The Nittany cub. (Erie, Pa.) 1948-1971, October 26, 1948, Image 1

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    Volume I—No. I
Council Drafts
Constitution for
Student Body
Under the direction of Mr. Tho
mas Turnbull, history instructor,
the • temporary student' council
headed by president, William Nel
son, completed the first draft'of
Behrend Center’s -constitution. The
constitution was mimeographed
and distributed to the student body,
Friday October 22. Today the entire
student body, was eligible to vote
on- the constitution, which must be
ratified by two thirds of the stud
ents' voting. In the event that the
student body does not accept the
constitution, it ■will be 'rewritten
entirely, as it must be accepted as
a whole. The writing of the const
itution was held off while student
council members asked suggestions
of the students at large. These sug
gestions were put before the coun
cil and either rejected or accepted.
The constitution in its original
form is as follows:
Article L Name
Section I. The name of this organ
ization shall be the Student
Government Association of Be
hrend Center of the Pennsylvania
State College.
Article H. Organization
Section I. There shall -be a Student
Council composed of representa-
tives from each curriculum.
Section H. There shall be a facu
lty advisory board, composed of
two, one faculty advisor repre
sentative of administrative head,
and. one faculty advisor elect
ed by. council.
Article-UL Purpose
Section I. The. Student Govern
ment Association shall:,
a. initiate all legislation con
cerning the welfare of the .Stud
ent body and college; all such
legislation shall be submitted
to the faculty advisory board
for approval.
b. create, maintain and regulate
all customs and traditions of
the college.
c. initiate and coordinate social,
functions and activities of the
student body for the mutual wel
fare. of the student body and
d. investigate any complaint or
suggestion made to it by any
student or group of students.
Such complaint or suggestion
shall be in writing and signed
by person or persons instigating
or suggesting such, appeal. Said
complaint or suggestion shall be
taken at next regularly schedul
ed meeting, providing that such
a meeting does\not fall within
a week following receipt of
said, complaint or suggestion.
Special meetings may be called
as the case may warrant.
Section n. The faculty advisory
board shall:
a. , act in advisory capacity in
the.enactment of all legislation,
to., have the power to veto such
legislation as .one or both deems
detrimental to student body and
college'. Legislation may be pass
. ed.over said veto by a two-thirds
.vote-of.the entire student body
and a simple majority vote of
faculty members.
Article. IV. Membership
Section I. All regular and special
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* Price Five Cents
Night Classes
Not only is the Behrend Center
of the Pennsylvania State College
going at full speed during the day
but it is also working overtime at
night. Yes, classes are being held
in the classroom building on Mon
day and Wednesday evenings.. The
courses are being primarily held
for those interested in furthering
their former education along ind
ustrial lines. There are seventy
seven students and 120 course en
rollments. Many of these courses
do not carry college credit but in
stead industrial units. The courses
being taught and the teachers tea
ching them are as follows:
Engineering Economics and Cost
- Mr. Ferrell
Strength of Materials
Mr. Steinberg
Process Industries
Mr. Steinford
Managerial Accounting
Mr. Kinney
Tool and Die Design
Mr. Foyle
Mr. Schlosser
Applied Mechanics and Strength
of Material
Mr: Sternberg
Mr. Prendergast
The Shop Foreman
Mr. Ferrell
Labor Relations
In Grateful Appreciation
Mrs. Mary B. Behrend
Get Under Way
Miss Lucy^Jorton
Alumni Holds
First Meeting
One of the first official alumni
gatherings on the Behrend Center
campus brought together a good
percentage of the State College
Alumni of Erie to view pictures
of the State Southern Methodist
Cotton Bowl pictures.
Ridge Riley, coordinator for
many of the extension activities
of the college, was present to
accompany the pictures with an
interesting line of dialogue and
Other business at the alumni
meeting found Othmar Wuen
schel, President of the group,
suggesting that the alumni take
a firmer interest in the activities
of their school now that a new
branch has been established in the
area. Mr. Wuenschel also suggest
ed that at the next meeting the
Alumni put forth efforts to elect
new officers for the coming year.
Edwin W. Nick, President of the
Northern Equipment Company
and one of the strong boosters of
the Erie Behrend Center, also in
timated that the alumni meetings
would be opportune times for the
Erie alumni to get together to re
view old times and support ed
ucational activities in relation to
Penn State and its new extension.
Electrical Networks
Mr. Schlosser
Heat Power 111
Mr. Schneider
We Thank You
Mrs. Behrend
We, the student body of Behrend
Center’s first class, want to take
this opportunity to thank you in
dividually and collectively, Mrs.
