Capitol times. (Middletown, Pa.) 1982-2013, April 01, 2010, Image 18

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    3/25/10: Vehicular Escort: PSO
provided escort from airport to
campus for staff member.
3/25/10: Suspicious Incident:
Caller reported two white males
running in area. PSO checked
area with negative results.
3/25/10: Act 64: Caller reported
suspected marijuana usage.
3/24/10: M&O Issue: resident
life reported trouble alarm sound
ing. PSS silenced alarm and noti
fied M&O.
3/24/10: Suspicious Persons:
M&O reported two males on
bicycles on footpath heading to
wards Meade Heights. PSS lo
cated subjects and notified path
was closed.
3/24/10: 911 Hang Up: Dauphin
County reported 911 hang up call.
Student misdialed phone.
3/24/10: Noise Complaint: PSO
referred to residence life. RA re
ported noise had stopped.
3/24/10: Medical Assist: Caller
reported person lying along road.
PSO checked on person/all okay
just resting. Medic unit can
3/24/10: Littering: VRP reported
two parking tickets received by
student found on ground. PSO
Don't miss these important
career building skills
workshops by Career Services!
Resume Writing:
Mon. April 5, 5 -6 p.m., Library
room 302 and Wed. April 7, 12
—1 p.m., Library room 304
Job/Internship Search Strategies:
Mon. April 12, 5 -6 p.m., Library
room 302 and Tues, April 13,
12:30 1:30 p.m., Library room
Defense Contract Audit Agency
Information Session:
Thursday, April 8, at 12:30 p.m.
in E 316 Olmsted.
Learn about the mission of
the DCAA and available job
opportunities, as well as how to
apply and prepare for interviews.
Presenter is Mark Moser, Manager,
Field Audit Office, Baltimore,
MD. Open to all students.
Police Re
contacted student to discuss mat
3/24/10: Request to Locate: Fam
ily member requested PSO to con
tact student who has not returned
calls. PSO contacted student and
requested him to call home.
3/23/10: Suspicious Person: PSS
observed homeless male with
belongings spread all over lawn.
Male left area.
3/23/10: Suspicious Person: Re
port of transient man with cart.
All okay.
3/23/10: Theft: Possibly stolen
permit from vehicle of student.
Permit placed on lost/stolen list.
3/23/10: Suspicious Person: Re
port of homeless man with cart
at intersection. Lower Swatara
PD already met with person. All
3/23/10: Assist Outside Agency:
PSO faxed notarized release to
donating agency for vest for life.
3/23/10: Police Information: PSO
made contact with male person
selling artwork at intersection.
3/22/10: Traffic Enforcement:
PSO issued warning to two (2)
vehicles for moving violations.
3/22/10: Disabled Vehicle: PSO
Nathaniel Gadsden's
Writers Wordshop:
A Community of Many Voices,
features original poetry from
area poets who explore life, love,
relationships, crime, recovery,
family, God, and many other
issues that have impacted their
lives. The audience will have an
opportunity to participate in a
question-and-answer session with
the poets.
April 6 at the Gallery Lounge,
Olmsted Building, Penn State
Harrisburg • 6:30 p.m.
Free and Open to the Public
provided jumpstart. Waiver
3/22/10: Motorist Assist: PSO
found owner of vehicle with
lights left on.
3/22/10: Theft: PSO took state
ments from student that reported
parking permit stolen and from
person displaying permit on car.
3/19/10: Security Detail: PSO
checked on boobies ball dance.
3/19/10: Assist Outside Agency:
Lower Swatara PD requested as
sistance with suspicious male in
3/19/10: Non-Reportable Acci
dent: PSO took pictures of non
reportable traffic accident and
provided courtesy accident form
3/19/10: Parking Complaint: PSO
issued four (4) parking tickets
for vehicles parked in lot and not
bookstore customers.
3/19/10: Traffic Violation: Dau
phin County reported possible
dui. PSO responded with Lower
Swatara PD/unable to locate.
3/18/10: Meeting: Met with com
mittee to discuss planning future
3/18/10: Student Assist: PSO con
tacted juvenile probation commu
nity service officer in reference
us Calender
Students: The Learning Center
is recruiting peer tutors,
mentors, and Study-with-a-
Tutor Leaders for Fall 2010.
Please apply by April 9. Tutors
needed for Accounting, Biology,
Chemistry, Economics, Finance,
IST, Math, Philosophy, Physics,
Psychology, and Spanish as well
as MATH 110 and PHYS 211.
Mentors are also needed for First-
Year Seminar. See Employment
Options at
Learning Center/ for qualifications
and application forms.
Contact Janice Smith at jess7@ , 948-6296, or drop-in to
W-117 with questions.
to student doing community ser
3/19/10: Police Information: PSO
received phone message for an
other officer.
3/19/10: Assist Outside Agency:
Middletown PD requested assis
tance with rape investigation.
3/18/10: Traffic Control: PSO
provided parking control for PSH
development office endowment
appreciation luncheon.
3/18/10: Health and Safety: PSO
observed student slip and fall be
cause of water on floor outside
room E3ll.
3/17/10: Suspicious Vehicle:
Caller reported observing a white
vehicle behind the gate in Meade
3/17/10: Security Lapse: PSO
found gate to meade heights un
locked and open. PSO secured
3/17/10: Police Information:
PSO& PSS observed tow truck
loading vehicle. All okay/vehicle
broken down.
3/17/10: Disabled Vehicle: PSO
observed blue ford mustang off to
side of road and unoccupied.
3/17/10: Suspicious Persons
The Spring Undergraduate
Open House on April 10
This event is a tremendous
opportunity for you to showcase
your club/organization to
prospective students and recruit
future members. With over 50
clubs/organizations on campus,
we would love to have each one
represented during the Open
If you would like to participate
or want more information,
please contact Keith Eopechino
in Admissions at 948-6250 or
Checked on males at back of
building taking with 2 residents
through window. All okay.
3/17/10: Assist Outside Agency:
PSO verified person not a stu
3/17/10: Smoking Policy: PSO
observed four male student smok
ing outside south entrance. Ver
bal warning issued.
3/17/10: Noise Complaint: Re
port of possible party on campus.
PSO checked reported area with
negative results.
3/16/10: Assist: Student called
regarding community service.
Referred to PSS.
3/16/10: Found Property: PSO
released black computer adapter
to owner. Property report com
3/15/10: Assist: PSO picked up
computer left behind in room
E 244 for student. Property report
completed/student will pick up
3/15/10: Found Property: PSO
retrieved found items to be de
stroyed from campus life office.
3/15/10: Meeting: PSO spoke
briefly with new student patrol
School-wide nature
photography contest
People interested in submitting
photos should bring a 5X7 or
4X6 photograph with their name
and e-mail address taped on the
back to the collection box which
will be located in Campus Life &
Intercultural Affairs in room
E-131 starting Tuesday March
The photo judging will take
place on Earth Day outside at
the designated booth. Anyone
can vote! The winner will have
their photo displayed in larger
proportions in the TL building
courtesy of the Society of
Environmental Engineering.
Any questions should be
directed to either Trisha Krens
( or Chyna
Geib (