C.C. reader. ([Middletown, Pa.]) 1973-1982, October 11, 1973, Image 4

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    Each week I hope to publish in the C.C. Reader, a favorite recipe
that is a product of a muchie raid in the kitchen. A prerequisite for
these recipes are their succulent and tantalizing affect that they have
on your taste buds. These recipes are designed to take into account
those of you whose skills are limited when it comes to culinary feats.
This week’s tasty tid-bit is Peanut Butter Cookies. The ingredients
V 4 cup fat (like butter, margarine or shortening)
Vi cup peanut butter (for those of you who are peanut butter
freaks try using crunchy style peanut butter - it adds
a dimension to the final product)
Vi cup white sugar
Vi cup brown sugar
1 egg (if you use small sized eggs add a few drops of milk)
IV4 cups of all purpose flour (sifted, but if you’re lazy
it’s not all that necessary)
3 A teaspoon soda (that’s baking not club)
Vi teaspoon baking powder
'A teaspoon salt
a few drops of lemon juice (optional, but it adds to the taste)
Now that you’ve gotten all that together, here’s what you do with
1. cream fat and peanut butter together
2. cream in sugars
3. sift in flour and powders and mix thoroughly
4. add well beaten egg while mixing
5. now get your hands into it and roll the dough into the
size of big marbles or small ping-pong balls
6. place on cookie sheet and flatten with fork so you have a
crisscross pattern
7. bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes
8. remove from sheet as soon as cookies are taken from the oven.
This should yield about 2V4 dozen cookies.
When using campus ovens you may have to adjust the time of
baking. A test of their readiness is when removed from cookie sheet
they should not crumble.
If anyone has a Munchie recipe they would like to share please
submit it to the C.C. Reader office W-104.
by c. toder
** * *
A young bird descends in search for
Seed and finding none
Departs far in search of rewards
He knows he must diligently
Seek what he truly desires
For it is not seeking him
To not search is to weather the
Spirit and condemn it to
Eternal blackness.
** * *
The Adventures of Komet Kommander Kap
and his Saturn Sweets (ou-la-la)
As you remember from last week we had left Kap in the midst of
a most horrifying encounter with a...
“Strata Space Controll”...Scratch...“to Komet Kommander, do
you read me?”...Beep. “Strata Space”...Scratch...“to Komet
Kommander,” Crackle...Crackle...“read me?”
“Custard!” Beep...“ This is Komet Kommander here”...Scratch.
“Alert! You’re being ordered”...Snap...“Back to Earth, Pronto!”
“What’s the problem, S.S.C.?”
“Come on”...Snap...“Down”...Scratch...
‘‘What’s that’’. ..Crackle...Scratch...?
Beep...Cackle...Cackle...“Strata Space”...Beep...“Control?” “Space
Control?” Scratch...Crack...Beep...“SPACE CONTROL?”
Beep...“SPAC”...,...“spacecontrol?” Hummmmmmmmmmmmm...
“Check all auxiliary power!!” The order was directed to Sweet
No. 2, a brunette with a big pair of planets. “Aye Sir.”
“Check Direct Laser Transmitter!”
“No response, sir.”
“Try turning your stereo down No. 3!”
The control room that was now buzzing began to stink of sweat
as a tiny voice shreicked, “OH!”
“What’s that No. 4?” “No. 4.”
Just then No. 3 dashed to No. 4’s station and quickly took the
“No. 3, what is it?” “No. 3?”
“Sir, the screen is blank.”
“Blank?” “Try auxiliary power button.”
“But main power button is working, Sir, and a perfect read out.”
“Sir the screen is blank, but I can see an image. Sir, the
She screamed, then fainted. Kap ran to her aid. He quickly seized
the controls and examined the screen. Suddenly, to his amazement,
he saw his whole life being shown to him..on the screen.
From the moment he was taken from the test tube to the time he
was in cadet school, drinking space beer and squeezing pimples. Even
the time he broke a mirror with one of those deadly projectiles
launched ever so carefully from his sweaty face.
It was all there; graduation, capsule camp, space survey, and
even his promotion from Lunar Lieutenant to Komet Kommander.
Phase Out.
It was just another day in space except for the meteorite storm.
Tink...Tap...Thid...Bic...Bac...Tat. Meteorites engulfed the space
station in noise.
“Lunar Lieutenant Kap, with the power invested in me...” Kap
began to spacedream of his days on Earth and how funny it was
breaking his mirror at cadet school. All the cadets had laughed at
such a sight and no one could put the sad mirror together again. It
reminded him of his first encounter with a Saturn Sweet back in
space survey. She was a goddess.
Next week: Kap meets a Saturn Sweet and goes too far.
Starring - Komet Kommander and his crew of shortcomings with
special guest star - Saturn Sweet No. 1 (ou-la-la).