The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, January 18, 1949, Image 1

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    Volume I—No. 5
Ida W. Ficker
Named Advisor of
Activities Com.
Miss Ida W. Ficker, instructor
in German and English, is to head
the new Activities Committee set
up last week by T. Reed Fergu
son, head of the Center.
Many and varied will be the
- duties of the committee composed
of Miss Ficker, faculty advisor;
Tom Pearce, president of Stud
ent Council; Ray Metz, freshman
class president; and the respec
tive presidents of all of the oth
er campus clubs.
The new committee, scheduled
to go into effect the second sem
ester, will have as its main duties
the setting of dates for the year’s
activities calendar. All clubs axe
to use this committee for a clear
ing house so that at least one ac
tivity per week can be worked
Probably the first function un
der the new set-up will come on
the first Saturday of registration,
Feb. 5.
David G. Thurbon, acting head
of the English department of
Behrend Center, was appointed
today to teach Journalism 10,
newspaper reporting workshop
course, in the coming semester.
The new section, approved by
Professor Franklin C. Banner,
head of the department of Journ
alism of The Pennsylvania State
College, was first offered this
past semester at the Hazelton and
Pottsville centers. Carrying one
credit and meeting once a week,
the course will offer the simpler
fundamentals of news, editorial,
and feature -writing.
Serving mainly as a workshop
course for those interested in
contributing" to the student news
paper, the section is open also to
engineers and students in all cur
Mr. Thurbon is well-qualified to
teach the course, having taken
journalism as a related field sub
ject during undergraduate work
at the University of Pittsburgh,
and having served under W. Don
Harrison, well-known and accred
ited free lance writer and present
head of the English department
at Pitt’s Johnstown Center.
Mr. Thurbon, himself, has writ
ten for- several newspapers, and
during his closing days of service
in World War 11 served as a part
time public relations officer for
the Navy.
All education students should
report to R. C. Henzi, assistant
administrative head, their major
and minor subjects as soon as pos
sible so that second semester
schedules can be made out prompt
ly and correctly.
* Price Five Cents
Record Player,
Sound System
Added to Lounge
Clean those ears out and listen!
A new Bell Sound System record
player has recently arrived in the
In addition -to the turn table
speaker, there is another located
in the rafters for the better dis
semination of sound. A good fea
ture of the new player ,is that it
is a small portable and can easily
be transported to the rink- below
the barn for ice skating this win
Ski Enthusiasts
Plan Excursions
Of great interest to our Behrend
Center skiers is the super colos
sal plan -of Robert L. Rathfon,
Ski Cl-ub President.
He has made considerable in
vestigation down at State Park as
•to skiing conditions, and it is his
desire to make up a group of
about twenty-five students and
journey down there for the week
Sounds like a lot of fun, Bob, so
come, on all you B C’s and don’t
forget to bring lots of warm
clothes, ‘cause we want 'to see you
back next semester! .
Two movies that will be of in
terest to the Ski Clubbers are being
sent to Behrend Center. The first
one 'will he here late in February,
and the second one in early March.
Attention, Vets!
According to the veterans
Administration -Technical Bul
letin 7-109, dated August 17.
1948, entitled —“Offical Report
of . Compensation”—a veteran
may submit a report of compen
sation for additional funds if
the' amount he has already re
ceived does not equal the max
imum allotted. Any veteran who
wishes further information on
this can see Mr. Henzi at his
To Grace Campus So Future?
> C;..' p.
, - .
• ‘ , '£££' - "
Artist’s plan for possible Behrsncl gymnasium will be similar to Hazelton’s
“Escape” Marks Dramatic
' Club’s Initial Presentation
The Dramatics Club'presented
dts first production, “Escape,” by
John Galsworthy., Friday evening
in the Student Lounge.
The production, which was un
der the direction of William Hor
ena, instructor in speech, was an
episodic play with a prologue and
was presented as one in a group
of fine arts series under the Col
lege Service.
