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Dylan Thomas play to be presented
by theatre class
Can 10 people produce and hilarious account of a spring day
perform a play which is written in a small Welsh coast town, the
for a cast of 63? 'Yes, play begins with dreams and
particularly if the play is one ghosts before dawn, moves
written especially for voices. through the brilliant, noisy day
Such is the case of Dylan of the townspeople and closes as
Thomas's masterpiece of sounds, the "rain of dusk brings on the
"Under Milk Wood", to be bawdy night."
presented by Dr. Jere Berger's All students, faculty and staff
theatre production class are invited to share this
Thursday, May 24. experience in rhetorical artistry
"Under Milk Wood" is
Thomas's last major work before
his death in 1953. A moving and
R.W. Bona ker
The Division of Engineering
and Technology was evaluated
last month for accreditation by
the Engineers Council for
Professional Development
(ECPD), according to Dr. John
D. Antrim, Division Head.
A full report is due in August,
and Antrim is optimistic of the
result, "based on the 'exit
interview' where we received
more compliments on our
pro grams than constructive
criticism," he said.
Only the undergraduate
programs in the division were
evaluated. The ECPD, which is
recognized by federal
authorities, sent a visitation
team on April 2 and 3. Six
people composed the team, one
serving as chairman and the
remaining five examining each of
the programs in the division.
Antrim said such accreditation
examination actually occurs
only after the entire institution,
Penn State, has received blanket
"In the Penn State system, all
of the associate and
baccalaureate degree programs in
the area of engineering and
technology were evaluated in
April," Antrim related. He said
evaluation teams make visits
armed with some knowledge of
what is "currently being done.
They examine financial data,
**** ************
for These
*Mr. Swiss
*Pantry Pride
*Joe the Motorist's
*Norge Village
*Rea & Derick's
*Royal Jewel Box
*Children's Shop
*Hobby Shop
to be held, admission free, in the
auditorium May 24th at 12:15
p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
faculty records, the
administrative records and the
curriculum, examining course
requirements, texts and samples
of student work." The
evaluation team talked to both
students and faculty.
The evaluation team has four
levels of accountability, thus the
final report will not come until
the end of summer. "The team
was very perceptive as they were
able to ferret out everything.
They came here to give us any
help we may need and yet
walked away with some new
ideas," Antrim explained.
Antrim said evaluation could
have been requested earlier, but
if he had done so, examination
could have been done only on
specific programs in the division.
He said programs must have
graduates who are in industry
and this year was the earliest
moment for the Transportation
Technology program, which was
implemented in 1970. The
programs were established in
1967 and the BCT program was
established in 1969.
Antrim warned that
accreditation "is not
If the division receives
accreditation, it will be the
second unit at Capitol to receive
the honor. The graduate
program in Regional Planning
received accreditation last
*Fabrific Fabric Center *
*Barber Shop
*Montgomery Wards
*Fashion Flair
*Beauty Shop
*Thrifty Beverage
*Sherwin Williams Paints
*G.A.C. Finance
*Gladell Shop
Fine stores
lEEE elects
Wendell R. Leppo
Last Wednesday night, May 9,
offices of Chairman and
retary were filled by I.E.E.E.
Jim Yorgey was elected
airman and Tom Green was
cted Secretary.
The offices of Vice-Chairman
td Treasurer will be filled by
w Juniors in the beginning of
fall term as described in the
b's constitution.
In addition to filling the two
cutive offices, volunteers for
Standing Committees of
blicity, Program, and
mbership were accepted.
,ohn Sabo was elected as
Chairman of the Publicity
Committee and Harry
Woodworth was re-elected to
chair the Membership
Committee. Anyone else
interested in helping with these
standing committees contact Jim
Yorgey or either of the Standing
Committee Chairmen.
Preceeding the election, the
former Chairman told the
attending members of the results
of the balloting for the new
faculty counselor. , Dr. Jerry
Shoup is now the new
faculty-counselor to the I.E.E.E.
