C.C. reader. ([Middletown, Pa.]) 1973-1982, May 24, 1973, Image 3

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    Ed. Note:
Student Government Association on Tuesday night concerning the reintroduction
of the $7.50 parking fee. An explanation of the re-elevation of the $7.50 fee
appears on page one of this issue. This insert has been prepared because the
emergency meeting took place after The Capitolist went to press.
The SGA, at a meeting on 22, passel a resolution calling for all
students of this campus to participate in a moratorium by not parking in
the lot in the rear of the main building. The one day moratorium will take
place next Thursday, Lay 31.
The action was taken to protect the xr!.cing of the parking fee back to
$7.50. Provost Robert E. LcM_l:lilott had lowered the fee to one dollar for the
spring term only. The vatic::. c_tablishing the m=terium was introduced by Sen.
Aaron Spicher, and it passed 14-0. The SGA currently has 25 members, including
senators and executive officers.
Current EGA President Dial said 'Th2purpose b,:hind the moratorium
is to call attention to the board of trustee's n7yl the university administration
that we have an unju:lt and inequitale fee.' The fee was established for all
Clr=nwealth Cat:pus:as for a 7.7i_versal fund which is used for initial parking
lot construciton only. Capitol, rs of March 1, 1973, had a deficit in the fund
totalling approiLately $50,000. Dini also eplained, 'We have found the parking
situation at many of the Penn State c=puces to be inequitable, as many people
1 ,11 .7 $7.50 a terra to perk in a muddy lot.
Sen. Harold Zrown, who is chairman of a committee organizing the moratorium
"142 are for all students on lily 31 to avoid parking in the main
Campus rasidonts are askel to walk to school or ride bicycles. Commuters
are requested to park on Wharton Ave. near the elementary school, in the lot at
the Placement Building, in the dormitory and huade Heights areas and at the
cagineer7g lab. Ac a final recourse, comruters are asked to park in Olmsted
Plaza away from the storefronts. :acuity, even though they do not pay a parking
fee, are asked to participate in this protact."
Browr. has indicated he Lill Itscuss Capitol's moratorium with other SGA
presidents at a meeting of the Council cf Presidents of Commonwealth Campuses
at University Park on SaturJay. Y 1 said he will urge the presidents to conduct
similar action on their campuses prior to the end of the term.
The action of Capitol's SGA took place in the wake of an announcement by
iicDermott that the long di:cussed and detailed mandatory octivities fee could not
be established. i , lany senators e - 7.ore'27e. a rentim2nt that the monies that SGA
will be receiving next year w!ll 1 e _n.adernate.
In his coordinating of the moratori=, Pro - m said all measures of
publicity will be utilizei, sims and positioning a person at the
campuses entrances. E-ch person will reputedly be equipped with a soundhorn
to urge students to park !.n desi:natc areas.
Dini said he is urging all ct . u2eats to comply with the SGA in this matter.
He added the protest is a feasible rean-3 to protest rising costs in collegiate
education as tuition will be dvlnatically ri':xt year.
The following is an account of an emergency meeting of the
by R.W. Donaker