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    February 8, 1973
"Eva...was everything but legal,"
which plays Saturday, February
10, at 8 p.m. in the auditorium,
is quite unlike the majority of
Swedish films recently imported
to this country. Eva, a foster
child in the home of an elderly
couple, lives a lonely life. All but
rejected by her foster parents
and the inhabitants of the small
town, Eva becomes easy prey for
a prominent middle-aged man
who first notices her voluptuous
physical development. Finding
what she believes to be an easy
way to give and receive love, Eva
soon enlarges her circle of
DTK adds to membership
by R. W. Bonaker
Capitol's Alpha chapter of
Delta Tau Kappa, the
international social science
honor society, staged its third
meeting of the term on January
President Gaye Miles
announced that 20 persons had
recently joined the society. They
qualified by attaining at least a
3.0 grade average at Capitol and
by earning a minimal 20 credit
hours in the social sciences in
their collegiate career. The new
members swelled the chapter's
rolls to approximately 70.
The society is planning a
graduate shcool - information
seminar. The date was set for
February 22, with finalized
details forthcoming. The annual
spring banquet was tentatively
scheduled for April 10, in the
opening weeks of the spring
Brent Lawson, student
representative on the Social
Science Program curriculum
planning • --.-- • - • • ._ ed the
While many scenes are
Swedish in nature, enough so to
be featured in "Playboy"
magazine and to earn the film an
"X" rating, viewers should not
neglect the real and believable
story of a naive young girl's
loneliness leading to illicit
Solveig Andersson plays Eva
with exacting professionalism.
Hans Wahlgren is the young
journalist who dramatically
intercedes on Eva's behalf, and
Siv Mattson plays his wife.
Admission is eighty cents or
40 cents with an activities card.
committee was considering a
proposal to restructure the core
course offerings.
Near the end of the session,
Skip Brown lead a discussion of
a paper he wrote on "Man's
Ecological Predicament." He
maintained that man as an
animal is not well equipped
(physically) to cope with his
environment. He stated he has
been successful only because his
intellect has had an overriding
effect. Skip delved into the
history of early man,
demonstration examples where
psychically weak individuals
survived (contemporary man)
and other species became
extinct. In the ensuing
discussion, a major point was for
Skip to be careful of coupling
the instinct for survival with
"comparative" instincts.
The next DTK meeting was
scheduled for Tuesday, February
20 at 7 p.m. in the Gallery
by Charlie Holeczy
A few weeks ago the
Education Department made
committments to begin a slow
but necessary break from
University Park control.
One outcome of a meeting
was to establish a committee to
coordinate activities between
University Park and Capitol
Campus. A second outcome is
the beginning of a complete
self-evaluation in readiness for
the State evaluation in April.
This study will enable the
department to ask all the
questions and correct any
problems before the State will
certify them separate from
University Park. The Education
Department wants to be
independently certified for the
education of primary and
secondary teachers, according to
Dr. Stanley Miller, Program
The self evaluation will
concern five general areas:
1. Pupil personal--students
involved in the department who
are working towards their
2. The placement of teachers
after graduation and their ability
to compete on the job market.
3. The entire education
curriculum offered at Capitol for
the two years.
4. The library facilities
available as a support and aid to
the selective bibliography for
each course.
5. The teachers and their
methods and means of teaching
their course.
The self-evaluation allows the
department to ask questions
about itself and to test whether
or not it is doing the job it
should be in preparing the future
teachers. It allows for self
correction before the State
Inspection in April. Once
certified, Capitol will be
independent of University Park
and will not need to be
reevaluated for five years. The
Capitol Education Department
will be able to deal directly with
the educational services and will
4 etia4t4itAft4
A new admissions counselor
and special projects officer has
been named at Capitol Campus.
Walter M. Slygh, Academic
Services Officer, has announced
the appointment of E. Ramone
Segree to his staff.
Mr. Segree's key
responsibilities will include
counseling with minority
students at two-year institutions
relative to enrollment at Capitol
and advising minority students
presently enrolled concerning
course requirements and
financial aid..
Mr. Segree holds a Bachelor
of Arts degree from California
State College where he also
attended graduate school. While
at California, he represented the
college at Western Pennsylvania
high schools counseling students
on admissions requirements and
financial aid.
The new admissions
counselor has . had wide
experience in working with
minority groups. He assisted in
establishing the Afro-American
Cultural Center and the
Afro-American Library at
California State College. He also
participated in developing the
cooperative program between
West Virginia State College and
the California State College
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E. Ramone Segree, newly
appointed admissions counselor
and special projects officer.
which established the Inner-City
Student Teaching Base in
A former instructor at the
Tri-County Opportunities
Industrialization Center in
McKeesport, Segree developed a
cooperative program of studies
between that center and the
Community College of
Allegheny County in
Communicational Studies.
Mr. Segree and his wife are
residing in Middletown.
Fabrific Fabric Center
Barber Shop
Montgomery Wards
Fashion Flair
Beauty Shop
Thrifty Beverage
Sherwin Williams Paints
G.A.C. Finance
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