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University of Michigan and
Eastern Michigan University.
Harvey was fond of busting
Dr. Bill Mahar studies the control panel during a WZAP program on students, an act which hardly
the "Evolution of Ragtime" last Thursday. endeared him to the campus
community. The new sheriff is
more aware of the desires of his
Postill has instructed his
deputies not to arrest persons
with a small quantity of grass.
Deputies who ignore this dictim
face transfer. Tempering this
stance is Postill's policy of the
continued arrest of what is
called "major traffickers."
On February Ist, Professor
William Mahar of the Humanities
program presented a
demonstration of the "Evolution
of Ragtime" on the campus
radio station WZAP.
The show was the first in a
proposed series of musical
programs as conducted by
lie traced the beginnings of
the Ragtime concept to the era
immediately preceding the
America Civil War. Louis Moreau
Gottschalk is credited, in effect,
as being the "father of
Ragtime." Mahar played five
cuts from an album of
Gottschalk's music.
Black spiritual and minstrel
music dominated the succeeding
periods of Ragtime. Country and
dance music were also included.
A few of the tunes played were
May 9 1972
I wear a mask when I'm with you
I really don't know why
Internally is the fantasization
of loving you
But eternally--
of wanting you
My mask hides the tears
that my heart sheds
Time seems so infinite
Yet it's just moments away
My love is walking out the door
I don't want you to go
But there are no ties
that bind you
I'm afraid to ask for a committment
In fear that we'll want more
than we can give
I wear a mask when I'm with you
Because I'm afraid of loving you
My expectations of you have been
But your wants of me have yet
to be fulfilled
I'm scared when you laugh
In fear that I am silly
I'm afraid when you frown
In fear that I disappoint you
I love you so much
And I bear a heavy heart
to tell you so
I wear a mask when I'm with you
In fear that you don't love me
27 January 13
It seems that we are two opposing poles
Of one existence, free, and yet defined;
And never recognizing as a whole
The Lives we lead, so childishly confined.
But like the truth that can't exist without
The lies we use to justify our means,
Without me here you cannot go about
Your staunch denial of a bond between.
So be the tail to my engraved head,
And complement my feelings with your own
And know we live between ourselves, instead
Of trying to exist as half alone.
If you deny the oneness of our soul,
I cannot live, a half pretending whole.
"Old Dan Tucker" and "Is There
Anybody Here Not Love My
Scott Joplin, near the turn
into the 20th century, was a
prevalent figure in Ragtime
music. His "Maple Leaf Rag" is
considered a classic. Other
musicians were Joe Jordan and
Paul Mares, Ragtime
(modern -jazz) pianists and
Ragtime evolved into what is
currently known as jazz with the
lively, foot-loose tunes by James
P. Johnson, Ferdinand
"Jellyroll" Morton, and the
jazz -band sounds of Louis
Armstrong and Duke Ellington.
Johnson's "You've Got to be
Modernistic" and "Jellyroll's" -
"King Porter Stone" were
offered for the pleasure of the
listening audience.
—is the reality
Elyse R. Paul
Campaign Promise
to Students kept
(CPS) -- Campaign promises
are mostly noted for their
unreliability, but one made to
college students in the Ann
Arbor, Michigan area is
apparently being kept.
Fred Postill, the new sheriff
of Washtenaw County in
Michigan has announced he "will
place the lowest possible priority
on marijuana arrests."
Post ill displaced former
sheriff Doug Harvey in an
election which hinged on the
votes cast by students at the
Student NU is
(CPA) -- A recent survey
shows that only 7 percent of the
more than 2500 institutions of
higher education in America
have governing boards with
students in voting capacities.
The American Council on
Education surveyed over 450
schools in its study on student
participation in academic
Only 11 to 17 percent of all
colleges have students sitting on
governing boards in any
capacity, voting or non-voting,
the study concluded.
Texas Law
(CPS) -- A bill was filed in the
Texas Legislature January 18
that would require criminals in
Texas to give their intended
victims 24 hours notice.
