Capitol times. (Middletown, Pa.) 1982-2013, April 21, 2010, Image 7

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    1. How long have you been at
Penn State Harrisburg?
I have been at Penn State
Harrisburg since Fall of 08. I
went to HACC before that. .
2. Why did you choose
Communications as a major?
I was initially a Business Major. I
used to tell my friend "I just want
to make deals." I found myself
acing macroeconomics but being
completely bored with it. My two
best friends were Comm/Journ
majors at Shippensburg and I got
a lot of great advice from them. I
realized there were a lot of outlets
in the Communications field. It
was a balance of creativity and
collaboration I was looking for.
3. What extracurricular activities
are you involved in?
I am the President of Society of
Design. I am an SGA Senator for
the School of Humanities. I am a
member of the Capital Alliance.
4. How has getting involved with
the SOD impacted you?
It has definitely changed my
outlook on design and what
design can accomplish. I think by
Wait, what? Where's the lion?
Craig Welsh's Advanced Graphic Design class took over the lion by storm.
us Life
Student Spotlight: Q&A with Lance Stennet
starting SOD, we were able to tap
into talents people don't typically
use or share because there isn't
an outlet for them. It has made
me more confident in my abilities
as a designer but also as a leader.
I look at challenges differently
now and love to push myself to
really give everything I can to a
5. As president of SOD describe
your duties and what is it you do.
I organize our meetings and yield
a lot- of questions from people
outside the club, but in terms of
the club itself, I see myself as just
another member. The whole idea
of SOD is about inclusion and
participation. Everyone's ideas
are important and it is important
to me that labels don't deter from
the creative process.
6. How do you balance classes
with being involved in campus
and running a club?
I don't really see SOD as a
traditional club experience. It
allows me to do all the things
I like to do in my spare time,
but gives me more resources to
accomplish them. A lot of the
personal work I do I share with
the club. It actually balances out
my classes in a good way.
7. When do you graduate? If it's
this semester, see question
I graduate in May! W 000!
8. How do you feel about
I am super excited.
9. Do you plan on applying
for jobs or going to get your
I am going to London to get my
MA in Design at Goldsmiths.
10. What's been your favorite
thing about going to college?
The friends I have met and
the amazing professors. Julie
Kearney, Catherine Rios, Paul
Manlove, Patrick Bur owes, and
Craig Welsh have been some of
the most inspiring people I have
ever come across. To them, I am
forever grateful.
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