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"All The News That Fits . We. Print"
Vol. X No. 1
B.S.U. Concert
on Saturday
A major event in the B.S.U.'s
Black Arts Festival week is a
concert this Saturday night at 8
p.m. at the Main Street Gym in
Middletown. The donation will
be three dollars.
Jazz bagpipist Rufus Harley,
Robert Kenyatta and the
Afro-American Drummers and
Dance Ensemble and the Modem
Jazz Unit featuring pianist Eddie
Green head the show.
The Chairman of the Military
Science Department, Lieutenant
Colonel Victor A. Marcus, at
Dickinson College, in Carlisle, has.
announced the branch
assignment and length of active
duty for Stephen Konsowitz.
Stephen, by enrolling in the
ROTC Program at Dickinson
College, will complete his
military science instruction this
Spring and will be commissioned
a Second Lieutenant in the
Infantry upon graduating from
Capitol Campus. Steve. will serve
on active duty for 90 days after
being commissioned.
GRE Registration
For those students wishing to
take the Graduate Record
Examinations on Saturday, April
28, 1973, the preliminary
registration without a late fee
has passed, as of April 3, 1973.
However, the closing date
(with a $3.50 late fee) is April
10, 1973.
If you wish to take the GRE's
on this date and have not
registered as yet, your
registration form, fees, and late
fees must be received by the
Educational Testing Service no
later than April 10, 1973. Forms
for these test are available from
the Counseling Center Office.
The next administration of
the GRE's is Saturday, June 16,
More details on these and
other tests for graduate study
admissions will be printed later
on during the semester.,
Miller Analogy Tests are
administered, by appointment,
in the Counseling Office, W-117.
Study Guides for these tests
are also available in the
counseling Center library.
Soccer Club Forms
The Capitol Campus Soccer
Club has been formed and is in
the process of scheduling games.
The first game for • the spring
term is April 10 at 7:00 p.m.
against Messiah College.
It is not too late to join the
squad. Reading an
announcement as uninspiring as
this one could make you feel
like kicking something. Come
join the team. Contact Bob
Stanley in the Rec/Ath Building.
Dan Fichtner
One Picture is worth
Pictured are members of the Black Student Union during a bake sale
the organization staged a few weeks ago.
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A faculty member of Capitol
Campus has been appointed by
the United Nations to serve as
an Advisor on Sample Surveys
under their Technical Assistance
Programme to the Government
of Indonesia.
Dr . V edula N. Murty,
Associate Professor of
Mathematics and Statistics, has
been granted a leave of absence
without pay for the 1973-74
academic year so that he may
accept this special assignment.
Dr. Murty will be a member
of a team of U. N. Advisers who
will be attached to the Central
Bureau of Statistics in Djakarta,
Indonesia. He will assist the
government in improving surveys
in such areas as agriculture,
household expenditures,
construction, transportation and
population. He also will provide
basic training to the bureau staff
in designing these surveys and in
the analysis of data collected.
Other responsibilities will
include advise and training in all
phases of sampling in a wide
range of applications.
The Central Bamvatt of
Statistics employs a staff of
more than 1200 in Djakarta and
has a field staff of 3,500.
Dr. Murty joined the faculty
of Capitol Campus in January,
1970, after having served as a
consultant at the U.N. He came
to this country from his native
India to serve as an instructor
and pursue graduate studies as
Purdue University.
He holds a Master of Arts
degree in Mathematics from the
University of Andhra and a
Master of Science and Ph.D.
degree in mathematics-statistics
from Purdue. His research work
has been in the field of design of
experiments and sampling
** * *
SGA sets Spring
Election schedule
by R.W. Bonaker
Definite plans for the SGA
spring elections were enunciated
by Sen. Marilyn Levin, Chairman
of the Election/Screening
Committee at the Senate
meeting on Monday night.
Election day has been set for
Thursday, April 26 with the
presidency for 1973-74 up for
grabs along with the offices of
vice-president, secretaries
(recording and corresponding)
and treasurer.
In addition, senate positions
for six program seats and four
at-large seats are open.
Candidates for these senior
positions for next year can pick
up petitions in the SGA office,
W-104, beginning today and
must be returned by 5:00 p.m.
on Friday, April 13, according
to Levin.
Reportedly, both seniors and
juniors can vote in the April 26
The Student Government
Association on Monday night
passed a resolution which would
grant one unit of credit for
participating as an SGA senator.
