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"All The News That Fits .... We Print"
Vol. X, No. 3
with a monkey wrench
SGA Proposes Mandatory
Activities Fee
Bob Bonaker
At the SGA meeting on
Monday night, the Senate took a
firm position on the issue of a
mandatory student activities fee.
Sen. Nick Spengler
introducted a resolution, which
passed 13-3, setting the parking
fee at two dollars and a student
"Program/Activities Fee" at five
dollars on a per term basis for
undergraduate students. The
proposal will be forwarded to
Provost Robert E. McDermott
for negotiation.
Clauses in Spengler's
resolution, in addition to the
previously mentioned fees, may
not please McDermott, who had
raised the issue last week when
he announced he was cutting off
the departmental allotment to
SGA, due to the critical financial
system university officials are
projecting. Spengler called for
the "university" to channel $5
per student per term to the
SGA. But, the $2 parking "can
R.W. Bonakcr
The old adage "you can't get
something for nothing" was
upheld in a recent action when
the parking fee, which is set at
$7.50 by the university's Board
of Trustees, was lowered to one
dollar by Provost McDermott.
McDermott decreased the fee,
for the spring term only, after
the Student Government
Association unanimously passed
a resolution calling for a boycott
of the $7.50 fee.
Following the fee reduction,
Mr. George Dressler,
Administrative Officer sent out a
letter specifying the regulations
to be followed with the fee
reduction. He said appeals for
violations of failing to possess a,
sticker would be prohibited
within reason. Also, all funds
gathered from payment of fines
for any motor vehicle violation,
which normally were channeled
to Student Government, would
hence be transferred to the
physical plant budget.
Education Students Teach in City Schools
Thirty-four seniors at Capitol
Campus, majoring in elementary
education, are student teaching
in schools throughout the
Commonwealth during the
Spring Term.
One senior is doing her
practice teaching in an
elementary school in San
Antonio, Texas.
The elementary education
program is designed to prepare
students for teaching in urban
schools, with the assumption
that a teacher who is
well-prepared for inner-city
teaching can be a competent
teacher anywhere. Particular
emphasis is placed upon the
special problems of teaching the
minority groups prevalent in city
In keeping with this
philosophy, most of these
seniors are engaged in
conducting classes in city
schools. In preparation for
student teaching, each candidate
for the baccalaureate degree in
elementary education has spent
nine weeks of the junior year in
the classroom, observing
be retained" by the university,
Spengler said. Previously,
McDermott desired SGA
propose a mandatory activities
fee and he would in turn toss
parking fee monies into the SGA
When he addressed the SGA
on April 9, the Provost
emphasized SGA, in no way,
would receive a formal budget
from the university or Capitol
From all appearances, SGA
will have a tough time getting
McDermott to go along with .a
proposal which would have a
cost -overrun, based on 1,000
students, when he is - trying to
shave $250,000 from Capitol's
budget to comply with a
directive issued by President
In rough figures, the SGA
proposal will raise $24,000 in
revenue fora student population
of 1,000 in 1973-74 while this
year's student body worked with
$13,200 for 1,500 students.
Our Capitolist reported
consulted SGA Treasurer Tom
Dixon to discover how much
money the organization would
be losing in the action. Dixon
said that since July of last year,
$919.50 was given the SGA in
the "deal." Following are the
deposit dates and the amounts:
Sept, 11, $ll2 (includes all
funds from July 1); Oct. 6, $49;
Nov.B, $148; Dec. 12, $134.50;
Jan. 8, $158.50; Feb. 2,
$155.50; March' 5, $162.
Obviously, SGA will be losing an
average of $l5O in income a
In effect, with the fee
reduction, the university is
losing approximately $5,000
that is normally paid into the
universal parking fee fund from
Capitol. Apparently, the campus
administration feels that factor
justifies the termination of the
flow of fine monies to the SGA.
When this fact was realized
by SGA members at a recent
meeting, the group. acquiesced
and did not issue any form of
techniques of master teachers
and developing first-hand
knowledge of classroom
Presidents Council
Today, April 19, the campus
Presidents Council will meet at
7:00 p.m. at the New Birth, 946
A Kirtland Ave., Meade Heights.
All club presidents are urged
to attend as the possibility of a
mandatory activities fee and the
Music/Arts Festival are a few of
the items on the agenda.
J.C. Superstar
On Friday, WZAP will
present Tim Rice and Andrew
Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ
Superstar" in its entirety,
beginning at 12 noon.
The recording is from the
original released in 1970 on
Decca Records. Program
Director Ron Snyder says "why
not tune in on Good Friday on
WZAP, 640 AM in the Dorms
and 1520 in the Heights."
Rich Lucas
To celebrate spring, this year
many students have come
together and have planned an
outdoor festival in the Meade
Heights recreation area.
The event will get together
around 3:00 p.m. (1500 hrs. for
the XGIs) Sunday, May 6. The
event was originally planned for
April 28. In the day, there will
be folk groups and games. A
dinner will be sponsored by a
campus organization, consisting
of an outdoor barbeque with
students encouraged to bring
extra vegetables, etc. The
Victor Pawluk
Delta Tau Kappa, the
international social science
honor society, held its annual
banquet at the Creekside Inn in
Mechanicsburg on April 10.
The purpose of the banquet
was to welcome new members
into the organization and to
formally install newly elected
officers for the coming year.
