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    Volume I—No. 3 * Price Five Cents
Meet Your Council Meenbers
doing its best to organize functions for the student-body in
clude left to right(front row): Judy Norton, Tom Pearce,
Bill Nelson, Ed. Kittka; (standing) Wes Pfirman, Dunk
Zimmerman, Janet Brown, Gibb Brownlie, and Jim Mall
Sadie Hawkin’s
Day Dance to
Be Held Dec. 3
On the evening of December 3,
there .will be a Sadie Hawbin’s Day;
dance, sponsored by the dormitory
girls. The'-girls are supposed to
ask the boys to the dance but they
are not allowed to do this until
■eight thirty in the morning of the
dance. All day Friday, the girls
are supposed to extend to the
boys, all the courtesies which nor
mally should be shown the girls.
These include: helping them with
their coats, opening doors for
them, asking them for dances and
picking up things they drop. Once
a boy accepts a bid to the dance,
he must wear a sign saying “I’m
caught.” The official dress of the
whole day will be blue jeans and
shirts.. At noon on Friday there
will be a tug-of—war between the
girls and boys.
On the game committee are
Mary Hough, Frances Finesod,
Dorothy Holmstrum, Margie Flem
ing, and Lois Braden is the chair
man. Included in the refreshment
committee are Penny O’Niel, Nan
Weston, Lena DelleDonne and
Judy Thomas is the chairman.
Betty Lou Volk is the chairman of
the decoration committee and
working with her are Sally Dick
son, Ruth Gross, Marilyn Garden,’
Nan Beirman, and Joan Baudino.
Start thinking girls! Who. is
going to be the lucky fellow on
December 3? Who is going- to
wear your “I’m caught” sign.
“Turkey Hop” to
- Be Here Tonight
Come one, come all, ‘to our
Thanksgiving Ball! The Student
Council is sponsoring a super
duper dance tonight, November
23rd, from 8:30 to 11:30 in the
Student Lounge. The dance com
mittee includes Bill Nelson, Judy
Norton, and Wes Pfirman. The
“Turkey Hop” promises to be a
gala affair! Music will be furnish
ed by Matty Palmer and his or
Council Members
Set Committees
Members of the student council
have been divided into various
committees. A committee to study
traffic functions concerning speed,
parking lot and the circle in irons
of the house consists of Jim Mull
ard and Tom Pearce.
On the committee for weekend
activities to be planned by each
club, are Wes Pfirman, Bill Nelson
and Judy Norton. Ed. Kittka and
Janet Brown are the committee
members for improvements for the
student lounge. Gibb Brownlie is
a one-man committee to inquire
about colored light bulbs to be pur
chased for dances held in the stud
ent lounge.
The new representative on the
student council from the field of
Mineral Industries and Physical
Education is Bill Klaban.
Time Set for
Amateur Night
Lend an ear, all you, Staters!
Bring out and polish up all your
hidden talents and tricks for Behr
end Center’s first Amateur Night.
Cover yourselves with glory and be
a possible Horace Heidt winner.
This project will be under the able
direction of Mr. Belferman, lan
guage instructor, and the clubs
that he has organized. The date
for the Amateur Night is Satur
day, December 11th. The place:
The Student Lounge.
Center Theater
Behfend Center has high hopes
of having a small theater on the
second floor of the bam. At the
present time it is still talk, but we
hope that quite soon plans will be
under way. A theater such as this
will make an excellent lecture hall,
and will also make it possible for
the Dramatics Club to put on vari
ous plays. The Dramatics Club will
be under the direction of Mr.
Korean, and is in the process of
being formed now.
Expected Soon
Tobogganing Chute May Also Be
Included for the Coming Season
Last week T. Reed Ferguson,
administrative head of Erie’s Behr
end Center of the Pennsylvania
State College, revealed that defi
nite plans are underway here to
construct one of few standard full
size open slope ski courses to be
found in this part of the state.
