C.C. reader. ([Middletown, Pa.]) 1973-1982, November 08, 1973, Image 3

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Some people have been
asking, “Where’s the McDonald’s
Free Coupon?” The answer to
which is, it’s down at
McDonald’s waiting for someone
to pick it up.
Why hasn’t anyone gone to
get it?
Well, as you know, the
Reader is short staffed and as a
result it is not the paper it
should be. We have very few ads
in our paper and would like a lot
more. But we have no one
willing to go out and get these
ads. As editors and students we
do not have the time to take on
this job too. The “one” student
who has been responsible for
this in the past, is now just as
busy as the editors. (We like to
eat too.)
What we need is a few
conscientious students,
(graduate and/or
under-graduate) to go out to
individual stores in the area,
(Middletown, Highspire, and
East Mall to solicit ads.
It was a weekly, now a
bi-monthly job that employs the
use of a car and a few hours of
your spare time. The Reader will
pay your expenses, (10 cents a
mile) and asks only for your
time and selling ability.
If you’re interested, then stop
by our office. We’re not only
looking for the McDonald’s ad,
but other ads that will help cut
the cost of running a school
newspaper. Thank You.
** * *
Rea & Derick
Olmsted Plaza
Crest Toothpaste-
5 oz. tube Reg. $.89,
now $.59
Cold Spray-
Reg. $ 1.57, now $.79
Sylvania Flashcube-
pk. of 3, Reg. $ 1.69,
now $.79
S&H Green Stamps
Mastercharge &
on sale 8-9-10
How do you
break the AM
KLi \ \is
—/ OOSS'^f'
a nice habit
November 8, 1973
Things to Do
John Bradford Langdon
Just a few days ago, A 1
Houser, from Church Hall asked
me where he could rent a
bicycle. I informed him that
several bicycles were available in
the Recreation/Athletic
Building, over by the
football-soccer field.
“No kidding? Boy, that’s
great! No money, just an ID card
(from Capitol).”
“That’s right.”
So, I figured that you, the
Capitol Campus Public, might
want to know what other
free-rental items are available at
the Rec Building. On Wednesday
afternoon, Bud Smitlee (Athletic
Director) and Mrs. Arehart
helped me compose the
following list of items, which
only require a person’s ID card
and his or her own signature.
When it’s too cold this fall
and winter to engage in outdoor
sports activities, you should
consider in-door exercise on the
physical-fitness equipment at the
Rec/Ath Building.
There are three main workout
rooms. One is principally used
for body building, and a second
room for physical conditioning.
The third room, which is the
largest, contains plenty of room
for exercising practicing falls or
In addition, locker rooms and
showers (for men and women)
are conveniently located
between the workout rooms
along the hallway. Soap and
towels are provided for use
WITHIN the building.
A list of the physical exercise
and/or conditioning equipment,
which is available for your use, is
Rowing machines -2; Floor
and Chest pulley weights -3;
Frictional Wrist Roll -1;
Shoulder Wheel -1; Wrestling
Wheel - 1 (in need of repair);
Chinning Bars -2; Table Tennis
Equipment - table, paddles, balls
and net; Stall bars; Mini-Gym -
incorporates an abdominal board
and a pair of Floor - Chest
Universal Gym - an extremely
versatile weight machine. Leg
machine and adjustable weights;
Dartboard; Heavy and
Light-weight punching bags
(with gloves for each).
Tennis rackets and balls;
Badminton rackets and birdies;
Golf Clubs no balls;
Basketballs; softballs and bats;
Footballs; Quoits (rubber);
Volleyballs; Horseshoe Set
(rubber); Soccer Balls; Archery
Equipment and Bicycles - men
and women’s.
NOTE: A whirlpool bath is
available, but may only be used
when prescribed by a doctor.
** * *
The Students’ Voice
L to R Jim Yorgey, local
chairman confers with Mr.
Asdal, lEEE Staff co-ordinator
of student activities.
*# * #
Early Saturday Morning,
October 13, two Capitol Campus
students boarded a plane for the
Institute of Electrical and
Electronic Engineers Region 2
Convention for counselors and
chairmen. The plane was heading
for Pittsburgh, Penna. Our
representatives were Jim Yorgey
and Earl Showalter, the
Chairman and Treasurer of our
local lEEE branch.
Mr. Michael M. Vartanian,
Region 2 Student Activities
Chairman, opened the meeting
to discuss the purpose of the
convention. The main purpose
was to instruct counselors and
chairmen on how to better
govern their respective students
branches of the lEEE.
The group was then divided,
and Mr. Vartanian led the
counselors in the discussion of
their responsibilities.
Mr. Robert Asdel,
Coordinator of Student
Activities, and Mr. James Long,
member of the Student Policy
and Planning Committee led the
chairman in their discussions of
branch activities, finances and
career development. The
enthuastic exchange of
information was helpful to all 30
or more student branches that
were represented.
At 3:00 p.m. the counselors
and chairmen reunited to further
discuss their ideas.
R eturning to Harrisburg,
Yorgey and Showalter held
greater expectations and ideals
for our local branch of lEEE this
** * *
Delta Tau Kappa is once
again sponsoring a Graduate
School Seminar during the fall
term. The purpose of the
seminar is to aquaint students
interested in attending graduate
school with the procedures
involved in applying to
prospective schools. All those
students interested in applying
to a graduate school should
make it a point to attend the
seminar as it is designed to help
in this regard.
