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    Pennsylvania State University at Capitol Campus 10
Volume 14, No. 3
Rosanne Rosenberger, 1980-81 Stu
dent Government Association President,
is pleased, with the productivity of her
term in office. Roberta Bronson replaced
Rosanne as president this Monday.
Photo by- Daun Kauffman
Student Service Serie
By Kathy Kerr(
A new baseball field, a new entrance
sign, and a remodeled Vendorville are
just a few of the changes Capitol Campus
has experienced this year.
Just changes?
Not just changes, but improvements!
"There is a momentum this year that
is different from other years," said Dr.
Jerry South, Director of Student Af
Dr. South, who started here in 1969
as Assistant Dean of Students for
Student Activities, cited student, staff,
and faculty morales as being the key to
getting this year's projects completed.
He also noted student maturity--from
the leaders to the entire student body--
as contributing to this year's influx of
Besides the gradual physical changes
which Capitol has undergone over the
years, there have also been administra
tive changes. Dr. South commented that
the administrative organization has
"certainly become more efficient and
better organized."
For example, before 1973 there were
three Resident Student Affairs workers.
As the commuter population of the
campus increased, the Student Affairs
Office placed more people in Career
Placement and Planning, a move intend
ed to help the entire campus population.
But the changes did not stop here.
Noting that a traditionally organized
administration is good, but is not the
best for the kind of campus which was
developing, the Director of Student
Affairs added that there were quite a
few structural changes in the Student
Affairs Office in 1973.
The titles of positions, part of the
administrative process, were changed in
order to better define the job for both
the workers and the people whom they
came in contact with.
The title "Director of Student Acti
vities," for example, was replaced by the
title of "Coordinator of Student Activi
ties." Other more traditional titles have
also been replaced with more modern
interpretations of the positions.
"The titles reflect more accurately
the job the person is doing," said Dr.
South, noting that a director of Student
By William J. Neil
In the largest voter turnout in eight
years, Roberta Bronson was elected
president of the Student Government
Association (SGA) last week in the
spring election.
The other newly elected officers
include: Steven King, vice-president;
Patricia Whalen, secretary; and Karen
Kurek, treasurer.
The senatorial positions were filled
as follows: John Robinson, Business
Senator; William J. Neil, Humanities
Senator; James Hawkins, Science, En
gineering, and Technology Senator; and
William Barger, Public Affairs Senator.
The Senior Senator-at-Large positions
went to Catherine Russo, Corinne
Blouin, Salvatore Sebastiani, and Dilip
Directing a
Activities actually "coordinates" every
one to work together, he doesn't "di
He also added that the title changes
were to reflect the philosophy used in
dealing with "out-of-class students."
As for the jobs and their functions,
Dr. South's duties include seeing that
resources are available for the particular
functional offices and to see that they
can do the tasks assigned to them.
But the work does not stop there.
Dr. South, who serves on the Pro
vost's staff by virtue of his position, is
also responsible for the management and
development of the Student Affairs
By William J. Neil
The Second Annual Health Fair will
be held at Capitol Campus on May 11 and
12. The Fair, which is being sponsored
by Health Services and co-sponsored by
Phi Beta Lambda, will be open to the
public free of charge, and will be held on
the first floor of the Main Building from
9:oo a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Those attending the Health Fair will
be offered several important tests.
These include Blood Cholesterol and
HDL, Blood Sugar, EKG, and Blood
Pressure, all done by the Pennsylvania
State Health Center; Pulmonary Func
tion, administered by Comm. General
Osteopathic Hospital; Bio Feedback for
Smokers, performed by the Pennsyl
vania Lung Association; Bio Feedback,
done by the Harrisburg Area Commun
ity College; and the Tri-County Associa
tion for the Blind will offer Visual
Screening. The tests are all free.
Other organizations with displays,
brochures, and demonstrations include:
Easter Seal Society, Drug Abuse Infor
mation Center, Family Planning, Mental
Health Association (which will demon
strate relaxation and reflexology), Blue
Cross, Central Pennsylvania Lung As
sociation, American Cancer Society,
Pennsylvania Dietetic Association, Em
pire School of Cosmetology (which will
offer free hair styling, facials, and
manicures), Aerobic Dancing Inc. (the
Middletown, PA. 17057
It Came to
Here is the breakdown of the voting
for officers: President--Roberta Bronson
291, Timothy Hagen 124;Secretary--
Patricia Whalen 263, Robbie Adler 122;
and Treasurer--Karen Kurek 260, Judith
A. Polliard 135. Steven King ran unop
posed for the vice-presidency, and re
ceived 332 votes. Bullwinkle was among
those who garnered one vice-presiden
tial write-in tally.
