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Denenberg Warns
of Insurance Sales
An article appearing in the
January issue of NATIONAL
that Herbert C. Denenberg,
Pennsylvania's Insurance
Commissioner, has warned the
state's colleges about on campus
sales of deferred-premium
insurance policies.
He said the policies are
widely sold to students who sign
a promissory note, payable after
graduation, for the first year's
The disadvantage of the
policy, noted the Commissioner,
is the fact that the promissory
notes create irrevocable binding
obligation and immediately
eliminates the possibility of
reconsidering and cancelling as
could be . done with a
conventional policy.
** * *
Before you buy your first or your next
pair of loudspeakers, it will pay you to hear
the Advents.
Both the original Advent Loudspeaker
and The Smaller Advent Loudspeaker were
designed to make the top level of
loudspeaker performance available at a
fraction -- less than half -- of the former
going cost. They are meant to be compared
directly in every aspect of performance,
including frequency response from the
lowest to the highest frequencies of musical
interest, to the most expensive and elaborate
speakers available, and they sound clearly
and dramatically better than many far more
expensive systems.
Those are strong claims, but no stronger
then the feelings expressed every day by
satisfied Advent customers. They help
LBR Audio Associates, Inc.
1823 E Chocolate Ave. (Palmdale) Hershey, Pa.
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McDermott Talks With
by Dr. Robert J. Brown,
Associate Dean of Faculty.
McDermott opted for that
modification because he realized
if Capitol adopted the University
Park calendar, 7-8 percent of
expected annual student
admissions will not be realized.
It should be noted that the
Faculty Organization voted
overwhelmingly to follow the
main campus calendar in an
emergency meeting last October,
with the stipulation that Capitol
have the option to develop its
own calendar for 1974-75.
During last week's interview,
the Provost felt he will be turned
down on his request for the
above calendar modification. He
now plans to ask for another
modification; that of retaining
out current calendar and
"tightening up" the winter and
spring terms by eliminating
Between Burger King and Red Barn Phone 533-4036
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orientation and examination
periods, and shortening vacation
time to end the year by June 1.
The Provost expressed a
continuing need for the gradual
growth of Capitol Campus in the
term of increased enrollment. He
thought a bigger institution will
better serve the needs of the
state and the region. Dr.
McDermott also said if Capitol
does not expand, there will be
cutbacks in faculty and staff
personnel and fewer faculty
promotions. Growth is a decisive
factor in his program to make
Capitol relatively independent of
University Park.
Other programs proposed by
explain why Advent speakers, with relatively
little advertising and fewer dealers than
several other brands, have become
best-sellers (the first became so before it was
advertised nationally at all), and why people
go out of their way to tell us how pleased
they are with them.
For a reasonable, affordable amount of
money, you can build as good a stereo
system as you're ever likely to want around
either of them. And it is why Advent
speakers, with no visible indication that
anything really extraordinary is inside their
simple cabinets are worth listening to
critically and throughly before you buy.
Nothing about these speakers is
accidental. They are the result of eighteen
years' previous experience in making
high-performance acoustic-suspension
speakers, and the striking value they
represent was made possible by what the
Advent Company has learned about taking
the most simple and direct route to highest
performance. Nothing audibly useful is
missing, and nothing unnecessary for home
listening is present.
The only basic difference in performance
between them is that the original ($lO2 -
$ll6 depending on cabinet finish) will play
slightly louder in bigger rooms than the
smaller ($7O). Both have the same clarity
and accuracy, bass response approached by
few speakers of any price or size, and an
octave-to-octave 1 musical balance chosen to
suit the widest range of recording
We at L.B.R. AUDIO would be most
happy to demonstrate the Advent speakers
for you in our listening room, but if you can
also hear Advents at a friends house, you can
get an idea of just how good they sound in a
home, and of what your friends thinks of
them and us.
We wouldn't suggest you make sure to
hear these speakers if we didn't think you
will find it worth your while. Thank you.
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McDermott center on an alliance
with Harrisburg Area
Community College and Pierce
Junior College of Philadelphia.