The announcement holds wide
spread interest for people of this
district because the long 300 yard
ski run is to be open not only to
the students of the school but al
so to their invited guests of the
Erie city and county area.
“Such a layout has been in the
minds and discussion of various
faculty members and campus au
thorities for several weeks now,”
Ferguson stated.
Vlisiting the local campus last
week in order to get width and
length estimates and to take the
first actual organizational steps in
the construction of the open slope
ski area were Charles W. Stod
dart, Jr., director of physical ed
ucation for extensions and Sherm
P. Fogg, ski and tennis coach and
professor of physical education
both from State’s main campus.
Interested spectators from Erie
uieiuSisci Lowiii w. auu
ward Abramoskfi. respective sup
ervisors of physical education and
athletics for Erie’s secondary and
elementary schools, as well as
Othmar Wuensehel, president of
Introducing Shmoosephine
Shmoosephine, the ideal B.C. Coed, bids a typii
night to her beau in the typical B. C. manner.
the local Penn State alumni group.
Fogg, who will be in charge of
formation plans, last week inspect
ed the actual cutting of the main
course run as it weaved its way
down a 100 yard wide slope for ap
proximately the length of three
football fields with a gradual rol
ling vertical drop of 95 feet.
“We hope this winter.” Fogg
stated, “to bring down Penn State’s
Switzerland born Bill Graf, a great
jumper only in his sophomore year,
to help our local coaches in a ski
clinic which will be open to the
Coach Fogg, vtho has turned out
such Pennsylvania stars as Max
Peters and George Quimby, last
year’s State College varsity ski
captain, intimated that Behrend
Center’s potential ski spread is
ideally situated as to ground plan.
“For one thing,” he pointed out.
“the hilly area where we are stak
ing out the course, is on the
campus and faces north.”
He stressed the fact that this is
very important for this part of the
country so that the available snow
present at the time will mainly be
struck only by slanting rays from
the sun, thus permitting the snow
to stay lunger ouce biic'iun
been firmly packed down.
Authorities agree, too, that be
cause of the protection given the
grounds by the-surrounding wood
ed regions, a full two months of
Behrend Center—Pennsylvania State College
skiing may be possible at times
during a good winter.
The skiing layout is to be of the
open run type rather than a brok
en trail or jump course. The open
run .usually gets more use than
any other type, and it is also the
By providing a full-sized ski run,
Behrend Center will probably save
student skiers from having to
travel many miles to find a suit
able spot for their sport.
The plans, as outlined now, will
provide many other features in ad
dition to the already cut main run.
Two walk-up trails, as well as an
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Hear ye’! hear ye! all stu
dents and faculty members,
The student body is now put
ting on a drive for more books
for the school library which is
woefully understocked at the
moment. Please scour your at
tics, write your families, see
your friends and relatives; ask
them for books they no longer
are using or want. If each rea
der of this appeal v . brings at
least one book to the library
we will be well on our way to
having plenty of suitable mat
erial available! ? ? ? ? ?
Newest Behrend
* “Sweetheart”
The Nittany Cub takes pleasure
in introducing to its readers Behr
end Center’s own SMOOSEPHINE
who will be a regular feature car
toon in the Cub hereafter.
“Gracing” the-pagq? of this
and coming issues. SMOOSEPHINE
is the brain child creation of Cub
artist, Bill Klaban, popular comic
character himself who is often
spotted at Behrend functions doing
his famous “shuffle dance.”
“Frankly.” stuttered Kla ban
modestly today, “I think the Behr
end students are getting a real
break in having SMOOSEPHINE
in each issue of the CUB. After all,
‘Sturge’ Sturgelewski, Dunk Zim
merman, and I can’t always be
around to provide the kids with
basic down -to - earth humor.
SMOOSEPHINE is always avail
Monday and Wed 2:30-4:30
Tuesday and Thurs 1:00-2:00
Friday 3:30-4:30