The banquet was a definite
success as attested by those
attending. Approximately 60
people were present, including
DTK members, social science
faculty, husbands or wives and
The evening began with an
informal cocktail hour which
enabled all to socialize and to
"build-up" appgtites for the
culinary delights which were in
The banquet was served
buffet style, the menu having a
wide assortment of food
including appetizers, ham,beef ,
chicken, seafood, potatoes, corn,
bread, salad and much, much
more. The food was delicious
and there certainly was plenty to
feed'even the hungriest of souls.
Brent Lawson, President of
DTK, acted as toastmaster. He
introduced members of the
Hbg. Women's'Group to Present Play
Residents of the Harrisburg
Area are invited to the formal
opening of the Harrisburg
Women's Center on Thursday,
April 26 at 8:00p.m. The center
is located at fourth and Walnut
Streets, Harrisburg.
The play "We've Only Just
Begun" - which traces women in
American histroy - will begin the
formal activities. An art display
featuring arts and letters of
Harrisburg women is planned to
be open all evening. The staff of
the Center will be available to
discuss the plans for the Center.
A project of the Harrisburg
Women's Rights Movement and
21-22 MARCH 73
Intently peering out at you from far
Behind psychotic veils, the acid glass
Of smeared, caked windows that my vision mars;
How much do I remain within the past?
How truly badly is my sight impaired;
The faces seem so anxious to acquaint
Yet pass and leave all pleasantry unshared.
Discrepancies: my eyes the scene must paint
With colours other than the ones you use.
How else can we account for all the vast
Differences existing Iween our views?
Have you as well been clouded by a past?
My eye will catch a pebble as it gleams -
I'll smash this ugly pane that lies between. C-B
evening session will begin with
poetry reading and will then
move into rock with professional
lighting equipment supplies.
This event should be a good
time for everyone because
everyone attending helps create
it. Anyone wishing to participate
or desiring additional
information can contact Rich
Lucas at 944-1226.
A few of the scheduled
performers include Dan Perini,
Lynn Bowersox, Bud 'Appleby,
Larry Spivak, Jim Yorgey, Rich
Lucas, Mark Chanin, Tim W a rd
and Tim Jacobs.
faculty attending the feast. Gaye
Miles, past DTK President, was
introduced and in turn
introduced newly inducted
officers. Special recognition was
granted Dr. Elmer N. Lear for
his efforts in organizing DTK on
Capitol Campus. New members
were welcomed into the
organization, and certificates
and pins were given.
Guest speaker, Dr. James G.
McAree gavean interesting talk in
the role of the social scientist in
the Vietnam conflict. He
contended that every
Administration since Eisenhower
had neglected to utilize the
intellectual resources of these
people when policies regarding
Indochina were being
formulated. He attributed much
of it to a backlash of
anti-academic sentiment
following the McCarthyism of
the 19505. He said that most of
the top "experts" on the area
were purged from the State
Department, a factor which
undermines the operation of
foreign policy even today.
Following the formal banquet
activities, participants were
encouraged to partake in the
dancing and listening pleasures
provided by the "Standing
Ovations" musical group.
the Harrisburg Women's Political
Caucus, the Women's Center will
provide a "drop-in" location for
women in the Harrisburg area
and provide crisis counselling for
women; house the "survival file"
of information on Harrisburg;
and provide a location for the
two women's groups.
Plans for the center go
farther, to include a library of
books by and about women;
nursery facilities for children's
play groups; consciousness
raising groups based on
individual needs; and a
community bulletin board for
activities and information of
interest to Harrisburg women.
April 19, 1973
The following is a synopsis of
the more sublime "business"
aspects of the last two Student
Government meetings.
President Mike Dini
announced Debra Young has
resigned as Corresponding
Secretary. The following people
were appointed to interim posts:
Jan Marks, (Sr., Math - Science);
Pat Nevin (Recording Secretary);
Judith LePere, (Corresponding
Secretary); Aaron Spicher (Sr.,
at-large). Bob Hetzel was
nominated to fill a vacant senate
seat and awaits formal
confirmation next week.
Treasurer Tom Dixon
announced the Finance
Committee allocated $l,OOO for
the Music/Arts Festival , $lOO to
the Photo Club, $5O to the
XGIs, $375 for the Dinner
Dance and $5OO to the Social
Don Snyder of the Social
Committee reported the
organization went 210 bucks
into the hole resulting from
expenditures incurred at a
concert last Saturday. The
concert was held to benefit the
Music/Arts Festival.
Mike Kowa!check introduced
a resolution opposing any
tuition increase for next year.
The motion passed, 18-0-1.
Medical Personnel
Receive Campus
On April 29, Sunday, about
15 paramedics receiving training
at the Hershey Medical Center
will check-in to living quarters in
Meade Heights and the
Apparently, the Meade
Heights Board of Governors was
notified during the eight week of
the winter term but the Housing
Office only last Friday, notified
homes where the paramedics
would be placed.
Mr. George Dressler,
Administrative Officer,
explained that Capitol Campus
will be reimbursed for accepting
the former servicemen who
begin a 13 week training course
at the Med Center on May 1. He
said there was a shortage of
three-month housing in the
Hershey Area and Capitol
responded to a plea to house the
Following the 13 week'
course, the paramedics will be
assigned to an M.D. for a
one-year internship and will
become medical technicians.
Final Yearbook
The Capitolite Staff has
announced the final yearbook
sale which will take place the
week of April 23 thru April 27.
All monies owed on books must
be paid at this time.
The Capitolite Staff wishes to
thank all those who have
purchased yearbooks for their
support thru some shakey times.
The staff hopes that all of
you will enjoy your copy of the
'73 Capitolite. The expected
date of delivery is the second or
third week in September.