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    Vol. 1 No. 5
The Reader spotlights the
innovative method of cleaning
up the halls. The clutter of
printed signs is an eyesore in the
college community. You can’t
see -the forest for the trees.
Often times, students can read a
bulletin board and not be at all
enlightened to the activities on
One finds that he can read
several bulletin boards and gain
conflicting and useless
knowledge. There are several
areas that list or attempt to list
the campus activities and they
give all a half-truth.
One example is the time
listed for the past Saturday’s
soccer match. The C.C. Calendar
of Events printed the time for
2:00 in the afternoon. The
Activities calendar and the Hot
Line had it printed as 8:00 in
the evening.
The bulletin board in the hall
if the main stair case is the major
area of complaint. Material was
hanging that had been dated for
months. The i layers of paper
manifested the thoughtless
hanging of signs. No one cared
what was underneath as long as
their sign was on top.
The Reader congratulates the
mysterious marauder for doing
everyone a favor - cleaning up
the school. The Reader fears
that his work was in vain and has
the following suggestions.
First, a coherent system of
gathering the information on
ALL activities should be
delegated to one office. The
Student Activities Office is the
logical choice. This information
should be posted in one area.
This listing should be completed
and not a half-truth.
Secondly, the printed signs
announcing club meetings
should not be used. The signs are
ugly to begin with and are
ineffective. The clubs should
depend on the single activity
calendar and work with the
publicity co-ordinators if they
need additional publicity.
Thirdly, the suggested area
for posting the information is
the canvass boards by the front
doors. They are easily accessible
to the student body and a visitor
can find what is going on in the
school without having to read
every scrap of paper on the walls
of the building.
Lastly, there is a paper
shortage. The massive practice of
wasting paper at Capitol is
abominable. It should be
stopped. The Reader is taking
steps itself to cut down on
newsprint. We hope the
mysterious marauder has taught
the school a lesson. Maybe we
can work together to keep the
clutter out of the halls and to
get a more efficient method of
announcing campus happenings.
** * *
by Bill Matthews
As many of you may know
deferred tuition this fall was a
little more painful than it had
been in the past. The reason
being, the tight budget situation
at University Park.
This winter term it will get
worse, (according to John
Taylor, the finance officer). So
you should be prepared in that
you may not be able to defer
tuition at ALL. Watch for all
publications concerning tuition
payments in the near future. It
could have an adverse effect on
** * *
The position of publicity
coordinator has been filled by
not one but two extremely
capable students. They are Bill
Fleisher and Wanda Burkholder.
A mailbox has been established
for these people in the S.G.A.
office (W-104). All organization
publicity (other than posters)
will channel through the
publicity coordinators.
The publicity coordinators
will be responsible for getting
releases and announcements in
the monthly calender, The
Weekly Hot Lion, the school
newspaper, the C.C. Reader, and
on campus radio, WZAP. You,
the organizations, are
responsible for getting all the
correct information to the
publicity coordinators.
Releases will have to be
submitted to the publicity
coordinators as far in advance of
printing deadlines as possible.
Deadlines are as follows:
1. Monthly Calender - 15th of
by Bob Hetzel
The Student Government
Associations elections being held
today in Vendorville from 8 to 5
p.m. will see a dramatic shift in
the political life in this
community. In years past the
Social Science Department has
provided the largest number of
Senatorial candidates with the
Business Department coming in
second. A look at the ballot for
this fall election will show the
Business Department to be
offering the most candidates, (6)
while the once active Social
Science Deparment will have
nothing to select from; save
write-ins! The Humanities
Department seat will also be
open for write-ins. One
candidate each will be offered
by the Elementary Education,
Math / Science, and Engineering
Departments. The names that
will appear on the ballot, by
Department, are as follows:
David Amistadi
Paul Eggert
Brian English
David Nicholas
Thomas Osieki
Phillip Zimmerman
(Write in)
Nancy Wilt
(Write in)
Marijuana Smokers
The House of Delegates of
the American Bar Association by
a substantial majority vote (122
to 70) called today for an end to
criminal penalties for marijuana
The adopted resolution reads
of the tendency to punish those
who merely experiment with the
use of small quanities of
marijuana and to apply too
serious penalties to them, rather
than to concentrate on detecting
and punishing sellers of the drug,
there should be no criminal laws
punishing the simple possession
of marijuna by users.
The House of Delegates also
adopted a resolution favoring
the month preceding the event.
