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    Volume I—No. 4*
Ideal Spot for Ski Club’s New Winter Ski Course on Behrend Campus
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Ski Club Gets
Plans Underway
Hey kids it looks like we might
pat Behrend on the map with our
ski Club. Mr. Gottlund intends to
include all winter sports in the
club, and one snowy day he plans
to have an ice carnavaL Sound like
fun? Wellies going to be! The,pro
gram would scart in thfe afternoon
with skiing and skating races and
exibitions. In the evening a simple
supper would be served followed
by dancing in Rec. Hall. After
dark the run and the pond are to
be lit by flares so the races can be
resumed. Mr. Gottlund also hopes
to build a huge fire beside the
skating pond, and maybe even put
a pot of chocolate on to brew. All
the plans are still in the making,
but they certainly sound wonder
* At the beginning the ski club
will be divided into groups accord
ing to ability. Instructions will be
given to each group seperately,
thus making it possible for us all
to be able to at least go down
standing up before the season .is
If the skiing equipment is all
brought at once through the col
lege, there will be a considerable
discount. The skis, poles, and bind
ings should cost about 17 dollars.
For those who cannot buy equip
ment right away, about ten pairs
of skis should be available for
This Club has a big enrollment
now, but everyone is urged to
join. It sounds like it is really go
ing to turn our Center into a win
ter playground.
Five Earn High
Midterm Grades
According to Mr. Ferguson, five
students have made the highest
midterm grades with an average of
2. The honor students are David
Alexander, chemical engineer; Ja
net Brown, medical technology;
Toros Simonian, mechanical, en
gineer; Harold Storrer, chemical
engineer, and Judith Thomas, edu
V- • ■ i.i .
i Ml lAM CUB
Price Five Cents
Thank You, Mn Lamb . . .
Behrend Campus
Will Have Ice
Skating Rink
Sharpen your blades all you fol
lowers of the flashing steel merry
go-round. No, it’s not of fencing
but of ice skating that I speak.
Talking to Mr. Demp this morning
and the agreeable phys. ed men
tor revealed the little known fact
that our ice skating surface is tak
ing shape and should, shortly after
Christmas, round into a very sat
isfactory rink, In' fact, if all the
tentative plans are carried out, it
might well be the most attractive
thing of its kind in the Erie area.
Skiing has somewhat overshadow
ed its icy partner so far, but as
soon as the ice skating plans begin
to materialize, the two wiil run
neck and neck in popular appeal.
In case you didn’t know, the rink
is situated directly behind the
classroom building and is approx
imately 150 feet long and 75 to 100
feet wide. It has already heen lev
eled off.and the main difficulty
Mr. Edward Lamb
Publisher, The Erie Dispatch Herald
Erie, Pennsylvania
Dear Mr. Lamb,
The students and faculty of Behrend Center, Penn State
College, express their sincere appreciation and thanks to you
for the generous donation to the Ski club for the purpose of
purchasing equipment for of this "organ
ization. Not only have you given financial aid but by excellent
coverage in the Dispatch Herald of our activities here at
Behrend you have aroused interest and prompted assistance
from other sources as well.
We refer in particular to the article on the proposed ski
run which, with your aid, has gained momentum and is now
Under construction. At present it appears that Behrend
Center might well become the best equipped and most popular
winter sport mecca in this area. May we extend to you a
cordial invitation to cpme out, join us, and observe our pro
gress at any time; the welcome mat is always out at Behrend.
We would like you to feel that your time, effort, and money
have been well invested in furthering education in Erie.
Thanks again, Mr. Lamb.
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—Student Body Behrend Center of Erie
Christmas Tea
Opens Festivities
Last Sunday aftemoon was the
realization of joy anticipated by
all women students, faculty and
the wives of the faculty, when a tea
was held by Mrs. Ferguson in her
home, “The Cottage.” Candle
light, pine boughs and a Christmas
tree all contributed to the spirit
of Christmas which prevailed there.
Until everyone did away with the
thought that it was much too pret
ty to eat, a lolly-pop Christmas
tree was the center of attraction.
The delicious refreshments includ
ed tea, marguerites, sand tarts, cho
colate nut cookies and appropriate
red and green mints. The tea was
poured by Miss Davis and Miss
Ficker, while little Cornelia was
the un-offcial sampler. This de
lightful aftemoon was the begin
ning of Christmas festivities here
at Behrend Center.