Student Branch here at Capitol
Campus. Professor Clifford
Mason, former faculty
counselor, resigned from the
position when he became the
Secretary-Treasurer of the
I.E.E.E. Susquehanna Section.
As former Chairman of the
Student Branch, I would like to
take this opportunity to thank
Professor Mason for all the help
and guidance given during the
year. I hope he did not mind me
"barging" in on him all the time.
As for Dr. Shoup, the faculty
members and I join in
welcoming him to our Student
Branch. I hope that he will have
as much satisfaction in future
years in being a part of our
Student Branch as I have had as
being I.E.E.E. Chairman this
applications for student
membership in I.E.E.E. will be
handled by Dr. Shoup from now
on. For those who did not get
applications - see Mrs. Rose
Reedy in W-252 or Dr. Shoup.
Also, for the Juniors, Harry
Woodworth will have
applications in the near future,
so check with him.
Juniors - Seniors.
There will be a very
important meeting of the
I.E.E.E. Student Branch on May
23, at 7:00 p.m. The room
number will be announced later.
The topic of the meeting is:
"What to Expect after
Professor Wesley Houser and
a 1969 Capitol Campus
graduate, Jack Griffith will be
highlighting the meeting. Both
will be speaking on the topic.
V _
or '4l
A new name
for our school
A crisp new pic
of Abe Lincoln on a
five dollar bill
SGA Continues
rule Student
R.W. Bonaker
In the past few weeks, the
Student Government
Association has gone through
the routine of governing the
student body in the wake of
SGA spring elections.
President Mike Dini has
announced there will be a
benefit concert for a scholarship
fund for Harrisburg area
students tomorrow night at 8:00
p.m. at the Zembo Mosque,
Harrisburg. Performing will be
singing great Ella Fitzgerald with
p donation set at $7.50 The
Finance Committee has
approved a budget of $2OO for a
Texas Barbeque to be staged one
day prior to Commencement
activities on June 16. Tickets are
set at two dollars.
President-elect Bill Matthews
distributed a revised edition of a
student grievance procedure.
The measure was approved by
the senate and was reportedly
sent to faculty Council. A
motion was made requesting
that seniors not be 'required' to
attend graduation ceremonies.
The motion passed 9 - 0 with 9
c h it ,
it 1
Woman was created from the rib of man.
She was not made from his head, to top him;
Nor out of his foot, to be trampled upon;
But out of his side, to be equal to him;
Under his arm, to be protected;
And near his heart, to be loved.
Brother Self
I am alienated from you, brother.
It is not that I want to be separated from you
But I am forced to from my very own soul, brother.
I am alienated from you, brother,
even though we have come from the same slums & ghettoes
I have lived here with you, brother
but I do not choose to remain here with you, brother.
I see a different life than you, brother.
I don't believe that I am defeated as you appear to be,
I have come a long way to realize that
I am alienated from you, brother.
Because if I must be alienated to live and enjoy life
That you feel is lost, brother.
Then it must be, brother.
For if I don't, what will I tell my children, brother?
You ask me to stay a brother, brother.
Am I not a brother to want to enjoy life, brother.
Is it so wrong that I would want to educate myself,
Unite and be strong again, brother.
Is it so wrong that I do not accept the labels
attached to us, brother.
I am only me, brother.
abstentions. The provost's office
.was contacted regarding the
extent to which seniors are
required to be in attendance at
Commencement. Word filtered
down that seniors have the
option not to attend, but could
receive diplomas and other
records only by paying a five
dollar handling fee.
Sen. Aaron Spicher reported
problems with processing
Teacher/Course Evaluations
from a winter term. He said he
has not had much manual
support from the senate and was
running into difficulties with
campus administrative offices
and computer facilities.
Dini, as he has in the past,
expressed fear that further
misuse of the WATS line in the
SGA office could lead to
removal of the phone, especially
when Provost McDermott is
considering removing half of such
devices from the building. Dini
also announced the posOibility of
Establishing elections of a
student from each degree
program to serve on the Faculty
Organization, in compliance
with the faculty constitution.
Black Woman
** * *
Steve Berry
May 17, 1973
** * *