Mary B. Behrend, for your grand
gift of this lovely estate, now our
beautiful Campus.
Far more important than all the
appropriate surrounding physical
properties, however, is the loving,
considerate thought behind your
donation which has made possible
greater, and more adequate educa
tional facilities for not only the
Erie area students but for young
people all over western Pennsyl
vania who are looking forward to
college days in the future.
So once again, thank you, Mrs.
Behrend, for this splendid move,
so typical of your, husband, Erie
philanthropist, Ernst R. Behrend.
Dress Will Be
Informal for
First Dance
Saturday, October 30th will be
the opening event of the social
season at Behrend Center. The new
ly formed student council has
planned for this dance with the
added help of Mr. Demp, and Mr.
Bliley. The “Staters Strut” will
take place on Halloween Eve in the
Student Lounge, and is expected
to attract many students.
The Cub Staff has been advised
that dress should be very informal
as there will be square and round
dancing, with Howie Disk giving
the calls. After an hour or more
of this fast twisting and turning
there will be refreshments served,
consisting of cider and doughnuts.
The daiice committee consists of
Bill Nelson, chairman, Judy Tho
mas, refreshments, Wes Pfirman,
publicity, Dunk Zimmerman, dec
orations, Janet Brown, chaperone
Grapplers Gather
For Grunts, Groans
Intramural Wrestling Practice is
being held every Saturday morn
ing from nine thirty to eleven for
ty five at the Lawrence Park
High School. Participants will re
ceive .instruction and training for
several months afterwards, and in
tramural tournament will be held
and a champion crowned for each
of the following weight classes:
121 lbs.;. 128 lbs., 135 lbs., 145 lbs.,
155 lbs., 165 lbs., 175 lbs., heavy
weight. About 20 grippers have
signed up already.
Monday and Wed 2:30-4:30
Tuesday and Thurs—l:oo-2:00
Friday 3:30-4:30
Behrend Center —'Pennsylvania State College
Judge Hirt Is
Main Speaker
Erie’s most recently established
institution of higher learning, The
Behrend Center of the Pennsyl
vania State College, will hold its
formal dedication on Saturday,
October 30 on the west terrace of
the campus, which is located ap
proximately seven miles east of
Erie proper, and about two miles
south of Wesleyville on Station
Open to the public, the.dedica
tion ceremonies will commence at
3 P. M., and are to be presided
over by Edwin W. Nick, President
of the ‘ Erie Advisory Board of
Penn State’s Behrend Center.
The invocation and benediction
during the official ceremonies
will be handled by Reverend E.
Maclay Gearhart, pastor of the Lu
theran Memorial Church and long
time friend of Ernst R. Behrend,
the late husband of the donor of
the Behrend Estate, Mrs. Mary B.
Main speaker for the formal ded
ication will be Judge William E.
Hirt, Superior Court Judge of Phil
. James M'ilholland of Pittsburgh
and acting President of The Penn-
St.£tO G ~ g
Mrs. Mary B. Behrend, will be
speakers on the program.
Among Penn State officials to be
present will be J. Orvis Keller, as
sistant to the President in Charge
of the Extension.
Accompanying Mrs. Behrend, is
to be her daughter, Mrs. Sayer of
Glenhead, Long Island. Mrs. Sayer,
then Miss Harriet Behrend, lived
on the family estate for nearly ten
years until, about 1931, when she
moved from this area.
If cloudy or rainy weather ap
pears on the dedication day, the
ceremonies are scheduled for the
College library and dining room,
or the student assembly building.
“We of the Behrend Center’s ad
ministrative staff, faculty personn
el and advisory and student body
would like to tcke this opportun
ity to extend to the many citizens
of Erie and Erie County and sur
rounding areas, who have so en
thusiastically expressed their de
sire to visit our beautiful new
school grounds, a most friendly and
hearty -welcome,” T. Reed Fergu
son administrative head, stated to
“Only city and county school of
icials”, continued Mr. Ferguson,
“along with presidents of neighbor
ing colleges and universities, have
been sent formaP invitations, but
everyone is welcome.”
Mr. Ferguson also stressed the
fact that partically all of the cam
pus’ 400 acres on the huge palatial
estate will he open to public in
Probably the outstanding build
ing on the grounds, is the for
mer summer home of the Behrends,
a pleasant, friendly home of early
Dutch. Colonial architecture. The
mansion was built in 1933 and con
tains the most modern fixtures and
equipment, including two gas fur
naces and a complete air-cooling
system for the summer months. The
magnificent flooring of 12-incb
lumber was constructed from huge
poplar trees grown in Canada.
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