The resolution was
formulated by Sen. Nick
Spengler and passed by 17-0
with 3 abstentions. Following is
the body of the legislation:
In order to perpetiate the high
standards of the Student
Government, and a continuance to
attract concerned students to
particpate in their student
government through election, the
folloWing proposal is being made.
"Student Government members
serving at least three (3) terms in a
satisfactory manner, which
constitutes a minumum of 75%
attendance and evaluation on
participation by the Faculty Advisor,
be awarded 4 credit hours, or 1 unit
of credit to be used in lieu of an
elective at Penn State Capitol
Campus. The elective will be
designated by the students' advisor
Central Pennsylvania Vietnam
veterans who wish to take
advantage of educational
opportunities available through
the G.I. Bill can now find help
through the PAVE (Pennsylvania
Program to Advance Veteran
Education) center located at
Three counselors, all veterans
who had no interest in higher
education when in high school,
now are full-time Capitol
Campus students and are
contacting and counseling
recently discharged veterans on
how to further their educations.
Robert Chaapel, David Miller
and Louis Slepetz work from
contact lists provided by the
Selective Service Office. They
phone or visit the newly
discharged veterans and inform
them of facilities and
educational programs for which
their G.I. benefits are applicable.
The PAVE staff also works
closely with the 425 veterans
currently enrolled at Capitol
Campus who may have problems
with scholarship, loans or late
V.A. checks.
Chaapel explained, "We don't
try to sell any one college or
program even though we are
students at Capitol. We simply
try to guide our peers to the
school which would be most
appropriate for their career
"There's a certain distrust of
the establishment and today's
vet will talk more freely with
another vet. A recent
Veteran's Administration study
revealed that today's veterans
are enthusiastic about higher
eduction, but many are not
knowledgeable in admissions
procedures and courses
The PAVE program has been
in existence, statewide, since
1970. It was first established at
Capitol Camp‘is in 1969, by
Robert Ford, present Director of
the State Selective Service, who
was then a student at Capitol. Its
operations are funded by some
state aid and by a federal grant
for emergency employment.
Programs are administered under
the Office of Higher Education.
David Kurtz, Regional
Coordinator for PAVE reports
that Pennsylvania has the third
largest number of Vietnam
veterans. More than 11,000 men
have been discharged in
by WW. Bonaker
and a pass grade will be entered on
the Student transcript."
President Mike Dini said the
resolution would be forwarded
to the Faculty Council for
further action.
In other news, Dini read an
announcement from Berni Boyle
who tendered her resignation as
Recording Secretary. She said in
the letter that she could not
fulfill her duties due to other
commitments, addikig a belief
that SGA has lost much of its
intended "purpose." Dini noted
that Boyle's position and that of
a junior senator at-large are
currently open. The President
announced the appointment of
Jan Marks to fill the senior
Math-Science post. He must await
formal confirmation next week.
Vice-President John Sheridan
reported the Spring
Dinner/Dance will be held
Saturday, May 5 at the Parkview
(Cont. on page 4)
Cumberland and Dauphin
counties since 1964. However,
only 29% of these young men
have taken advantage of the G.I.
Bill. PAVE is attempting to
reach the majority who have not
taken advantage of these
The Residence Living
Program Office will initiate the
selection of Resident Assistants
for the 1973-74 academic year
on Monday, April 16 at 8:00
p.m. in the Gallery Lounge at a
meeting for R.A. applicants.
The meeting is designed to
discuss the Residence Living
Program, the R.A. position and
the selection procedure for
candidates, according to Pat
Murphy and Terry Turnbaugh,
Residence Living Coordinators.
Those selected for an R.A.
position receive remunerations
of $515 in the Residence Halls
and $390 for Meade Heights on
a per term basis.
"Big City" Heads
Concert Next Week
The campus Social Affairs
Committee will present a benefit
concert for the May Music/Arts
Festival on Saturday, April 14,
beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the
Main Street Gym in Middletown
Scheduled groups include the
well known Big City Music
Band, The Legends and
Tickets, which are three
dollars, are on sale in the
Student Activities Office,
W-105, and at the door.
Festival Meeting
There will be a meeting of the
Music/Arts Festival group
tonight, April 5, at 7:00 p.m. in
the Gallery Lounge.
All members of the
organization are asked to attend.
April 5, 1973