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    Student Power
What you are now reading is the first article of a column devoted
to informing the student body about the activities of the Student
Government Association. It is hoped that this column will appear in
every issue of the C.C. READER. But this writer is also a SGA
Senator, a part time employee of J.C. Penny’s and a full time
student and there for might not have time to function as a C.C.
READER reporter. In this particular article I would like to answer
the two most frequently asked questions about the SGA. What is it
and What does it do?
The SGA is composed of Sr. and Jr. elected representatives that
go by the title of Senator. The officers are: Bill Matthews, President;
Mike Leasher, Vice-President; Bob Chappel, Treasurer; and Patty
Nevil, Secretary. The Senate is composed of 9 Sr. Senators and 9 Jr.
Senators. This group of 22 people looks out for the social, political
and material rights and needs of the students. The Senate meets
every Monday night at 6:30 in the Gallery Lounge.
This question requires two answers: one dealing with past efforts
of the SGA and a second dealing with present items. Last year the
SGA was active in a large number of activities that were of
substantial importance to the student body. The SGA was very
influential' in protecting the “Round Table” from two
administration attempts to have it removed and destroyed. Student
representation on a number of faculty and administrative
committees was gained. The walkway that is now under construction
was the result of action taken by the Committee on Space and
Facility Utilization. The SGA was represented on the committee by
Gene Brian a Social Science Senator. The SGA was also instrumental
in instituting a uniform course “Withdrawal Policy” and in
proposing an “Academic Appeals Board.” The parking lot fee was
lowered last year to $1 for one term, but was raised when the SGA
did not receive student support of the parking lot boycott it had
asked-for. It was in protest to the reinstitution of the $7.50 fee. This
short list, which could easily be expanded if this reporter had more
time, shows that the SGA has acted with the interests of the
students in mind and in an affirmative manner.
Presently the SGA has completed its Jr. Senatorial Elections and
has held two Constitutional Referendums. The end result is that the
SGA has a full compliment of Senators and a much improved
Constitution. At this time the SGA has two main problems
confronting it.
First, is the Academic Appeals Board.
Last-year attempts were made to have an Academic / Appeals
.Board- institued, but the proposal was shot down by the
administration. The reason given was that due to administrative
reshuffling of personnel that it was an inappropriate time to bring up
the matter. At the past SGA meeting of Nov. 12, Bill Matthews,
formed a committee to take up this matter. If this Board is institued,
the students who receive, in his opinion, an unfair grade can appeal
that grade to the Board. And it would appear that chances are good
for this proposal to be accepted.
The second area of SGA concern is the issue of a teacher / course
evaluation!. This evaluation, which is a great improvement over last
years, is to be handed out the last week of classes under the eyes of
the Dean of Faculty. But it is also reported that the results of this
evaluation WILL NOT be given to the students. The Teacher /
Course Evaluation Committee has meet with the administration on
this matter and presented the following resolution as a statement of
their views:
RECOGNIZING the importance that a teacher / course
evaluation will have for the students, the faculty and the
administration of this college;
REALIZING - that the worth of an evaluation depends upon the
amount of student participation in its compilation;
BELIEVING - that the opinions expressed in an evaluation are
the property of the student body;
FURTHER - believing that these opinions cannot be properly
sequestered from the student body;
NOTING - that in times past the results of teacher / course
evaluations have been made available to the student body;
CALLS - upon the administration to:
1. Make available to the student body, through its representatives
in the SGA, the results, of the Fall Term 1973 Teacher / Course
Evaluation and all future evaluations and to,
2. Allow for student input in the selection of this evaluation
format and/or all future systems.
This reporter hopes that whoever, faculty and/or administration,
made the decision to prohibit the students from seeing the results
will re-evaluate that decision. Any prohibitive action will be very
disappointing to the student body to say the least, and it might
require some form of student response. The SGA will be working for
a resolution to these two problems that will be to the benefit of the
student body.
In ending this article I would like to say that the SGA must be
dedicated to acting in the students interests to be a viable
governmental body. This it is. But what is also very important is
student feedback and participation in student government activities.
November 26,1973
by Bob Hetzel
** * *
Another Service From Your XGVs
VA Launches U.S.
By a Times SlaH Writer
tionwide effort to find • suitable
and rewarding jobs” for Viet
nam veterans with service-con
nected disabilities has been
launched by the Veterans
Administration, the National
Alliance of Businessmen and the
Department of Labor.
I'reemployment among disa
bled veterans is estimated at 14
Veterans Administrator Don
ald Johnson launched the cam
paign in late October with a
letter to 41,000 of the 368.000
Vietnam veterans on VA com
pensation rolls.
The letters seek to identify
those veterans who want further
training to qualify for jobs.
VA officials say simitar letters
C-ventually will be sent to all
Q, I was recently honorably
discharged and would like to
become a physician's assistant.
