C.C. reader. ([Middletown, Pa.]) 1973-1982, June 16, 1973, Image 2

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    Hello, Goodbye, Hello
undergraduates end a two
year tour of duty at Capitol
Campus and are now at'the
doorstep of the real world.
Some of us wish our reign
at Capitol not to be ending,
but to begin anew. Some of
us have mixed feelings;
sorry to be leaving friends
and good teachers but in no
way missing the physical
campus and the
administrative bureaucracy.
Still, for others, two years
at Capitol was like two
years in the military;
something one would not
like to experience again.
Accordingly, this school meant different things to
different people. For those looking for a small college with
small classes and personable professors, this place was a
gold mine. But for those desiring a comprehensive course
load in a specialized area, such as broadcast journalism,
Capitol was not the place for them.
Students looking for a new experience in housing were
enthralled by Meade Heights and its comfortable living at a
respectable price. But many students not fortunate
enough. to get into the Heights had to settle for Dorms
and put up with the S.O.S. at ridiculous prices.
For those who had no time for many outside activities
because of a heavy study load, there were not many
distractions, excepting bursts from firecrackers. But for
those who came here looking for an exciting social life
were soon bored to tears or started climbing the walls. The
male-female ratio was in bad shape and the guys made it a
point to either cruise the nurses dorms at Polyclinic
Hospital in the big city or to make an excursion home on
the weekends.
Capitol enrollees who enjoy participating in intramural
*sp,<Ys found gft.abundance of such programs here all-year
long, excluding the summer term. But hose who wished to
compete in a full-fledged varsity program had another
thing coming. Basketball was the sole varsity sport and the
players had to supply much of their own personal
To the credit of most of our graduates, we put up with
subtle administrative hassles and as the confiscation of pets
and long registration lines and got through two years
without much difficulty.
I‘m sure the overwhelming majority of us have enjoyed
at least one aspect of life at Capitol. In that respect, it all
seems worthwhile, even though many of us do not have
jobs in the offing; a regression to high school graduation.
For myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed my two year
stint here; I think I am a better man for it. Now it is off to
the depths of the American South for a foray to more
education at the chagrin of certain parties.
I wish y‘all the best of luck
** * *
The Capitolist now presents
its Second Annual Dubious
Achievement Awards to
deserving individuals. Since it is
the last issue for the editor, he
can cut his adversaries to shreds
and escape untouched. Really,
though, the following are not
personal attacks on those related
to the Capitol Community, but
rather a means of humanizing
them in a humorous manner.
The “Those Girls in that
House” award goes to Issan,
Nunda and Claudia.
The “Hot Lovers” award is
conveyed to John & Stuckey,
Steve and Rose, Don and Janet
and John and Gail and Sam and
Sue and ....
The “Pm so Short that Pd
Fall Off a Piece of Toilet Paper
and Break My Leg” award goes
to Hickey Mickey.
The “Edith Wood Reading
Excellence” award is presented
to Marc.
The “Sticky Fingers” award
for ripping off campus property
goes to Nunzio’s Raiders and
James L.
The “Great Doctor” award
goes to Pete for his fantastic
diagnosis for Fred.
The “Get Your Head
Together” award goes to Dave
The “Herbert Hoover
Leadership” and “Balsa Wood
Gavel” awards are conveyed
upon Mike D.
The “Super Space Kadett”
awards go to Pauncho, Sue-Sue,
and Elyse.
The “Much Needed
Companion” award goes to
The “Moderate of the Year”
awards are presented to Rob
Bresler and ' Herb Eisenstein.
The “Skein-Breaker” and
“Hard Working Teacher” awards
go to Tom Knight.
The “Pm Lost in the London
Fog” award goes to Provost
The “Capitolist Supporters”
award goes to Sam, Rich,
Carmella, Irene and Kathy.
The “Machine-gun Mouth”
award is presented to Lem
The “Elmer Gantry” award
for his powerful oration goes
this year to Bob Simko. Last
year’s winner was Ed Lear.
The “Good Music” award, for
the umpteenth time, goes to
Ron Snyder. (Award formally
was called “I’ll give it an 85
because it has a good beat and is
easy to dance to.”)
The “Rainmaker” award goes
to Music/Arts coordinators Don
Snyder, Paul Mirabile, Mike
Leasher and Dan Perini..
The “Hey Look Ma-I’m an
Administrator” award goes to
George Dressier.
The “Mystery Man” award is
conveyed upon Dick Heindel.
The “Big E” award goes to
Judie, Sue, Barb, and Bonnie, as
well as Benita and Rona.
Bob Bonaker
The “High Commissioner”
award goes to Crazy John.
And finally, Mr. Paul gets the
“Best Dressed for his job”
award, for obvious reasons.
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The recent Music/Arts Festival
was a drive toward a new
direction of campus
social/cultural events.
