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Welcome to the sixteenth academic
year of Capitol Campus. As the campus
continues to mature, it becomes an in
creasingly vital resource to south central
Pennsylvania and to the Pennsylvania
State University. This dual role—serving
a specific area at the same time as being
tied to the land grant university of the
Commonwealth—gives Penn State
Capitol Campus its special strength. The
campus has all the advantages of a small
college, with the resources of a great
Academically, several efforts are
underway. The Division of Business Ad
ministration continues the development
of its programs to meet national ac
creditation; the multi-media option in
the Humanities Division has been
strengthened; and the Ph.D. in political
science enters its second year of activity.
In addition to improving the quality of
our own programs, we are continuing to
encourage the other academic colleges in
To the Editor
Two years ago the entertainment com
mittee on this campus climbed into a
local sewer and came up with deep
Throat to entertain us. If the taste wasn’t
bad enough in selecting movies, they
showed the film at the same time its star,
T.inHn Lovelace, released a book that
her husband was a coward and a
sadist. He beat and bullied her into a
state close to slavery until she was
released. A campus that has any preten
sions of supporting women’s rights is kid
ding itself if it thinks it can promote porn
and human decency at the same time.
Also, when deep Throat was released,
a Middletown citizens group was trying
o get Hustler and similar magazines off
Women’s Rooi
Opportunity for Inequality ?
Recently a member of our only women’s organization on campus wrote to tell of
the exciting developments for the minority of women on our campus this year. We
applaud them.
Yet, one silch heroic effort is the preparation of Room 21 in the CRAGS building
devoted to a women’s lounge. The writer mentioned that women feel uncomfor
table relaxing in the Gallery Lounge, and that women need a separate place to
relax, have coffee or take a nap.
Apparently our women’s group felt they needed their own place away from men,
yet they claim not to wish alienation from men. In fact, they covet male support for
their endeavors.
Why, then, the separate room?
Who would use the women’s room? You’ll not find most women there. You’ll find
most women integrated on the campus, working and socializing with men in class
and over coffee.
Is sequestering the sisterhood the way to find equality in a two-gender society?
The majority of our campus’ students are men; do they have their own lounge?
If this lounge for women is to be used only by women, why do we want to reverse
the trend of the Civil Rights Act by separating ourselves and thus cementing our
inferior status in society? We don’t feel that separation is equality—what do you
Provost Sees
Measured Growth
the University to introduce their degree
programs at Capitol Campus for a wider
audience. As recent examples, the Col
lege of Human Development will be
mounting an undergraduate nursing pro
gram through continuing education, and
the College of Health, Physical Educa
tion and Recreation will be offering its
master’s degree in health education in
cooperation with our Division of
Behavioral Science and Education.
Three other features are worth men
tioning. Our Board of Advisors now
enters its third year and continues to be
of great assistance in representing us to
the community. Our Alumni Society has
helped enormously in social, cultural and
fund-raising activities. And, finally, the
Technology Center has now been approv
ed in its preliminary stages and will be
the first academic building established
since the campus was formed.
The times we live in are economically
difficult, and it would be unreasonable to
expect the campus to grow physically or
academically too rapidly. But it is impor
tant to have the long view of how vital
Penn State Capitol Campus is becoming
to the future of Penn State and to the
community of south central Penn
Welcome to the 82-83 academic year.
| l —. .
Provost, Capitol Campos
the shelves in the local 7-11 Store. Even
when the larger context of the production
was explained to the entertainment folks,
and to Dr. South, the show went on,
money was “raked” in and no crisis en
After two porn-free years, we now get
Debbie Does Dallas. Of course, Debbie
does Dallas on her knees, the place porn
always puts women. Maybe we can get
Debbie here for the Campus lecture
series. After all, the film is being shown
on the first day of the Career Fair she
could talk to women on campus about
entertainment careers. After all, we sup
port her industry.
Sincerely disgusted,
Neil Gussman
No. 1 _
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To the Editor:
Most people will defend college atten
dance as a means of creating a more
civilized and understanding society. If
this is true, how does the showing of
X-rated “Debbie Does Dallas’' at the
Capitol Campus Student Center aid this
This film is a total exploitation of
women, and it promotes sexual harass
Student tuition fees are utilized to
maintain and manage the campus. Why
is it that this film can be shown in the Stu
dent Center but not in the auditorium? It
is my understanding that both are owned
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by Penn State University. I must con
clude, therefore, that the University con
dones the exploitation of women.
I do feel people are entitled to view
material of their choosing, however, I
believe that viewing should be in a
privately run theatre.
I also understand that it is difficult to
raise funds for club activities, but I think
there are other ways which would benefit
the students more.
Regardless of my statements, this film
will be shown, but I feel it is important to
express my displeasure.
ier 8,
A 1 Lee, Adviser
Elizabeth A. Conley