Which VA hospitals may I apply
to for this training?
A. Apply to the college or
university of your choice for the
training and contact the nearest
VA office if you want to train
under the GI Bill. VA hospitals
provide clinical training to stu
dents enrolled in physician's
assistant programs of colleges
and universities.
Q Is there any bar against a
retired veteran getting GI Bill
education allowance and retired
pay at the same time?
A. They in ay be paid concur
Q. If a veteran enrolls in a
correspondence course under
the GI Bill, how much will his
monthly VA allowance be?
A. The allowance for corre
spondence study is paid quarter-
Iv, based on the number of les
sons completed and serviced by
the school. The allowance is 90
percent of the cost of the course. A. Veterans may he used in
Q. When a veteran going to \.Vs outreach program, in proc
school under the GI Bill collects essing paperwork at schools and
a higher VA allowance because VA offices, working in YA medi
of his dependents, is there any cal facilities, and any other
way the dependents can get part activity of the VA.
of that allowance if the veteran Q. Under VA's Dependents'
doesn't support them? Education Assistance program,
A. That portion of the GI Bill does the length of schooling
allowance payable because of depend on how long the veteran
dependents may be apportioned served on active duty
on behalf of a wife or child who A. Up to 36 months of education
is not living with the student, and training are available, re-
However. it may not exceed the gardless of the veteran's length of
additional allowance for depend- active duty,
ents. Q. My daughter is getting VA
Q. What can you tell me. about dependents’ educational assist
x, Try , £ y m th f 28th INF - Div - Art y- 13,3 s -
National Guard, regardless of 19th St Hbg Pa .,787-6405.
prior service. For further info, k ° le below .
call LTE Joseph Hodgson HQ LtiecK your pay scale below
Job Hunt
disabled veteran* on VA com
pensation rolls.
"Special help over and
above Gl Bill education is
available to veteran* with
service-connected disabilities."
Johnson said.
The agency is permitted by
legislation to pay service-disa
bled veterans who are drawing
compensation an additional $l7O
per month while they are in
school. The monthly stipend,
which is increased when there
are dependents, is in addition to
VA payments for tuition, books
and other expenses, and it does
not affect compensation pay
ments that range from $2B (for a
10 percent disability! to as high
as $1232 (for 100 percent disabil
itv when loss of limbs is involv
The 66,000-member NAB is
Gl Bill Q&A
the new work-study allowance
authorized for Gl Bill students
to augment their monthly VA
A. It is open to veterans taking
full-time Gl Bill education or
training. Veterans who are ap
proved for the program receive an
advance payment of $250 for 100
hours of work or services during
an enrollment period. Lesser
amounts at $2.50 per hour arc
paid for under 100 hours.
Q. How are veterans picked for
the work-study program?
A. Veterans with service-con
nected disabilities of 30 percent
or higher are given preference in
selection. Other criteria include
(1) heed of veteran to augment his
allowance: (2) availability to the
veteran of transportation to the
place where his services are to be
performed: (3) veteran's motiva
tion: and (4) computability of the
work assignment to the veteran's
physical condition.
Q. What type of work will
veterans do?
New Daily Pay Rales for Pennsylvania National Guardsmen
NOTF: (To compute pay for MI'TA-4 weekend, multiply by 4)
Page 3
developing job openings for
disabled veterans to be identi
fied by the VA survey. The
Labor Department is helping to
find jobs for the disabled
through its state employment
"Veterans who respond in the
survey that they want a job or
job training will be contacted
immediately by VA counselors.
Those who want jobs will be
referred to a NAB job opening.
Suitable job training programs
will be found for others, VA
counselors will carefully assess
each veteran's physical capaci
ties, job skills and qualifications
before making referrals," the
agency said.
ante based on the service-con
nccted death of my husband. She
plans to marry soon. Will that
affect her assistance?
A. Your daughter's marriage
would have no effect on her
education benefits. A widow's
remarriage under the same pro
gram. however, would end bene
fits. unless the remarriage was
terminated by death or divorce.
(J. If a veteran applies for the
VA tutorial assistance, will the
monthly payment reduce his
overall educational entitle
A. No
Q. I plan lo enroll in a Gl Bill
correspondence course. Will VA
reduce my entitlement month for
month for the time I spend m
the program?
A. One month is deducted from
your entitlement for each $220 of
the allowance paid by VA.
Q. Does a serviceman going to
school under the Gl Bill get
extra allowance for his wife and
A. No.
Q. How many changes of pro
gram mav a veteran make under
the Gl Bill?
A. Normally, two. However,
additional changes may be made
when caused by circumstances
beyond the veteran's control.
These could include health,
requiring him to relocate in an
area W'here the previous objective
is not available, or the course is
discontinued by the school and a
similar course is not available
within normal commuting dis
tance. Each case is decided on its
own merits,
Over Ove.
27 76