2. Weekly Hot Lion
preceding Tuesday, 4:00 p.m.
(Printed & out on Wed.)
3. Newspaper - C.C. Reader -
Thursday, 9:00 p.m. (Out on
4. Yearbook
Printing deadlines will call for
advance planning on the part of
each organization.
Reservations for any campus
facility must be made one (1)
week in advance, by the
requesting organization,
classroom reservations are to be
made with the Records Office.
(101). All others through the
Office of Student Affairs
Requests for posters must
also be made through the Office
of Student Affairs at least one
week in advance.
Adherence to these deadlines
by all will increase the success of
student sponsored events.
(Skip) Eugene Laratonda
(Write in)
Neil Makin
(Write in)
The voting rules in this
election allow 2 votes to be cast
by each student. (Both Junior
and Seniors may vote as
provided for in Article XII
Section 3 of the SGA
Constitution.) One of the votes
must be cast for a candidate in
the voters respective Department
while the second may be used at
the voters discression. The
Junior and Seniors voting will
also have a vote to cast for or
against proposed Constitutional
revisions. It should be pointed
out that the proposed revisions,
if approved by a sufficient
number of the student body,
will clear up a good number of
ambiguities in the present
Constitution. I urge all students
to approve the revisions in the
Constitution and to cast their
vote for ' their Senatorial
candidate. A vote, in a broad
sense, is a statement that you
give a damn about this
community. Do you?
take Note
the decriminalization of
non-profit casual transfers of
Cecil Poole, delegate of the
Section of Individual Rights and
Responsibilities, introduced the
measure. Among those speaking
in favor of the proposal were:
Whitney North Seymour, Sr.,
Con’t, page 2
October 2 5,1973
as soon as
** * *
** * *
Dance Company
to perform here
The Rod Rodgers Dance
Company will be performing at
Capitol Campus on Monday
evening, October 29, at 8 p.m. in
the Student Center. Mr. Rodgers
will perform one of his recent
works “Box” which has received
wide acclaim. The “Box” is a
duet for two men in isolation,
one behind bars and the other
trapped by a bond of social
attitudes and customs. Other
works to be presented are
Tangents, Shout, To Say
Goodbye, Work Out, Feline
Feeling, and Rhythm Rituals.
The company has a unique
repertoire of works which
emcompasses rhythmic plays of
live percussion, sensuous pure
movement patterns, dance,
drama and surrealistic media
collages which gain inspiration
from the images and
undercurrents of the present
The company has appeared at
numerous colleges and
universities in the United States
and Canada as well as Black
Final date for N.T.E.
8:00 - 5:00 SGA Elections
7:30 - 9:00 Martial Arts at the Ath. Bldg.
9:00 Bowling at Middletown Lanes
7:301.T.E. Meeting at 815 A Weaver Ave.
9:00 - ? Crosswalk ! at Peoples’ Park in Meade Heights
2:30 Protestant Workshop at the Student Center
3:45 Mass at the Student Center
All Day Bake Sale in Vendorville Sponsored by B.S.U
6:30 Head Shop
6:30 SGA
8:p0 Photo Club
8:00 Rod Rodger Dance Co. at the Student Center
9p.m. - la.m. Halloween Dance
7:00 M.H.8.0.G. meeting - Middle Earth
7:30 Slimnastics at Ath. Bldg.
6:30 Bible Study Middle Earth
8:00 p.m. Halloween Parade = Middle Earth
7:00 Drug Counseling Workshop
7:00 R.A. Meeting at Middle Earth Coffee House
9:00 Bowling at Middletown Lanes
12:00 noon - Chess in Gallery/Lounge.
Page 1
cultural festivals, also the New
York City Delacarte Theatre
Summer Dance Festival, City
Center for Music and Drama, the
A.N.T.A. Theatre, Lincoln
Center for the Performing Arts
and numerous other theatres and
houses both on and off
Mr. Rodgers began staging
works for, and performing in
concert situations through his
affiliation with the Detroit All
City Concert Dance Company,
Wayne State University and
Eastern Michigan University. He
has established himself as one of
today’s most provocative
choreographers. He was the
recipient of a 1965-66 John Hay
Whitney Fellowship and a
1970-71 Choregraphers’ grant
from the National Endowment
for the Arts. The Rod Rodgers
Dance Company has received
grants from the New York State
Council on the Arts, the
National Endowment for the
Arts and New Detroit, Inc.
** * *