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    February 8, 1973
Next Thursday during
Nostalgia Week, the Beta Chi
organization will co-sponsor a
pie eating contest in Vendorville.
The object of the contest will
be to compete with the other
contestants in consuming a
wholesome pie in the quickest
time. No utensils what-so-ever
may be used and both hands will
likewise be restricted. The
sloppy Joe - "face in pie"
method will be the only method
The reward for the successful
participant will not only be a
free pie but the chance of
receiving an imprinted picture of
Abraham Lincoln in one of his
more favorable portraits - a
**** ************************** **********
The Sights and Sounds
.of the 'so's come back
Beginning Feb. 12
Monday 2 pm
`The Stomping
Suede Greasers'
Free Admission
50 . d 7,1-494tepte
Sada 7oageraese
Seadear &atm,
70 eetae4daet 11,4t0t
genuine $5 dollar bill.
Some of the notable
contestants who have already
committed themselves to the
event are Mike Dini, John
Sheridan, Twyla Brown, Mr.
Gresis, and believe it or not Mr.
Paul. Other competitors will be
joining these contestants for
their chance of not only
satisfying their tummy with
appetizing pie but adding $5
dollars to their pockets.
The pie eating contest is open
to any student, administrator or
faculty member. If any one is
interested in being a contestant
please call 944-4828.
Remember, a win means a
content stomach and a finn.
the Parents
are away
(CPA) -- Professor Ivor Mills
of Cambridge University has a
rude shock for parents worried
about protecting their children's
Mill claims 90 percent of all
teenagers making love for the
first tim don't grovel in the
back seat a car or at a wild
party. No, says the professor,
the kids do it right at home
while the parents are out for the
(from page 1 )
organization currently exists on
campus for grading and student
"academic dismissal" appeals,
excepting appeals with the
individual program heads. The
SGA approved both measures
The SGA also unanimously
approved a motion to reduce the
parking fee from $7.50 a term to
$2.50 per term. (Details on this
motion and that of the "Appeals
Board" will be more fully
MONDAY, 2:00 - 4:30. The Stomping Suede Greasers initiate the
week with their Rock 'n Roll revival show. A great nostalgic show,
they'll take you back to the good ole days and keep you there.
TUESDAY, 8:00. If you're interested in going back to the days
of W.C. Fields and Charlie Chaplain, then the Student Center is the
place to be. Also being shown is the ole time favorite, Bye Bye,
Birdie and Fun & Fancy Free.
WEDNESDAY, 8:00. Remember the 50's drugstore where you
could buy Cokes for 5 cents and banana splits for 25 cents.
Remember when the juke box contained songs by Frankie Avalon,
Chuck Berry, Elvis, the Coasters? You can refresh your memory by
coming to the Student Center and reliving these past memories.
THURSDAY, 1:00. Beta Chi is sponsoring a good ole fashioned
pie-eating contest. Come down to Vendorville and see some of
Capitol's famous personalities compete for the title of "Fastest
FRIDAY, 9:30. The Dance Marathon is iniated by Mr. Oldie &
Co., who is compared with Jerry Blavatt and Murray the K in their
prime. His collection of 40's, 50's, and early 60's songs and visual
performance will entertain both marathon dancers and others who
want to dance along. WZAP DJ's will keep the dance going till there
remains one couple, no matter how long it takes. Registration for
the dance can be done in Vendorville all of Nostalgia Week. A $lOO
prize is offered to the winning couple.
Old Time Movies
Tuesday Bpm
Student Center
Pie - eating Contest
Thursday 1 pm
presented in'next week's issue of
The Capitolist.)
A motion passed on January
22, 1973 establishing a student -
to - student advising program
featuring SGA senators as paid
advisors in a work study
program was reconsidered. A
substitute motion establishing an
advising mechanism, with "no
remuneration fbr SGA
members" passed unanimously.
Marilyn Levin (senior senator
at - large) was appointed
Chairman of the Election
Committee. Other members
named were Judith LePere and
Michael Pierce. Bill Matthews
was appointed to fill a slot on
the Faculty Organization
Student Affairs Committee.
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