The Graduate School Seminar
is to be held in the school’s
auditorium on the school’s
second floor. The program will
be held twice in order that all
interested students will have an
opportunity to attend this very
helpful program. The seminar
will be held on November 13,
1973 during the 3rd period
(10:50 p.m. til noon) and again
on November 15, 1973 during
the 4th period (12:15 p.m. til
1:30 p.m.). The tentative
schedule for the program is as
follows: Marian Krieger and Ed
Beck will speak on the
procedures to follow and how to
apply to a graduate school; Peg
O’Hara will talk about how to
obtain financial aid; and Dr.
James McAree will discuss
graduate exams and other related
tests important in gaining
admission to a graduate school.
A special note of thanks goes out
to Elaine Parker, DTK
Vice-President of Activities, for
her work in co-ordinating this
fine program.
Again, all students interested
in going to graduate
school-make it a point to attend
OtyaKifctfioHcU Item
the seminar-since this program
is just for you! The seminar is
open to all students and faculty
members interested in learning
more about application
procedures to graduate schools.
There is no admission to this
very useful program, and thanks
to DTK, you can learn about
some of the mysteries of
graduate school for free. Don’t
miss out; see you there!
M.H.B. 01 G.
A Pinocle tournament will be
held this term. You must register
as a pair by November 19. A fee
of 50 cents each will be used for
money prizes for first, second
and third place teams. It will
take place from Monday,
November 26 to Thursday,
November 29 at the Coffee
House. Refreshments will be
served for the players and
The new laundromat hours
were discussed with the tentative
hours set as 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Monday thru Satruday and 10
a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Sunday.
Last wash is 10 p.m and last dry
is 10:30. The cost will be 25
cents wash and 10 cents dry. It
will hopefully be open by the
middle of the month at 810 B
Also the problem of security
was discussed. Please, for your
own safety - lock windows and
doors. PLAY IT SAFE!
The third meeting of the
Institute of Traffic Engineers
took place on October 25. The
meeting was called to order by
President Gene Quinn who also
asked for a treasurer’s report
which was provided by David
Naffin. Also, topics under old
business where given by George
Baran and David Pressman.
George reported on the
buying of T-shirts and jerseys. It
was decided to place an order
using the ITE colors of blue and
white. Any member not present
at the meeting who wants to
place an order can contact
George Baran at 815 A Weaver
Dave Pressman, also chairman
of the program committee,
reported on the progress of
getting Mr. Roy Falcone to
speak to the ITE members. Mr.
Falcone is a graduate of Capitol
Campus and is currently working
as City Traffic Engineer
at Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
New business consisted of a
discussion about the road rally
all we need is you
The Black Student Union of Capitol Campus began another busy
and enterprising year by awarding the B.S.U. scholarships to a
number of worthy students.
Entertainment and events began this year with the Rod Rodgers
Dance Group and the B.S.U. Bake Sale. The Black Student Union is
P,m^nM° nng K a d o an s* at the Student Center starring Diamond
funk on November 9, 1973.
Sports fans can take their skates out for the B.S.U. skating oar tv
on November 29. But these are just a few of the activities planned
tor this year and all we need is you!
by Vic Pawluk
** # #
** * ♦
1.1. E.
By Elizabeth Suber
Page 3
to be held in conjunction with
the Social Committee. It was
agreed that the ITE would
provide volunteers to help.
The ITE would like to see
more junior members at future
meetings. The next meeting is on
November 15 at 815 A Weaver
Avenue. Please plan to attend.
** * *
Blood Bank
The X.G.I. fraternity will be
sponsoring a blood drive
Thursday, November 15. The
blood mobile will be located in
the front of the school from 9-5.
The X.G.I. fraternity hopes
to have at least two blood drives
this school year. All blood
donated goes into the X.G.I.
account which in turn is
available to any student, faculty
member, or employee of the
Capitol Campus, and their
immediate family.
Often times people do not
realize how costly it can be to
have a blood transfusion.
Anyone who is not covered by a
blood bank, and who needs
blood must either replace two
pints for every pint used or pay
approximately $5O a pint.
This service is performed by
the X.G.l.’s free of charge. The
only thing we ask is that those
who are able to give blood
As an added incentive to give
blood on the 15th, there will be
a 50 cent reduction on the
admission price of the Keggar on
November 16, for all those
donating blood.
Everyone’s cooperation will
be greatly appreciated.
Dave Miller
Chairman of the X.G.I.
Blood Bank
** * *
Drama Club
Casting for the Capitol
Campus Drama Club’s next
production took place on
Thursday October 25.
Two one-acts, “The Marriage
Proposal” and “The Stranger”,
were chosen by the club
members. The production dates
have not been set.
During the meeting officers
were elected. They are Phoebe
Sechler, President; Trudy Drake,
Vice President; and Eileen
Veljacic, Secretary - Treasurer.
The group will perform at the
Fair - Hop on November 8 in the
Student Center. They will do
some improvisational skits
organized by Sherri Speer.
** * *