C.C. reader. ([Middletown, Pa.]) 1973-1982, October 25, 1973, Image 5

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    The Etheral Abyss
There she is - standing in the light!
Look at her - a verdant island of beauty
in this ugly grey sea of confusion and perpetual
I must go to her - swim to her
I am dying, but my life awaits me with her,
I shall swim the sea and ford the tides to get to her
I am propelled closer
Now I can see her beautiful brown eyes:
eyes that have the look of loving innocence;
that reach to me and fill me ...
But the backtide pulls me away ....
my life ebbs....
... But returns as a desperate flounder throws me
Now I see her angelic complexion closer.
And her golden hair
of heaven itself.
A wave splashes and I can see no more
I am washed away, and I sink ....
.... For I cannot swim.
But I see her still
And now she sees me
Her face - Love
and it breathes a last wisp of life into me.
I live only for her.
The seas of confusion are murky from above,
But here, in Life-near-Death, they are crystal clear;
They are but mere ripples
of a quickly dissolving life.
And still I see her.
She is the only lasting thing life has
to offer.
And, as I die, I see the truth painted on her lips;
in the colours of words
She says: "Life is truth
only when love is your lot.
And Love I shall - now and always.
Romeo - I Love You."
But I can say nothing
in the silence of death,
Because I have frozen on my lips,
by the chill winds of indecision,
Her name.
And now I have forgotten it -
Is it Love, or is it Anne?
Go ahead, step on it.
Hurry, crush its head and
bug its eyes.
Pull the legs off
And eat it.
Littleman, Bigman,
Who really cares!
Different kinds of courage,
all of mankind shares,
its giving peace and love,
To all that mankind hates.
Its learning not to snap,
when others try to bait.
Its holding you convictions,
in face of others doubts.
Its staying in the fighters
for another bout.
Its facing up to enemies
no matter what they be.
But most of all its facing
the world of you and me.
M.L. Slygh
** * *
Romeo Trajanus
8 *
g The Social Committee Presents s
s ii
Sc€ Ute o piliK
Spirits of the Dead
Masque of the Red Death
, 1
f Student Center I
Wednesdair October 318p.m.
Contemplate nothing?
Now that's something!
Now that's someTHING!
Now THAT'S something!
Now that's something else!
Else what?
Else I'll kill you.
Else you won't.
Wise I will.
Else you won't.
Else I might.
Else you won't.
Else I could.
Else you wouldn't.
Else why don't you?
Else why else?
BANG! You're dead!
Oh no, I'm dead!
You bet you are.
I bet you are.
You bet I am.
I bet I am too.
You are not.
You are so,
Sez who?
Sez me.
Sez you?
Who's me?
OH, sez you.
OH me, sez you.
OH pen, sez you.
OH pen sez me!
Oh pen sez who?
So are you!
She came storming in
Telling me she was new
Talking loud
Arms waving
Rearranging this
Substituting that
Poking in there ...
Then she left her nose here,
A flower turns into head
Eternally to the sun
Never bending to see its shadow,
#* * *
I Was a Teenage Werewolf
D. List
D. List
** * #
rflKOKty the *Do^4,
As you will remember in last week’s episode, Lars Jankowski,
famous soft-core porno star, had just finished his latest film
“Healthy, Horny and Hung” and was contemplating his future. The
recent Supreme Court ruling on obscenity was expected to deeply
cut into his acting career his mind was cluttered with doubt. Could
he return to school? Would his childhood sweetheart still be waiting
for him or had she made good her promise to enter the convent if he
continued his acting? His parents. Did they still love him? As Lars
sifted these thoughts through his brain, there was a knock at the
“Who’s there?”
“It’s me, Phoenecia.”
“Phoenecia who?”
“Phoenecia Tenderloin, you co-star. May I come in?”
Lars arose from the bed and unlocked the door. Phoenecia
entered and sat on the floor. She was beautiful. Long, red hair and
deep, liquid eyes.
“Such talent,” Lars thought. “She has brought the both of us to
such heights of stardom with her amazing talent.”
It was true. Phoenecia Tenderloin did have amazing talent. Only
two years old, she was the youngest and most promising star in the
business. Just six short weeks ago Semmie Vesicle, roving talent
scout from Thigh Productions Limited, had discovered her mosing
through overturned garbage cans in the alley behind the Jay-Mar
Hotel looking for food. But something about her caught Semmie’s
eye. He was impressed by her style and driving determination. He
could make her a star. First she would need cleaned up. The, he
would attempt the impossible - he would teach her to talk. Finally,
with the filrhing of “Healthy, Horny and Hung” only two days
away, the impossible happened. Semmie taught her to talk AND
walk upright.
The other producers would be drooling. They would recognize
Semmie’s genius. Not only had he taught an Irish Setter puppy at act
and walk upright, he had taught her TO TALK! And teamed up with
Lars Kankowski, thirteen year old acting star, Semmie Vesicle knew
he had the porno film market in his hand.
About the Author
Agamemnon O'Brien is a poet, lecturer, author and educator. His
first book of poetry, Squeezing the Rainbow - Tales of A Misspent
Youth won him not only world-wide acclaim but an Honorable
Mention at the 1952 North Korean Young People’s Poetry Festival.
As a lecturer, he has few rivals. At the 1961 Parsons College
commencement exercises, Mr. O'Brien delivered his emotional
speech, “The Bay of Pigs -- New Hope for Prostitutes” and left, as
the saying goes, ‘not a dry eye in the crowd.’ This critic was there.
This critic agrees.
However, one sees the true genius that is Agamemnon O'Brien in
his prose. A Penny for Your Thoughts: Critical Approaches to
Negative Thinking is not only factual, insightful and informative, but
laced with wit and wisdom as well. The Frozen Love, His second
book, is a touching account of an ill-fated relationship between an
Arctic Tern and a polar bear. But this new book, Among the Dogs, is
destined to secure Mr. O'Brien’s place in literary history. It is a first,
in that it is being printed in serial form in the distinguished “CC
Reader” a news and public events publication of the Capitol Campus
of the Pennsylvania State University. So whether you are a novice
Agamemnon O'Brien reader or an old fan of the master,Among the
Dogs will delight and entertain you and generations to come.
Mr. O'Brien is also Chairman of the Department of Aminal
Husbandry at Bird in Hand Junior College.
Juniors and XGFs
your voice be heard
Get out and Vote
Paul R. Eggert
Business Senator
Agamemnon O'Brien
** * *
** * *
To be continued,