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    Pennsylvania State University at Capitol Campus 10
CO MC 111 0
Volume 14, No. 5
Financial Aid Advisor
By Kathy Kern
If you attended Capitol Campus
anytime between January of 1980 and
the present, and had questions or prob
lems concerning financial aid, the person
you probably saw was Wayne Nelson.-
As of June 1, Mr. Nelson will no
longer be Capitol's financial aid advisor,
as he is choosing to pursue his own
career interests and return to college.
Throughout his stay here, Mr. Nelson
has seen several changes at his end of
the system. "We have had a large
increase in the campus work/study
program since I've been here," he said,
adding that there has also been major
increases in basic grants and an altera
tion in Guaranteed Student Loans,
where family income is no longer count
ed for a student's eligibility.
Another change, the financial aid
advisor said, has been earlier mailing of
PSU student aid to incoming students so
that they can meet their application
S • rin • Semi-Formal
By Rosanne Rosenberger
It was slated to occur on Friday, May
15. Then, three days before the event,
there was talk of cancelling it because of
a seeming lack of interest. Then, the tide
again changed and, to the pleasure of the
100 plus participants, it was on in full
The Capitol Campus Annual Spring
Semi-Formal was almost canned at the
last minute because there was less than
twenty couples who had bought tickets.
However, there was a last-minute rush,
and enough tickets were sold to hold the
It was held at the Quality Inn in New
Cumberland. For those of you who
hesitated to buy tickets, you missed a
good time.
The tables were arranged cafe style,
with two couples to a table. Each table
was romantically decorated with a can
dle. This added to the excitement in the
The meal was buffet style and, to my
surprise, no one stampeded to get there
The Annual RSC Spring Semiformal, held at the New Cumberland Quality Inn
on May 15, 1981, brought a lot of people close together. Above, Ed and Nevi
reflect the mood of the occasion.
Photo by Rosanne Rosenberger
Back To School
RSCued Smiles
The questions and problems con
cerning financial aid roll to his desk at
the beginning of each term, as incoming
students check on their chances of
receiving financial aid. "We review the
whole story with them," Mr. Nelson
commented, saying that there is a
diversity of problems concerning stu
dent aid.
Part of his work at the beginning of
each term includes contacting Univer
sity Park and the Basic Grant head
quarters to check on funds for students.
Contacts are made to U.P. to check on
"review requests" for aid for common
wealth campuses and Capitol students.
But when it comes to obtaining
financial aid, said Mr. Nelson, the best
step for a student to take to increase his
chances for funding is to simply meet the
application deadlines. "It really hurts
your chances if the deadlines are
niissed," he commented. The advisor
added that each January current stu-
first. (If only we could train them to do
that in the Dining Hall.)
Music was provided by "Destiny."
Their repertoire consisted primarily of
50's music which delighted a few of the
dancers. (Huh, Bob "Twinkle Toes"
There was an open bar that only
lasted until right after dinner because
the lushes had consumed mass quantities
(By the way, for those of you who were
too drunk to notice, the bartender had a
delicate voice and a lisp.).
It was refreshing to see people in
three-piece suits and nice dresses, in
stead of jeans. Harry Moyer wins the
trophy for looking the slinkest. (You
even wore a shirt without fuzz balls on
the collar, Harry. I'm proud of you.) The
LTD's were looking very nice, as were
their ladies. Dresses with handkerchief
hemlines must have been on sale some
where, because almost half of the ladies
had them on. I decided to be different
and wore a black jumpsuit. I couldn't
handle waiting in line for a handkerchief
hemline dress.
Middletown, PA. 17057
dents are mailed information concerning
financial aid programs and their applica
tion deadlines.
If a student applies for and does not
receive aid from PSU or the state or
federal government, Mr. Nelson said, he
should visit the Placement Office to
check for off-campus employment.
Another possibility for a student
wishing to apply for a job is Capitol's
Wage/Payroll program for on-campus,
non-work/study students. Mr. Nelson
advised that, although there are some
positions in this program, the number of
applicants exceeds the number of open
Other areas which are also attracting
many applicants for financial aid include
Capitol's scholarship programs. Mr. Nel
son noted that the high number of
applicants for scholarships is a healthy
sign, and commented that Capitol is
"attracting higher quality students, but
the need for financial aid is growing."
Mr. Nelson said that he feels good
about the work he has done and the help
I was happy to see that so many RA's
participated. Bill and Andrea danced up
a storm. Ed Carvell, attired in a three
piece suit, was escorted by a lovely lady
from home, and Twinkle Toes Russel's
companion was Ruth Bryner. The As
sistant Coordinator, John Pellechia, was
there with Counselor Marian Krieger.
The second floor Wrisberg RA, Patricia,
was there in rare form. The Forgione's
also participated, among others.
I think the dancing was the most fun
of the evening. However, I think the
band could have set up in advance to
keep those of us sitting by the doors
from freezing our tushes off. Anyway,
aside from occasional off-key singing,
they were pretty good. Disco Moyer had
as much energy--if not more--as I did out
on the dance floor. I couldn't believe my
eyes. Way to go, Harry. (If they ever
remake "Saturday Night Fever," I bet
you're chosen for the lead.) Eileen and
Dave Benfer had a hot spot on the floor,
as did JR and I.
There were people shakin' it up.
There were people shakin' it down.
There was one lady in particular who
shook it a little too far down, in a dress
that split up the front. If only she knew
what a show she was giving.
The rubberized dance floor was not
conducive to smooth dancing. But we all
survived, though with giant holes in the
bottom of our nylons.
There were a few people whose
agility surprised me. I've never seen
some people on campus dance, and I
thought that the only movements they
ever made were to lift a beer or a bowl to
their mouths. Surprise, surprise! I was
glad to see ya'll out there.
After the affair was over, the- party
continued in room 332 of the Quality Inn.
Some of the antics that went on there
are too wild for this article.
All in all, fun was had by everyone
who attended. Those of you who missed
out this year, make plans for next year.
You'll love it. Hats off to RSC for having
such a fantastic and worthwhile activity!
28 May 1981
he has given to students during his stay
here, but he commented, "Of course, one
is never fully satisfied with his own
But what can prompt someone who
has been out of school for several years
to return to the books?
"I'm a firm believer that school is not
just for a few years after high school,"
the former Director of the Student
Services Program at Housatonic Com
munity College (Bridgeport, Connecti
cut) said, adding that he will be enrolled
in the Psychology of Reading Masters
Program at Temple University as early
as this summer.
Mr. Nelson's long-term goal is to
counsel and work in adult basic educa
tion interests, a field related to his
precious position in Connecticut.
And yes, Wayne Nelson really does
know what it's like to fill out all those
financial aid applications: he has applied
for federal aid for Temple's fall
Mark Gagermeier clowns around
aerobic dancers during the Health
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Men from Second Floor Church enjoy
the water slide during RSC's
Dorm Olympics.