Friday 3:30-4:30
Monday and Wed 2:30-4:30
Tuesday and Thurs 1:00-2:00
•Y -. *
■' '■ 'X&LlJxsszi&i*'
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Pugh Addresses
Center Students
Mr. David B. Pugh, administra
tive head of all Penn State Centers,
was the speaker at the student as
sembly held Thursday, December
9, in the student lounge. Mr. Pugh
traced the origin of the centers and
gave a few of his own experiences
in the early days of the Bradford
and Warren Centers, which are
now fifteen years old'. Mr. Pugh,
a very friendly, capable man and
an interesting speaker, included in
his “Fireside” talk some of the
problems that may be encountered
on the campus and how to best
adjust ourselves to these diffi
culties. He also cited Behrend
Center as one of the best equipped
and progressive centers in the state
and lauded the initiative shown the
opening and developing of some of
the winter sports in the Erie area.
Mr. Ferguson also gave a short
talk on recent correspondence
with Mrs. Behrend in which she.
expressed the desire to have the
library and two of the other rooms
in the main house returned to their
original decoration and furnish
ings. The library could then serve
as a club room to the various
organizations of school. Mrs.
Behrend also requested that a
wreath containing the different
kinds of evergreens found on the
estate be made and placed on Mr.
Ernst Behrend’s grave in the
Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery. Mr.
Ferguson named Tom Pierce, Ray
Metz, and Lee Delle Donne to ful
fill this request.
An announcement of major im
portance to the Ski Club and a
boon to the school as a whole was
that the Erie Dispatch Herald
through the owner Mr. Charles
Lamb has made a donation of one
hundred dollars to the ski club, in
which Mr. Lamb is very much in
terested, for the purpose of .pur
chasing a rope for the ski tow.
Free cigarettes and a cigarette
case were also given away with the
compliments of the Camel cig
arette people.
Behrend Center —Pennsylvania State College
Neil Charles’
Orchestra Plays
The girls of Behrend Center had
better get their best formals rea
dy to wear on December 16, 1948.
The fellows have their suits all
picked out, and they are even
learning how to tie a bow-tie for
the super-duper Christinas Dance.
“The Dance of the Semester” will
be held at the Masonic Temple Ball
room in Erie. Neil Charles and his
orchestra will supply the music
from 9-1. That’s right fellows, the
dormitory girls have late permis
sion* so you had better ask your
date before someone gets to her
Tickets may be ogtained for the
nominal fee of $2.00 from any of
the class officers, in the cafeteria,
or at the Reception Desk. No tick
ets will be on sale after December
14, so don’t delay. Refreshments
will be served all evening. Come
on guys and girls-buy your tick
et now so that we may have 100%
representation at “The SnowbalL”
Ray Reed Is
New Dramatics
Club President
On Monday, November 29, the
Dramatic Club bad its first meet-,
ing in the student lounge at 6 PJVf.'
Under the direction of Mr. Horean,
a group of students organized the
club and elected officers. Ray Reed
was elected president, Marilyn
Garden is the secretary, Nan Bier
man was elected vice president,
and the treasurer is Rita Jackson.
The club decided to put on a
play on December 15, and two mere
next semester. The play which will
be given this month is John Gals
worthy’s “Escape”. Try outs were
held on December 1.
Student Council
Recognizes Clubs
Student Council has officially
recognized the following clubs:
Spanish Club, French Club, Glee
Club, Dramatic Club, Ski Club, and
German Club, also the bowling
league and Intermural Athletic
A committee consisting of Wes
Pfirman, Gib Brownlie, Tom
Pearce, and Ed Kittka were ap
pointed to be in charge of the bud
get for remainder of the year. The
committee took into consideration
the funds previously spent by the
various activities, and based the
final results according to which
activities would benefit the great
est number of students and have
the largest participation. ■ Total
funds available for the remainder
of the year are $1514.02.
Social , $588.27
'Newspaper $391.15
Athletics and ski club $350.00
Lounge $lOO.OO
Dramatics $75.00
Total $1504.42
The Student Council reserves the
right to rearrange the budget as
the Student Body fluctuates.