Members of the cast were Ray
Reed as Capt. Matt Dennent;
Gene Chesley, plain clothesman;
Ray Sturgulewski, convict; John
Pagonis, prison warden; Georganne
Fisher, “lady in the bedroom,” Pen
ny O’Neil, maid; Judith Thomas,
shopkeeper’s wife; Mr. Horean,
preacher; Dorothy Holmstrom,
■narrator; Nan Bierman, wife of
the effeminate man; Judy Norton
as Miss Dora; and Marilyn Garden
as Miss Grace. Others taking part
Advisory Board
Discusses Student
Aid, Scholarships
The Erie Advisory Board ■ of
Behrend Center held -its regular
meeting recently. A majority of
the members were present and
; certain problems were discussed
that had arisen. Scholarships
and student ai'd were discussed in
great detail. If any of the stu
dents of the Center at the present
time are in need of financial aid
the Board is available and willing
to help. Mr. Meyer of Erie is
hoping to inaugurate fellowship in
retailing and advertising for a
deserving student.
The Board is also hoping to
sponsor a new instructor in the
nfear future. It is hoped that in
the coming years there will be at
Behrand a two year secretarial
course with college credit for any
students who might be interested.
Friday 3:30-4:30
Monday and Wed 2:30-4:30
Tuesday and Thurs 1:00-2:00
included Gibb Brownlie, Sally
Dickson, and John Falcone.
Moving -and speaking well in
typical fashion in this “book in
hand” production, the cast took
several parts each during the
No props were used, and the
actors performed before the fire
place, with the audience separa
ted from the stage by table device.
Mr. Ferguson
Gets New
Squawk Box
Calling Mrs. Adam! Calling Miss
(hold your breath until June) Mc-
Beath! Calling all secretaries!
T. Reed Ferguson, head- of the
Center, now has a direct intercom
munications system, to his office
force, rigged up shortly after ar
rival by Dr. E. A. Quade, new
mathematics and physics instruct
New Instructor
Dr. Edward A. Quade, most re
cently acquired Center instructor,
will teach physics and mathmatics
classes here.
Behrend Center—Pennsylvania State College
$75,000 Building
To House Armory
And Class Rooms
Dig out your basketball trunks,
polish, your ROTC rifles, and prac
tice up on your acting!
Word has just become official
that tentative ideas for a $75,000
gymnasium for our school are now
being discussed by members of
the Advisory Board of the Penn
sylvania State College, Behrend
" V
| h
W x
At a recent meeting of the
Board, initial discussion of the
project was started when S. H.
Campbell, State College official
in charge of community service at
Central Extension, presented an
idea of what was being done at
the Hazelton center. He brought
also the plan of the Hazelton gym
nasium (a line drawing of which
is found elsewhere on this page),
money for which is being raised
by the Hazelton Chamber of
Commerce. The gymnasium there
will probably be completed by
next September.
The plan for the Beh rend
Center gymnasium might be simi
lar, although probably the archi
tecture will be worked in keeping
with the other buildings on the
cjg** i
There 'is no denying the need of
a suitable building to house the
facilities for a well-rounded physi
cal education program for both
men and women students. Specif
ically, the new recreation build
ing would probably serve as a
gym, armory, and assembly hall.
It is hoped that a permanent
stage can be added to one end to
facilitate play productions and a
variety of assembly programs.
R. 0. T. C.' would also have its
place on campus as a result of the
gym, because adequate space for
winter drilling would then be
Offices, locker rooms, health
classrooms and ROTC storage
rooms would be prent in addition
to the main gym.
In order for the school to
handle any adequate sports pro
grams, especially basketball com
petition, the Advisory Board re
cognizes the need of the Center
to have its own gymnasium. The
Hazelton plan has been submitted
to the Board, and a committee is
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A limited number of new fresh
men students will be admitted to
The Pennsylvania State College,
Behrend Center in Erie for the
Spring term, beginning February
7, according to an announcement
made today by T. Reed Ferguson,
administrative head of the Center.
•New students may enroll in all
of the regular curricula of The
Pennsylvania State College with
the exception of architecture,
architectural engineering, and