He likened the proposal to a
recently established exchange
program between Lehigh County
Community College and
Kutztown State College - that of
guaranteed admission to the
latter upon satisfactory
completion of studies at the
Granted, the Provost did not
mention going that far, but he
alluded to it when he spoke of
prospects that Capitol's courses
be listed in HACC's catalogue
and an exchange of faculty.
"But how much should we mix
the faculty? We do not propose
a total lock-in." He also
mentioned possible problems
with budgeting the exchange
program because of HACC's
system of sponsering school
districts. "But we can handle the
paperwork; it is a sound idea
McDermott again stressed the
dire need for growth of Capitol
Campus in order that it
effectively survive. "Many
factors inhibit that growth." He
mentioned such constraints as
the limited degree offerings, the
lact of formal evening division
structure and funds as well as
structure and funds for a formal
summer program. Other factors
are no available state funds to
establish a "much needed"
research center and for
construction of additional
on-campus housing.
He said he is considering the
utilization of available mobile
homes from Capitol Campus
Village for married students --
prompting the influx of more
graduate students into the area.
As for construction of
dormatories or Meade Heights
type housing, funds are not
available. Only by "cooperating
with private concerns," would
the funds appear on off-campus
* * *
Calendar of Svents
FEBRUARY 22-- At 10 AM, the Cultural Programs Committee
presents the classic John Wayne film "Stagecoach" in the
auditorium. The flick will be shown as part of the social science
course Western Movements. The local chapter of Student PSEA
stages a meeting at 6:30 PM at the New Birth coffeehouse, 946 A
Kirtland Ave., Meade Heights. There is a Foreign Policy Association
seminar beginning at 7 PM in the auditorium, with all students
invited. And, earlier, Delta Tau Kappa presents a Grad School
Information Seminar beginning at 1:30 PM in the auditorium.
FEBRUARY 25-- Mass at 3:45 PM at the Student Center.
FEBRUARY 26-- At 1:30 PM, the Cultural Committee presents
the "Portable Circus" in the auditorium. The Head Shop meets at
6:30 PM in the New Birth. Also at 6:30 , the Student Government
Association holds a meeting in Room E-335, Main Building. Again at
6:30, the Resident Student Council convenes on the second floor of
Church Hall. At 8:00 PM, a Women's Political Caucaus stages an
open forum in the auditorium. The varsity basketball teams plays
Shippensburg State College in a 6 PM game at Shippensburg's Heiges
Field House.
FEBRUARY 27-- The Traveling registrar of Dauphin County will
be stationed in Vendorville from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM; registration is
for the May 15 Pennsylvania Primary. The Photo Club holds a
meeting at 7 PM in its lab in the Placement Office.
FEBRUARY 2800 The Ski Club travels to Roundtop for an
afternoon of skiing. Group members meet in front of the Student
Center at 1 PM before leaving.
February 22, 1973
by Charlie Holeczy
Unknown to many people,
Capitol Campus has a darkroom.
It is supplied with two
enlargers, print washer and drier,
drying room, and other
necessities to develop and print.
black and white film. This room
is located in the back part of the
Placement Building.
Another widely unknown
fact is that there is a
Photography Club consisting of
fifteen registered members with
Dr. Rrunk as the faculty advisor.
The Club meets every Tuesday
night at 7:00 in the Placement
The abilities and interests in
photography vary as there are
participants and this is very true
of the Club. The common
purpose which ties the Club
together is the improvement of
darkroom technique--essential to
the begetting of polished
pictures. This creates an
environment in which each
member can be critized and
assisted in areas that they need
Within, the Club will be
setting up projects and each
member will compete with the
others by submitting his own
interpretation of the subject.
The first project is a still-life
with a building as the main
object. The photographer is not
limited to day shots and night
views of the subject is
encouraged ' for a greater
expansion of creativity.
A second project may be
impromptu portraits of a person.
The pictures will be judged and
the best will be singled out to
act as a standard to critize the
other pictures. The members
hope to improve through
personal and other's experiences.
As a group, the Photography
Club will set up a display of the
best prints of each member. The
exhibit will be enjoyed by the
entire student body and faculty.
Maybe people will realize that
there is a Photography Club on