You may even be able to make
some money out of the deal. See
you there! !
Science Club Gets
Atomic Energy Film
The Science dub has been busy
making plans and arrangements for
some very interesting activities
this spring. Among the activities
they plan are movies, several
trips through industrial plants in
the vicinity of Erie, and a panel
discussion in “Rec” Hall.
The movies which they plan are
to be on the subject of Atomic
Energy. The movies will be open to
any one who wishes to attend. It
is hoped that the movies will ex
plain in simple language the fund
amentals of atomic energy.
The Hammermill Paper Company
.and the General Electric Company
are two plants which the members
of the science club wish to inspect.
The purpose of the inspection
tours is to give the members of the
club some realization of the indus
trial processes which the compan
ies carry on.
The panel discussion is planned
to be held during the activities
period sometime in the near fu
ture. The club would decide upon
an interesting subject to be dis
cussed and appoint a committee to
discuss the subject and answer
any questions which the audience
may ask.
Howard Hesketh, the president
of the science club, has appointed,
committees to make plans for these
and other activities which the club
may be able to sponsor.
The committee for the planning
of the panel discussion is compris
ed of Harlan Stone, who is major-
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