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Groucho, Harpo, Chico
and sometimes Zeppo
University Park, Pa. A
fascination with film comedians
dating back to his early
childhood led Joseph Adamson,
assistant professor of theatre arts
at The Pennsylvania State
University, to write his master’s
thesis on the Marx Brothers.
The thesis, done at the
University of California at Los
Angeles, now has been published
with little revision by Simon and
Schuster, titled, “Groucho,
Harpo, Chico, and Sometimes
“I had my first movie
projector at age five,” Adamson
said, “and from then on I was
hooked on the great
Pursuing his interest, he
discovered the lack of
comprehensive work on the
Marx Brothers, although books
were available on Chaplin,
Keaton, and all the other greats,
he explained.
Reviewed by Variety as “the
best with the most by all odds”
and as “enough laughs to last at
least through the winter” by
New York magazine, the
464-page book with 80
illustrations was accepted for
publication less than a week
after it was submitted to an
Through interviews with
scriptwriters and other
collaborators, and with
cooperation from Harpo’s
family, Adamson obtained a
Mr. Paul • Heres your chance
A new portable kit to collect
scene-of-the-crime evidence as to
who has fired a gun has been
developed by a nuclear chemist
at The Pennsylvania State
Working in cooperation with
the Pennsylvania State Police,
Dr. K. K. S. Pillay has perfected
a “film lift" method that can
make gunpowder residue as
detectable as grease.
“The kit, which is small and
can easily be carried by any
officer, would permit
identification of possible
suspects before the evidence can
be washed off or worn away,”
says Dr. Pillay.
“We can now distinguish,”
says Dr. Pillay, “the hand that
pulled the trigger from a hand
that only held the weapon after
it was discharged.
“In fact, we can even
determine, from gunpowder
residue on the skin, clothing,
etc., whether a person was
merely in a room where a gun
was fired.”
It also promises better
protection for the innocent.
Dr. Pillay, a research associate
in nuclear engineering at Penn
State, developed the kit to
extend the usefulness of a
technique known as neutron
activation analysis.
In use since 1965 by the FBI,
Treasury agents, and others, its
practice has required methods
too cumbersome and
sophisticated to permit
satisfactory collection of
samples in many field situations.
wealth of previously
unpublished material and
photographs. His research
entailed a lot of legwork, he
said, taking him to Wisconsin to
read one script and to the files
of the New York and Los
Angeles Times. George Seaton,
one of the team’s screenwriters
and Adamson’s “great
benefactor,” told the young
author where he could find old
movie scripts and opened many
doors for further investigation.
Groucho, although more
interested in current affairs such
as Women’s Lib and Watergate,
condoned the project, saying he
felt the Marx Brothers must be
the subject of nearly as many
publications as Abraham
Lincoln, Adamson recalled.
Commenting on the surprise
of modern Marx Brother’s fans
when they Jeam the famous trio
worked from scripts, Adamson
said the scripts are sepecially
interesting when compared with
the actual spoken lines of the
films. Groucho, bored with lines
often repeated in rehearsal,
changed his lines frequently, the
author explained, and the
recognition of these alterations
of the original script give insight
into the considerable comedy
sense of the artist.
Adamson, beginning his
fourth year at Penn State, grew
up near Philadelphia and is a
graduate of Abington High
School. He received his
bachelor’s degree in theatre arts
and his master’s degree in film
history from UCLA.
** * *
In the Pillay methods, for
which a patent application is
pending, the officer simply
applies a thin film of
exceptionally pure liquid
cellulose to the suspect’s hands.
The film hardens in two to
three minutes and can be peeled
off intact, carrying with it
minute traces of any substance
on the hand.
By subjecting the sample to
neutron activation four elements
associated with gunpowder can
be positively identified, both as
to presence and amount. There
are barium, antimony, copper
and gold. Under neutron
bombardment they become
radioactive and give off a highly
specific “fingerprint.”
This, combined with chemical
assay techniques also developed
by Dr. Pillay, permits a high
degree of precision in identifying
and measuring the critical
At the moment, however,
samples collected by the State
Police are brought to the Penn
State reactor at University Park,
where they are irradiated with
In time, says Dr. Pillay, the
wider availability of neutron
sources should make it possible
for any police laboratory to
conduct the entire analysis in its
own facilities.
Associated in the project,
supported by the Governor’s
Justice Commission, are Dr.
William A. Jester, associate
professor of nuclear engineering
at Penn State and Harry A. Fox
111, criminologist at the State
Police Crime Laboratory.
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Last Thursday, Dr. Lear’s So.
Sc. (331 Social Movements) class
was fortunate to have guest
speaker, Ms. Pat Quann and her
colleague Ms. Sharon Smith. The
discussion dealt with Women’s
Lib and equal rights for women.
Ms. Quann is a member of the
Women’s Political Caucus and
Harrisburg Women’s Rights.
The lecture was both
enlightening and enjoyable. Ms.
Quann started at the origins of
sexism and gave a history of the
Women’s movement up until
present times. After the lecture
she entertained numerous
questions from the audience.
Santa Cruz, California. “Jobs
for young people 18 to 29 are
now available in Europe any
time of the year” said Dr. F. X.
Gordon, President of Princeton
Research, at an interview with
Stanford University and Palo
Alto High School students.
In the past 13 years we have
found jobs in Europe for 10,
823 young people. Three
thousand (3,000) jobs are now
available anytime of the year -
Winter, Spring, Summer and
“The European Common
Market unemployment rate is 50
per cent less than that of the
United States. Job availability
forcasts for 1974 High School
and College graduates in the
United States are not so rosy.
There are more young people
entering the job seeking market
ALL . ro
miwp you-
Any interested women
wishing to either join or initiate a
chapter on campus is asked to
Women’s Center
Fourth and Walnut Streets
Harrisburg, Pa.
During the course of the term
Dr. Lear is planning to have
guest speakers at least once a
week (Thursdays usually).
On October 11, sth period in
room E 338, there will be a guest
speaker to discuss Public
Television. Visitors are cordially
(some 1,300,000 per year) than
there are suitable jobs.
These guaranteed salaried
jobs are mostly for trainees
(general help) as stewardesses
and stewards on trains, with
large Ist class hotels, restaurants,
supermarkets, department
stores, etc. in Switzerland,
England and Belgium. Most of
die jobs include room and board
in addition to local salary.
Friends can work together, or
near each other, if they apply
For free details: send a
stamped self-addressed (business
size) envelope to: Jobs Europe,
2350 Bean Creek Road, Santa
Cruz, California 95060.
** * *