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    May 17, 1973
Bob Chaapel
Tuesday, May 1, marked the
third meeting of the Spring
Term for the Chi Gamma lota
Fraternity. Calvin Adams,
Dennis Burd, Bill Oswald, Mike
Slygh, Bruce Tawney, and
Marvin Weidner were voted in as
full members at this meeting.
Congratulations to all new
Also on the agenda was the
establishment of the Chi Gamma
lota Veterans Scholarship Fund.
The fraternity body
unanimously voted to set aside
$5OO for a veterans scholarship
to, be awarded to a needy
veteran for the 1973-74 school
year. Additional information on
the scholarship will be
Next Tuesday evening the
fraternity is sponsoring a
baseball., outing for all due
paying members. A bus will
leave 955-B Flickinger Street at
approximately 5 p.m., on
Tuesday, May 22. The Brothers
will then be chauffeured to
Veterans Stadium in Philly,
where they will watch those red
hot Phillies take on the Pirates.
The frat treasury will foot the
bill for the bus, box seat tickets,
chow, and maybe even a few
On the national scene,
Senator George McGovern,
contending that tight-fisted
administration policies have
made Vietnam Era Veterans
"prisoners of peace," last week
introducted five bills to improve
the lot of the three million men
who served in the Vietnam War.
"There is a discordant note
amid the cheers and accolades
You can't turn your mind off when your body wants
to quit;
You don't realise when two enigmas won't quite fit;
You never understand when someone limits your effects;
You won't agree with those who say you're minus all
But you know in your head
All your living is dead,
And your lies can hide but never will assuage
All the pain you absorb
Living deep in an orb
Of the concrete of the bruises of your age.
You will love a person who has nothing to return;
Yon,' have lit the fire that all sanity will burn;
Yoti can lead yourself around with chains of solid gold;
You must feel the agony of quickly growing old;
You are buying water that's beside the river sold.
But you feel in your mind
That yourself you will find
In the objects that you use to hide away
All the pain that you feel
When you think nothing real
Can expose you to the brilliance of the day --
Always looking for another place to play.
You will love a perion with no feeling to return
Regional planning course
holds 'city design' forum
An open forum on "The
Design of Cities" is being held in
conjunction with an advanced
regional planning course at
Capitol Campus. The forum will
be held Thursday, May 17, from
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in Room
E-335 of the Main Building and
is part of the countinued public
service offered by the
Featured speaker for the
forum will be William Keisling,
executive director of the Greater
Harrisburg Movement. He will
discuss "The Harristown
Concept - Its Significance and
Impact for Harrisburg."
Harristown is one of a
number of surrounding planning
problems being analyzed by the
22 students enrolled in the
graduate regional planning
course. They also are developing
academic planning exercises for
for our prisoners of war,"
McGovern said. "The peace with
honor we hear so much about
appears more and more to have
left tens of thousands of other
veterans prisoners of peace."
The bills, which McGovern's
office said have been endoresed
by six veterans groups, would:
1. Create a veteran's task
force, composed of Vietnam Era
Veterans, to oversee all veterans
2. Provide direct VA
payments for tuition, books and
fees, similar to the World War II
G.I. Bill of Rights -- instead of
the current flat payment of
$1,980 a year;
3. Permit a veteran to draw
his fill 36-month education
allotment in a shorter period so
he can earn a degree in less than
four years;
4. Remove from veteran's
discharge papers the code
numbers which McGovern said
employers have learned to
interpret. The Senator said
nearly 185,000 veterans were
given less than honorable
discharges with code numbers
which "translate into drug
abuse, homosexuality, and any
number of unsubstantiated
charges that can haunt a man for
life and make it nearly
impossible for him to find
decent employment.
5. Create "Vietnam Era
Military Discharge Review
Boards" to provide appeals
procedures to make it easier to
review less . than honorable
discharges -- six or seven of
which, McGovern said, were
issued administratively without
safeguards such as the right to
counsel and adherence to the
riles of evidence.
