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    Volume l—Mo. 6
Construction of Athletic
Field Is to Start Soon
Plans have been made for the
construction of an athletic field
as soon as the weather permits.
The field is to be situated to the
right of the road between the bus
stop and the main buildings. Worlj
was started on the field last fall
but winter weather postponed it
until spring. While burning the
weeds of the field in October the
fire got out of control and it was
necessary to call the Wesleyville
Fire Dept. The fire was immediate
ly brought under control and no
damage was sustained. G. W.
Theil, the men’s supervisor for
the Centers, who is in charge of
the required physical education
program on the main campus,
plans to supervise the plowing,
leveling, and seeding of the field.
He will also assist Mr. Demp in
marking off the area for the vari
ous sports. The field will be a
welcome addition to Behrend
Center’s Physical Education Pro
Norma Weinheimer
Joins Office Force
new has been added to
tlie office force of Behrend Center.
She is Mrs. Norma Weinheimer,
the 23 year old wife of a Junior
at Gannon College. The two posi
tions which she held before arriv
ing at Behrend Center were at the
Navy Department in Washington,
and the Veterans Administration in
Erie. Since January 24 Mrs. Wein
heimer has been commuting from
North East.
Her favorite sport is bowling.
Mrs. Weinheimer bowls for the
Junior Women's bowling league
in North East, and is on the Hawks
team for Behrend Center.
Dancing and card playing rate
high on her agenda as do the stu
dents and life at Behrend Center.
Ruth Gross
“Mexican Hayride”
Well Attended
The Mexican Hayride, sponsor
ed by the Spanish Club, was held
Friday, February 11, at the Town
line Stables. The group of stu
dents assembled at the dormitory
at 8:00. There was transportation
for all. With everyone scrambling
about for their jackets and blank
ets at the last moment, the dorm
itory was the scene of “bedlam”
for awhile. But with little time
lost, we were finally off to the
Townline Stables. The hayride apt
ly chaperoned by our Administra
tive Head, Mr. Ferguson, proved
more successful than anyone could
have imagined. The ride proved
quite interesting for the new girls,
who realized that the “Behrend
boys” were “all-right.” Among
those who kept the evening in
high spirits were Billy Klaban, and
Price Five Cents
Miss Patterson,
Budget Officer,
Inspects Books
On Tuesday, February 8, 1949,
Behrend Center welcomed Miss
Tobyth Patterson, Chief Budget Of
ficer of the Central Extension and
Extension Schools. All expenses
and income from all the extension
centers are controlled through
her office. Her short visit here was
spent reviewing the budget and
accounts of Behrend Center with
Miss Mcßeath. Miss Patterson has
been with Penn State since 1928
and attended Penn State College.
Behrend Center enjoyed her vi
sit and looks forward to her re
Ext. Auditor
Richard Heck
Have you been wondering who
that man is you’ve been seeing
going over the huge accounting
books in the office with Miss
Mcßeath? He is Richard Heck,
chief extension auditor for the
Pennsylvania State College Ex
tension Centers.
Mr. Heck who hails from Mount
Union, Penna., graduated from
Penn State College in June 1948.
He spent 'his freshman year at
Juniata College and was then
drafted into the army where he
was sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma,
one of the largest artillery centers
in the world. The Army then
stationed him at Lafayette Col
lege in eastern Penn., for special
ized training. Following his
training at Lafayette, he was sent
overseas for a year and a half.
After being discharged from the
Army, Mr. Heck returned to Penn
State for the next two years to
receive his degree in accounting.
Mr. Heck enjoys visiting all the
centers but when asked how he
liked Behrend he said he thought
it was wonderful. He likes the
friendly attitude the students show
toward him and the way he is in
cluded in all the activities. By
the way you may have noticed
him playing ping pong over in the
Rec. Hall? He’s quite the star!
Johnny Spierling. Bill Richards
made up for old times, while Nan
and. Bill chaperoned them. Little
was heard from Joan and Don, but
they were there. After the ride, re
freshments were served. While
some were dancing in the barn;
others were enjoying a romp in the
hay. Carol was tossed from the top
loft on her head by Bob, but she
wasn’t hurt. Others were covered
with hay when they emerged from
the loft.
At 11:00 the party broke up and
we all headed for home.
Balmer on Air
Weekly for
Chem. Assoc.
Mr. Balmer, through the Ameri
can Chemical Association, will
commentate on recent develop
ments in chemical industry and
research every Saturday at six
thirty over station WIKK. Mr.
Balmer commentates for ten
minutes and interviews a local
member of the American Chemical
Association for five minutes.
Hugh Strong, chief chemist at the
Lord Manufacturing Company in
Erie will be interviewed 'February
The American Chemical As
sociation is the country’s largest
professional society and its pur
pose is for the advancement and
dissemination of chemical know
ledge. There are about seventy
five members in the Erie chapter
which meets monthly. It is a
society for chemists, chemical
sales people and chemistry teach
Winter Waltz
Huge Success
Last Friday night the first
social event of the semester was
held in the Student Lounge from
8:00 to 12:00 (with fifteen minutes
to spare). This dance had one of
the biggest 'turnouts of the- year.
