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    A new Course
Center stage - a new and
exciting course directed by Dr.
John Patterson.
The course is American
Studies 4988 alias American
Popular Theater. Dr. Patterson
promises a lot of work, but also
a very exciting and interesting
study focusing on a production
of a single 19th century play.
It’s conceived as, “An
experimental effort in American
Studies and not primarily as a
course in theater history or
The class will meet during
two double class periods per
week. It will consist of lectures,
rehearsals, and seminars. The
play chosen by Dr. Patterson is
entitled, “The Spy of Atlanta, a
Grand Military Allegory in Six
Acts.” It was written by A. D.
Ames and C. G. Bartley in 1875.
The class will also concern itself
with the evolution of American
attitudes during the 19th and
20th centuries.
Dr. Patterson hopes he can
find students as enthusiastic as
he is to approach the study of
the American personality with a
slightly different approach.
** * *
A Tip
of the
Hat to Peg
Last May the newspaper ran a
“Name the Capitolist Contest.”
No one seemed very interested
and the contest along with the
paper were going down the
All summer long the new
editors thought and thought,
trying to come up with a
suitable name for its tired paper.
A name that would carry on a
tradition of responsible contact
with the real world as well as
cement the ties between
students and faculty and this
fine institution of higher
A name without those
childish endings such as “ist” or
“ite.” A name that would send
Ben Franklin turning in his grave
or Clark Kent up a wall.
Well, it happened (a new
name that is). And it has come
to us through a clairvoyant and
slightly intoxicated little blonde
named Peggy Furey.
What’s in a name - right Peg?
She is the grand prize winner
of a trip to anywhere she can go
with the five dollars we are
giving her.
Thanx for the name, Peg and
we hope to hear from you when
you return from your wonderful
** * *
Tom Ewing Art Exhibit
September 23
October 11
Highlights from Saint Joan
“Saint Joan,” one of the
world’s most inspiring dramas of
a woman’s faith and the price
she was willing to pay for her
beliefs, will be presented by the
Alpha-Omega Players on
Tuesday, October 2 at 2 p.m. on
the lawn in the rear of the main
building, (in the event of rain it
will take place in the
Auditorium). No Charge!
Written by George Bernard
Shaw, “Saint Joan” tells the
stirring story of a peasant girl
who was led to great heights by
God’s commands and ultimately
was led to the stake by those she
Shaw said of her, “There are
only two opinions about her:
One that she was miraculous and
the other that she was
unbearable. She asserted herself
with such force that she was
famous throughout Western
Europe before she was out of
her teens. It is hardly suprising
that she was burnt for
Susan Coleman
Robert Smith
September 26,1973
unwomanly and insufferable
The Alpha-Omega Players,
the nation’s most active
repertory theater headquartered
in Dallas, Texas, which has
achieved international fame for
its dramatic presentations, will
offer a special adaptation of the
Shaw play patterned to today’s
In addition to her inspiring
personal portrayal, Joan will be
seen in moving moments with
Captain Dunois of the French
forces, the sympathetic but
militant churchman Ladvenue,
the whimpering Dauphin, and
the Archbishop of Rheims.
This fast-moving presentation
of the effectively staged
highlights of “Saint Joan” is the
work of Drexel H. Riley,
executive producer of the
Alpha-Omega Players, who also
serves as the director.
The Plavers
Karl Heist
Mary Ourall
** * *
The Counselors of the Counseling Center, Marian Krieger and Ed
Beck, would like to welcome all new students, as well as returning
students to Capitol Campus, by extending an informal invitation for
you to drop by at your leisure. The Counseling Center is a place
where you can come to talk over any personal, educational or
vocational concerns that you may have. In addition there is a fine
informational library where you can borrow and peruse through
Graduate and Professional School catalogues, as well as pick up
registration forms and study guides for the Graduate Record
Examinations, Law School Admissions Tests, Graduate Business
Admissions Test, National Teachers Examination and the Miller
Analogies Tests. Our Services are further explained in a Counseling
Center brochure which you should have received by mail this
summer. If you have any questions or would just like to say “hello”
please stop into our office in W-l 17 next to the Gallery Lounge.
Some information which may be of concern to you right now
regarding graduate and professional school admissions tests listed
below. We will also continue to keep you posted on important test
dates and deadlines for graduate admissions tests throughout the
year by way of the student newspaper and the Hot Lion.
Again we look forward to meeting our new students and we
welcome back our returning students.
If you are interested or contemplating taking the LAW SCHOOL
ADMISSIONS TEST (LSAT’S) on the October 20, 1973 testing
date, your registration form must be received by the Educational
Testing Service No Later Than September 28, 1973.
Registration forms are available from the Counseling Center,
Other Fall Testing dates to keep in mind are
Test Date
Graduate Record Oct. 27th
Examinations (GRE’S) Dec. Bth
Admission Test for
Graduate Study In
Business (ATGSB)
Law School Admissions Dec. 15th Nov 23 rd
Test (LSAT’S) ° ‘
National Teacher’s
Examination (NTE’S)
Registration forms and more detailed information are available
from the Counseling Center.
Miller Analogies Tests (MAT’s) are administered in the Counseling
Center by appointment throughout the school year.
The Social Committee Presents
A Charlie Chan
Film Spectacular
Thursday, September 27
Bpm in the Auditorium
Summer of ’42
Tuesday, October 2
Bpm in the Auditorium
& & o-£ £ve*U&
MONDAY, SEPT. 24 -- Registration for Seniors.
TUESDAY, SEPT. 25 -- Registration for new students. Entry
deadline for Bowling Leagues.
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 26 -Classes begin.
THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 - Charlie Chan Film Festival, 8 p.m
FRIDAY, SEPT. 28 - Registration forms due for Law School
Admissions Test.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 1 - S.G.A. Meeting in Gallery Lounge
6:30 p.m. Candlelight Dinner in Dining Hall. Till Oct. 16 Football
Registration at Rec/Ath Building.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2-7:30 p.m (every Tues.) Slimnastics in
Rec/Ath Building. 8:00 p.m. “Summer of ‘42’ in the Auditorium.
2:00 p.m. Alpha-Omega Players present “St. Joan.”
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5 - Last Day to add course.
Closing Date
Oct. 2nd.
Nov. 13th
Nov. 3rd. oct. 12th
Nov. 10th oct. 18 th
** * *
- Soccer Game - York vs. Capitol at
- Sleep late, go to church, or get high.
Marian and Ed
Closing Date
Oct. 9th
Nov. 20th
Oct. 25th