** * *
27 APRIL 73
Pineford Acres, Middletown;
Shopes Garden, Lower Swatara
Township; Shipoke, Harrisburg.
and the Carlisle area. Ambrose
Main, Associate Professor of
Regional Planning and member
of the American Institute of
Planners, is instructor of the
Keisling has been executive
director of the Greater
Harrisburg Movement since
1868. A graduate of University
of Scranton, he is a former
newspaper reporter and served as
assistant to Governor William W.
He later established his own
advertising and public relations
firm which directed the
campaign to modernize the
Harrisburg city government. He
is the recipient of the Silver
Anvil Award' of the Public
Relations Society of America.
Because it has faced
diminishing space facilities for
books for the past 15 months,
the campus library has been
granted space in the Academic
Services Office, according to
Head Librarian Dr. Emerson
To Jacob's "surprise", the
new area creates room for
approximately 17,000 volumes.
He said he will adjust facilities to
improve the effectiveness of the
circulation and reference areas.
The book collection will
continue to expand as the
library receives a distribution
from the main library at
University Park, which
purchased collections from
various State College bookstores
last year.
Jacobs said he was "satisfied
with the action, but I'm not
elated. But it will be helpful as
we will now have enough shelf
space for the next 1.% to 2 years.
" He added, however, that the
move will only negligible
improve the study space.
Currently, the library has nearly
87,000 volumes avialable for
student and faculty use.
He said the library must hold
its own as there are no current
plans for constructing a new
facility, not even a modular
butler building. He reiterated
that even with the projected
drop in enrollment, the extra
space allocation will be effective
a maximum of two years.
Jacobs said that much of the
difficulty involved in utilization
of current library space involved
functional dificiencies with the
layout of the main building.
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Rea Olmsted Plaza
&DRea £ Derick's
Listerine 32 oz. Reg. $2.49 now $1.39
Breck Shampoo 15 oz. (dry - normal - oily)
Reg. $2.25 Now $1.09
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Effk Iskme Reappews In Greece
Elia Kazan turned part of the
bustling modern port of Pireaus
into one of America's most
famous landmarks for his 4
Academy Award-nominated
film, "America America", which
plays May 23, 1973, at 8:00
p.m. in the Student Center.
The writer-producer - director
of "America America"
duplicated on Greek soil in the
port of Pireaus a place that was
known all over the world for
almost a century as the gateway
to freedom in the U.S. -- Ellis
Island. The actual Ellis Island
which served as a receiving -
depot for thousands upon
thousands of imigrants is no
longer used even in the U.S., but
Kazan brought it back to life as
it was in 1898.
He took over for film -
making purposes a Greek
government customs building
which during the busy tourist
season is used for the handling
of ship-borne traffic to and from
the popular Greek islands.
There, with the help of his art
director, Gene Callahan, who
utilized such material as miles of
two-inch pipe, Kazan
reconstituted the large,
sectioned-off, warehouse-type of
structure that once rubbed
shoulders with the Statue of
Liberty in New York Harbor.
The movie set was complete.
There were crying babies,
hundreds of extras in colorful
national 19th Century costume,
'an American flag with 45 stars,
U.S. Immigration Service
inspectors of the period, and
even Salvation Army girls with
coffee and cookies for the
The scene was so realistic that
a confused souvenir -salesman
wandered in and proceeded to
hawk his wares - colored slides
and picture postcards - until he
finally saw the myriad lights and
the large motion picture camera.
There was a touch of irony,
too, when an ocean-going liner
with several hundred tourists
docked at a pier nearby. One
dowdy English lady glanced at
226 South 19th Street
Harrisburg, Pa. 17104
Phone 238-6441
America' Movie Magic
the more than 500 extras and
remarked, "Look at those poor
people -- they must be
Admission is 80 cents or 40
cents with an activities card. A
short story entitled "Busby
Berkeley and the Golddiggers"
will also be shown.
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