This has been merely an
overview of what we have done
together, united in our effort to
make and keep our campus, a
viable, personal,
campus/community where each
constituent (student, faculty and
administration member) respects
the rights of each other and
interact in a spirit of friendship
and goodwill.
Best wishes to you as you
graduate or continue your
** * #
My Stake
in Life
I look at my two years at
Penn State like going to a fine
After looking over the menu
carefully, I ordered the best
steak they had. I was asked
“How do you like your steak;
rare, medium rare, well done?”
When I came to Penn State
two years ago, I had looked over
the menu (curriculum). With the
help of my advisor and the
admissions office, I made my
own decision. I came a “rare-in”
to go- and then I had second
thoughts. I didn’t want to leave
Penn State as though I knew
everything. True, I would be
turning over a new leaf (two
years at a community college); I
would begin again to learn some
more. Yet, somehow I just
couldn’t see that getting my
degree was the end product.
Well-burnt, so to speak. I made
up my mind. I would place my
steak in order -- medium rare.
I am happy for this delicate
decision. Most self-actualizing
people are rare, and not a few
proud people are well done. I
enjoyed being medium rare. I
place my stake in this.
To me, the teachers were just
a pinch of sweet garlic (very
needful) and the books I needed
to read - the hot gravy.
I used a knife to trim off the
fat ( what I really didn’t need
here) and I are the food of
knowledge. This is did enjoy. I
used a fork as well, for this is a
rare tool of education. Don’t
ever eat without it,your fingers
will get sticky.
Medium rare, I said because
there was much undone. I need
to go into the world (our
community) and share myself
with others - those rare people
and even those well done. We
can eat and work together. I
received my diploma (food bill)
and I left (Penn State) leaving a
“Keep your door open; let all
come in -- an let them decide.”
I picked up a toothpick, and I
picked my tooth ( it still beeds
cleaning) and I left. It was an
enjoyable meal. Thanks to all
the chefs, (teachers).
Brother Anthony F.Rifkin
** * *
Once grads -
Charlie Holeczy
Upon graduating, each
student is given a free year
membership to the Alumni
Association. The Capitol
Campus Alumni Association is
an active organization which
helps to bridge the gap between
college life and life in the
outside world. Most of its
activities involve large groups of
people and they have had a great
response in the past.
a meeting and
Farewell to all
On behalf of your Student
Government Association, may I
extend a sincere appreciation to
all of you (Students, faculty and
administration) who have
actively participated in making
and keeping our campus the
viable community it has been.
Through our efforts, and with
the help and support of others,
we most assuredly began to take
“New Directions” for Capitol
There have been so many
individuals who have
contributed in developing,
initiating and implementing a
myriad of academic, social and
cultural concerns for all campus
members. Through a sustained
dedication and care, many have
A 'Capitolist'
As an interested reader and
concerned student, I would like
to express my “thanks” to the
editor and staff of the Capitolist.
With all of the criticism the
Capitolist has received (some of
it being just), I think it is about
time that some of the students
voice their appreciation of the
dedicated and difficult job of
running the Capitolist.
As a graduating senior, I wish
the entire staff of the Capitolist
“good luck” and “thanks” for
the services you performed
which made my stay at Capitol a
little more pleasant.
Frank Parker
** * *
If X6U
are interested
I have noted that you have
published in the June 7 issue of
the Capitolist a letter to the
editor titled “The Games People
Play” by the Brothers of Chi
Gamma lota.
Are the really sincere about
their questions, “Is there
something we don’t know?:: I
have discussed this situation very
openly with both Mike Dini and
Bill Matthews, as well as with
other students who have
If the Brothers of the Chi
Gamma lota are so interested in
finding the truth in this
situation, who don’t they come
to discuss it with me?
Daniel M. Poore
Division Head
Administration apd
** * *
Special thanks
Special Thanks to the
Campus/Community Services
Elyse Paul - chairwoman,
Marilyn Levin, Aaron Spicher,
Bonnie McSweeney, Barbara
B ianconi, Steven Levy, William
Matthews, Michael Dini and Rita
** * *
now alumni
expressed a desire to step up
its yearly activities. They want
to sponsor a family picnic at
Pinchot Park in York County
sometime this summer.
Looking into the possibility
of co-sponsoring a Penn State
Gym Meet, The Alumni
Association is seeking out help
from a surrounding area Penn
State Alumni Association. The
meet would be held in
the Harrisburg Farm Show
** * *
contributed inumerable hours to
better the status of students and
the campus/community
programs we have supported.
The time involved, I am sure, has
been one of the most rewarding
experiences of our lives.
As I complete a year as your
Student Government
Association President, and as we
(The Class of ‘73) complete two
exciting and rewarding years at
Capitol, may I wish you health,
happiness, prosperity and long
Together, we have made a
Best wishes to you all!
Mike Dini, President
Student Government