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    November 8,1973
Jim Bollinger
For those die-hard
Beatlemaniacs in the audience,
last week will be a landmark in
time. Just released are albums by
two ex-Beatles. The are Mind
Games by John Lennon and
Ringo by Ringo Starr.
Mind Games, is an exceptional
album which picks up where
Imagine left off. The suddenness
with which this album was
apparently composed might
suggest a sloppy job by the
one-time Beatle leader. Not so.
This album, whose title cut is
One For Wench
lady, look
i know how you feel
when youwant to give yourself to THE WORLD
and say, look! look here! this is
art, what i've done, right?
but realize
that there are probably six hundred
like you in this state alone/ who say
i am unique i am a flower six hundred/
and each one as vitally important
as you are, or feel, it's wonderful,
but, look
this is a place
where you can't afford to claim
vulnerability, as i’m sure
it claims us all
before long—
and then you've got all these wilted flowers
and a lot of them not even bothering
to grow back up again.
what can be done with six hundred wilted flowers?
i don't
Though I’ve Found Another
As time goes on,
I 'll always know
How lovely you were,
And how I loved you so.
Though the years have passed
And we're both not the same
The love has been undying,
And my heart still cries your name
Though I've found another
It's you I've always loved.
And all through my life,
Your ghost and mine
Will forever love together
In the verdant fields of my mind
And though I've found another, Anne
It's you I'll always want -
And though I've found another
It's you I've always loved.
'Rui/jO Stui
just hitting the charts, is a fine
job by one of this generations
best musicians. The songs are
normal Lennon fare - peace,
love, etc., and with that
Plastic-Ono sound. However, the
second cut, “Tight As” is a fine
piece which sounds rather
neo-Beatlish; it has a fine rock
sound and great lyrics. In an
album with so much to rave
about, it’s hard to pick out the
most exceptional, but one of its
best has to be “Bring on the
Lucie (Freeda People),” which
sounds like G. Harrison may
have had a hand in it. In this
reviewer’s opinion, though, the
most beautiful song on the
album has to be “You Are
Here,” a love ballad to Yoko.
At last, the long-awaited
album by Ringo Starr has
appeared. This album has been
speculated on ever since first
word got out in July. True to
the advance press, Ringo has
assembled an all-star cast for his
first solo rock album since the
break-up of the Beatles. This
album feature songs written by
John Lennon, George Harrison,
Paul & Linda McCartney, and, of
course, Richard Starkey, among
others. But the most outstanding
thing about this album is the
prescence of all four Beatles,
along with a number of other
stars which include Klaus
Tim Jacobs
from a song, by
Romeo Trajanus
The Students' Voice
Voorman, Harry Nilsson, Nicky
Hopkins, Martha Reeves, and
Billy Preston.
“Photograph,” the hit single,
is a Harrison-Starkey
composition sung by both, and
it is one of the more packaged
show numbers. Ringo performs a
ricky-tick number that he wrote
himself, “Step Lightly,” and
which features “the dancing feet
of Richard Starkey, M.8.E.”
Other highlights include a
Harrison composition
(“Sunshine Life for Me”) and a
P & L McCartney work (“Six
O’clock”), both of which are
fine, contrasting examples of
both the writers’ and Ringo’s
styles. The album features
illustrations by Voorman, an
interesting cover, and a bit of
nostaligia with the old sixties hit
“You’re Sixteen” (“you’re
beautiful, and you’re mine”).
These two albums, along with
this year’s earlier works by
Harrison (Living in the Material
World) and McCartney (Red
Rose Speedway) make a strong
case for ‘73 being the year of the
Return of the Beatles. They may
even foreshadow the rumoured
Reunion of J, P, G, & R. I urge
you to get out and sample these
works today.
I was a neurotic psychotic
With a schizophrenic id.
Yeah, I was really messed up,
A crazy aimless kid.
The doctor kept me up
When I wanted to go down.
The nurses held me still
When I wanted to go round.
Well, I went to college
For a year or two,
Just outta high school
With nothing else to do.
The teachers, they were groovy.
Far out and far in.
I got a four point o
An' all I did was grin.
After escaping that,
My head was filled with facts.
I was really wound up tight
And never could relax.
Life was unexciting.
I worked nearly all day.
I ate, slept and never spoke
Cause I had nothing to say.
No, things were not going well
The future looked black,
When an Army recruiter
Tapped me on the back.
He said, "Hey, hey kid!
I got a deal for you,
A lifetime of adventure
And lotsa money too."
Well now I'm in the Army
Wearin' O.D. green
And I really do enjoy
Being part of the machine.
I stand at attention
And do guard duty all day.
I got everything I need
And they tell me what to say
Well this really might
Not be the job for you
Unless you're bored out stiff
And have nothing to do.
But me, I sure do like it.
Almost as much as school,
Obeying all the orders.
Keeping straight and playing cool
C &
Oven Dried Beef Jerky
IV4 to 2 pounds lean, boneless beef (flank or round steak),
partially frozen
V* cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 garlic clove, sliced
!4 teaspoon pepper
V* cup minced onion
1 teaspoon hickory smoke-flavored salt
Trim and discard all fat from meat (it becomes rancid quickly).
Cut the meat in 1/8-1/4 inch thick strips IV2 inches wide. Partially
freezing the meat before cutting makes it easier to slice evenly. Cut
with the grain of the meat if you like a chewy jerky; cut across the
grain for a more tender, brittle texture.
In a bowl, combine the soy sauce, Worcestershire, pepper, garlic,
onion and smoke-flavored salt. Add the meat strips and stir to
thoroughly coat all surfaces (meat will absorb most of the liquid).
Let stand 1 hour, or cover and refrigerate overnight. Stir several
Shaking off any excess liquid, garlic, onion, etc., arrange strips of
meat close together, but not overlapping, directly on oven racks or
on cooling racks set in shallow, rimmed baking pans.
Dry meat at the lowest possible oven temperature (150-200
degrees F.) until it is brown, feels hard and is dry to the touch (4-7
hours). Turn meat at least once during cooking. Pat off any beads of
oil. Let cool, then remove from racks and store in airtight plastic
bags or in a jar with a tight fitting lid.
Keep at cool room temperature or in the refrigerator until ready
to use. Beef jerky keeps indefinitely.
Makes about Vi pound.
3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon = 1/16 cup = 1/2 ounce
1 pound (16 ounces) butter - 4 sticks = 2 cups
** * *
The Lazy Sunday Brunch
1 package (6 oz.) frozen Alaska Snow Crab Meat
4 eggs, beaten
3 tablespoons butter
Partially thaw the crabmeat by placing the plastic package under
cool running water. Cut the tip of the plastic bag and squeeze out
any juices.
Set one empty bowl with cover aside for cooked crabmeat
Heat skillet. Melt IV2 tablespoons butter.
Cook crabmeat slowly. Pour out excees liquids as you cook. Set
the cooked crabmeat aside in the covered bowl.
Wipe out the same skillet. Melt the ramaining butter until it is
frothy. Cook the eggs by lowering the heat and slowly pushing the
eggs toward the center with a spatula. While the eggs are still moist,
add the crabmeat and cook until eggs are firm but not dry.
Serve immediately with toasted English muffins and jellies, hot
tea and/or coffee.
If you also want to have a lazy Sunday afternoon, serve with a
beverage of cold orange juice gently mixed with an equal amount of
chilled Asti Spumanti.
7 days a week
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problems of university life. It S
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(low-fat, high-protein snack)
By N. Di Domenico
** * *
By P. Di Domenico
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