The purpose was to acquaint new
students with the old.
Judy and Wes were among the
first to arrive but soon Nan and
Bill, Jim and Mary, Betty Lou and
Al, and loads of others arrived. A
few of our dorm girls helped to
make the new students feel vary
much at home.
Later in the evening, punch and
cookies were served. ‘ Naturally all
went very fast.
Tom Pearce, Benny Banaird, Bob
Gallagher and Willie Shortt were
on the decoration committee
sponsored by Miss Picker. Joan
Baudino was in charge of refresh
Don’t forget the card party on
Friday, February 25, in the dining
room and library. All kinds of card
Ski Club Sponsers First
Winter Picnic at Behrend Center
C. W. Stoddard,
Lowell Drake
Plan Sports Clinic
Mr. Charles W. Stoddard, Jr.,
Physical Education Extension Di
rector from Penn State has arriv
ed to confer with Mr. Lowell
Drake, Head of Physical Education
in the secondary schools in Erie
and Erie County. The meetings
that he will attend will be sponsor
ed by The North Western Coaches
Association. On February 8, Mr.
Shields, the Botany and Zoology
instructor from Behrend Center,
and Mr. Stoddard attended a
meeting held by The Erie County
Sports Commission. Mr. Stoddard
delivered a speech on conservation,
and Mr. Shields spoke on fly tying
and angling. Courses in fly tying
and angling will be offered in Erie
beginning March 17, and will be
taught toy Mr. George Harvey from
The Penn State Campus.
From time to time, Penn State
will send to Erie noted men as
Chick Werner track coach,
Joseph Bedenk—baseball coach,
Jack Lawther —basketball coach,
Suermari Fogg—tennis coach, 4nd
Bob Rutherford the golf coach’ to
direct the sports clinics that will
be sponsored by The North West
ern Coaches Association.
Night School
Spring Term Begins
The Pennsylvania State College
opened its 18th annual spring term
of the Erie Technical Night
School. Mr. Thomas E. Campbell
is the present head of the institute.
The new evening students dis
cover many advantages at Behrend
Center. There is a well equipped
chemistry, botany, and physics
laboratory along with an up to
date engineering drafting room.
Many classes assemble in the
standard classrooms that are avail
able. The library .and Recreation
Hall may be used by the evening
students if they find the need of
them. If students attend the even
ing classes directly from work,
they may obtain supper in the
cafeteria. After supper quiet hours
are resumed for those students
wishing to study. The classes run
from 7:30 to 10:30 on Monday and
Wednesday evening. The courses
offered are: Tool Design, Job An
alysis and Evaluation, Tool and Die
Design, Technical Writing and
Speaking, Motion and Time Study,
Wage Payment Systems, Advanced
Alternating Current Cir., Electri
cal Power Measurements, Electri
cal Testing Laboratory, General
Chemistry, Spanish, Engineering
Drawing, and Algebra.
Patronize Our Advertisers!
Behrend Center—'Pennsylvania State College
By Georganne Fisher
On Saturday, February 19tb,
the Ski Club is sponsoring a wiener
roast and scavenger hunt. The
wiener roast will be held at ap
proximately 5:30 P. M. at the
picnic grove. Following the wiener
roast is a scavenger hunt which
will end in the Rec. Hall with
dancing. In case of bad weather,
the wiener roast will be held in the
Rec. Hall.
The committee in charge con
sists of: Bob Rathfon, Gene Sun
burg, Dorothy Holmstrom, Chuck
Amend, and Penny O’Neil. These
people are handling the tickets,
which are 25 cents per person.
Please sign your name on the post
er provided for it- on the main
bulletin board in the classroom
building and see one member of
the committee about the tickets.
. Come on Behrendites—let’s get
together -on February 19 th and
have some real fun!
Behrend Choral
Society Seeks
New Members
The new semester has brought
a new organization -to -Behrend
Center, “The Back Room Singing
Society of Rec Hall.” This group
meets any and every afternoon
from 2 to 5 in the Recreation Hall.
The Society’s only interest is to
bring more and better music to
our center, and so far this move
has been very successful, for the
chorus’s renditions of “Brush Those.
Tears From Your Eyes” and “Hub
ba, Hubba” are a thing of joy to
the music lovers’ ears. Interest in
this new club is growing fast, and
the members feel that it may
someday even replace the ping
pong playing. Right now two of
the organization’s most loyal back
ers, Dick Dunn and Jerry Musser,
are out scouting for new talent,
for they feel that the group needs
a few more voices for added vol
ume before it can compete with
professionals such as Fred Waring.
Therefore we urge you all to join,
in this move to make Behrend the
singing center of the universe.
New Faces
Dot Campus
With the arrival of the new sem
ester this last week, many new
faces have appeared on our camp
us. A few we know but most of
them are just as strange to us old
students as we are to them. In the
near future we hope to see all of
these new students joining in our
social activities—dancing, bowling,
ping pong, and the many other
things. In the meanwhile, knowing
some of their names and where
they hail from will enable us to
greet them when we see them and
and make them feel just as much
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