The bill, an amendment to
the Texas Criminal Code, makes
it a separate offense to commit a
crime of violence without first
letting the intended victim
know. The time, place and
nature of the crime to be
committed must also be
"Obviously the criminal is
not going to do it, but this
would be another punishment
that could be added to the
penalty," said State
Representative Jim Kaster, who
filed the bill.
"People are treating it as a big
joke," he said. "Maybe, but I'm
• going to push it."
Classified Ads
MEN!!! Do you like to Sing or Dance
or both? Then the West Shore
Community Players want you!
Practice is held most Sundays at the
Y.W.C.A., 4th & Walnut from 2-4 PM
and Tuesdays at the Mechanicsburg
American Legion from 8-11 PM. For
more information call Vi Thompson
at 761-0326 or 761-5770. It's fun!!!
RIDE NEEDED: From the West Shore
(Vicinity of Highland Park, Cedar Cliff
or New Cumberland) on Thursday and
Friday mornings between 8:30 and
-9:30 a.m. Also from the campus back
to the West Shore daily between 4-6
p.m. Will pay 50 cents per ride.
Contact A. Klain, W-250, phone
WANTED: Term papers and
reports which need typing. If you are
pressed for time and need typing
done fast, I can help. One dollar a
page. Contact Ellen Cohen at
ft6e4l Aload4
there are foods that should be eliminated from the diet. this is
important because the lemon merangue pie that you accept for
dessert may add that fatal bit of colesterol to your bloodstream. you
will never be able to know your body's needs until you change to a
well balanced diet! (that's why speed freaks and junkies don't eat:
they can't feel their bodies).
your body needs a very few carbohydrates to function. that's
why carbohydrates in their natural form should be used. nature
provides these carbohydrates with vitamins (fruit, whole grains ,
potatoes), minerals and protein (grains, nuts, seeds).
impossible? most certainly not! you could begin by cutting out
almost all of the following: sodas, candy, french fries, all sugar, and
white flour. the alternatives to these foods are juice, raw nuts, dried
fruits (easy on them) honey, and whole grained bread.
look at the ethnic foods that appear in this column. they are all
very inexpensive to prepare and they are delicious to eat. why eat
junk when food is such a turn-on?
homemade yogurt
1) fill a wide mouthed jar Y 4 or' full of instant milk.
2) add some water & stir out lumps.
3) add more water leaving enough room to stir in a couple
tablespoons of pure, plain yogurt.
4) cover with a towel and set overnight in a warm place (and presto -
5) to eat, add preserves, nuts, seeds, fruits, honey, wheat germ, or
blackstrap molasses.
ed'n esther's (ed is the fortunate husband of the fine
hungarian tomato salad
Vac. vinegar
'Ac. olive oil
2 tblsp. honey
V 4 tsp. sea salt (reg salt will do)
1/8 tsp. pepper
1) combine ingredients above in a small screw top jar, cover, and
2) now rinse and dip in boiling water 5 medium size tomatoes. scald
and peel.
3) clean the tomatoes
4) chill - cut up and put in salad bowl with 1 / 2 c. chopped onions & 2
tblsp. parsley.
5) now cover tomatoes with dressing made above. serves 4 to 5.
brocoli or cauliflower cheese soup
1) melt grated sharp cheese over low heat (a double boiler would be
2) slowly add milk, being careful not to let it boil.
3) while the cheese is melting, pan fry the vegetable you're using in
olive oil or butter.
4) add the cheese and milk mixture to the vegetables.
louise's soup suggestion
(louise is the secretary for humanities dept.)
1) take a soup bone and cook in water
(if it doesn't have any fat or if you don't use meat, add oil).
2) add all kinds of vegetables (carrots, celery, cabbage, onions,
potatoes, peas, etc).
3) cook soup on low heat for several hours. parsley, basil, and sage
are good spices to add.
litzWella, 'S
Spag. £ Meatballs
Salad Garlic Bread Coke
bil. $2.10
With this coupon 25e off
2285 W. Hbg. Pik.
Highspire Plaza
Across from McDonalds
Expires Feb. 20th, 1973
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February 8, 1973