Also in the spring election, the
student body voted to adopt the SGA
Constitution. The voting was 346 for, 36
against, and 46 no preference votes. The
students who voted are to be commend
ed for finally approving the constitution,
since this is the first time in years that
the SGA has had a legitimate constitu
tion with which to work. An officially
ratified constitution is necessary for the
Title Wave
While on the Provost's staff, Dr.
South said he works "to see that their
(the functional offices) efforts are co
ordinated with the other members of the
Provost's staff."
He added that his perspective in
cludes the students' point of view, that
he tries to help the students by partici
pating on the Provost's staff.
Although physical changes on the
campus are more noticeable this year
than in other years, Dr. South explained
that these changes were built on a solid
base hidden behind the scenes.
In further comment on this year's
happenings on campus, Dr. South said he
agrees with PSU President John Os
Send in the Clowns!
dancers will perform in the front lobby),
March of Dimes, National Kidney Foun
dation, Central Pennsylvania Blood
Bank, Capitol Campus Athletic Depart
ment, Mary K Cosmetics (which will
feature skin care and glamour makeup
for the career look), and the Federal
Food and Drug Administration. Anyone
wanting a free haircut, facial, or mani
cure from the Empire Beauty School is
asked to sign up in the nurses office
Although the Health Fair drew only
200 people last year, a total of 1,000 is
hoped for this year. This increase is
feasible because a lot more students are
helping set up and promote this year's
Fair. This includes five students dressed
as clowns who will distribute pamphlets
promoting the Health Fair on campus as
The Spring Term meeting of the NEITHER HAIR
Provost's Advisory Committee on Stu- NOR THERE
dent Welfare will be held at 3:30 p.m. or.
Wednesday, May 6, 1981, in the Gallery Empire Beauty School will be offer
ing free haircuts, facials, and manicures
Lounge. Students, faculty, and staff whc
at the Health Fair on May 11 and 12.
have items which they would like to have
Interested students are asked to sign
placed on the agenda for this meeting
up in the nurse's office after April 17.
should submit them to Dr. South or
30 April 1981
Student Government Association to
properly operate, since the SGA is
responsible for student organizations
and representation. An officially ratified
constitution not only makes the SGA's
job much easier, but in the long run it
will also benefit the students as well; it's
importance must not be overlooked.
Also to the student body's credit, 428
ballots were cast. According to Reader
files, this was the largest turnout in
eight years. In 1972, 491 students voted,
and last year, 379 students voted.
The newly elected members of the
SGA were officially sworn in by Chief
Justice Harry H. Moyer on Monday
afternoon. After the ceremonies, the
1981-82 Student Government Associa
tion held its first meeting.
wald's opinion that Capitol has emerged
and is worthy of recognition.
Organizational changes and title
changes may not seem like intricate
alterations in the Student Affairs Office,
but they do reflect a fresh change of
attitude--an attitude which is obviously
reaping many benefits.
And the changes which began in 1973
are not planned to come to a halt in 1981.
Momentum and morale appear to be this
year's key elements in getting things
done, and maybe next year they will still
be the key elements in getting things
And changed.
And improved
well as in Middletown. A 20-foot banner
will also be placed over the square in
Middletown, so those wishing to attend
the Fair will be informed of it one way or
another. The clowns will also be around
the campus during the Health Fair to
provide easy visibility to anyone in
search of the place. Also, as part of the
effort to increase the Fair's publicity this
year, Kathy Laverty has been helping
the Student Activities Office design
posters and handouts.
Student participation in the Health
Fair is urged, since the community can't
be expected to involve itself if the very
students who attend Capitol Campus
don't involve themselves.
Remember the dates of May 11 and
12, and come on ...get involved ...just
for the health of it!
Rosanne Rosenberger by Friday, May 1.
The meeting is open to all members of
the campus community.