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V a4ketlale Sfra44l49,
by Mark Israel
Every sport team needs a
field general—someone who can
take charge and run the team
while it is in action. Such a
position is generally given to the
player who, in his thinking and
attitudes toward the game, most
typifies the coach.
Toni Ogden, guard for Penn
State's Capitol Campus
basketball team, is just such a
player. Tom is a 23 year old
junior from Philadelphia who,
like his coach, possesses a
tremendous knowledge of the
game. But even more
importantly, he has an
enthusiasm about the sport, his
coach, and his team that he
conveys to anyone he talks to.
Just mention the team to him,
and you can see a spark come to
his eyes. Although Tom would
probably never admit it, he is
the prime mover of this year's
vastly improved Capitol Campus
Although Tom is normally
quiet, he was very quick to
remark that, "We'll beat every
team we lost to. We're better
than they are." He also added,
"We'll beat Delaware (who
defeated Capitol 82-80 in the
season opener) by 20." Such
statements are just samples of
Tom's feelings.
Describing his feelings
between the loss to Spring
Garden and the tremendous win
over Schuylkill Campus, one can
clearly understand the
importance of such enthusiasm.
"I take all the games personally
because I'm supposed to run the
team. If Al (Coach AI Williams)
does his job and we lose, I feel
it's my fault. After the Spring
Garden game, I couldn't sleep
that night. I couldn't wait for
the next game. I didn't go to
school till Wednesday--was really
psyched. I wanted to win really
big on Monday, I knew we
would win. I had a feeling in my
body that I never had before.
Monday night, I dreamed about
balls going in the basket."
Tom speaks fondly of his
whole basketball experience at
Capitol thus far. He especially
admires Williams as a man who
knows when to be tough and
when to be gentle. Tom said that
it was Williams who was the first
coach to really build his
confidence. He explained that
Williams knows the capabilities
of each of his players and is not
satisfied unless such a level is
Tom also had praise for his
teammates and the fans
supporting the team. In speaking
about his mates, Tom remarked,
"I never thought the kind of
talent we have, would be here. I
was really surprised. And now
we're starting to get it together.
That first win made the team
feel closer together."
Tom has, like most of the
players on the team, been
developing his skills all his life.
He only gets to show them off
twelve times a year and was
pleasantly surprised by the
support the fans have given the
team this season. "We all
appreciate it. There's nothing
like having people yell for you."
Tom's basketball background
is steeped in experience. Among
his more notable moments, the
5'7", 140 pound guard played
alongside former Villanova
Wildcat Fran O'Hanlon in his
junior year at St. Thomas More
High School in Philadelphia.
This was back in 1966. More
recently, he was named Most
Valuable Player for Peirce Junior
College's basketball team last
year. That was, incidentally, the
first winning team in that
school's history.
Tom has no intentions of
making his his first year with a
losing club. He feels confident
the team will perform to its
capabilities throughout the rest
of the season. And you can bet
that, by his performance and
enthusiasm, both on and off the
court, number 3, Tom Ogden,
will be instrumental in this
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Area Group
A Harrisburg area citizens
group has called for a more
positive approach in the
Pennsylvania Department of
Transportation's (PENNDOT)
recently proposed
Environmental Action Plan for
transportation planning.
Citizens For a Balanced
Transportation Plan,
representing citizens and
community organization in the
Harrisburg Metropolitan Area,
calls for "Inclusion of
Environmental Impact
Statements, as required by law,
to insure participation of
agencies and citizens in
planning," said Henry Fridirici,
spokesman for the group. He
also urges "including
requirements to consider the
positive advantages of
non-automobile transportation
at all stages of the planning
The group's position paper on
the Action Plan states, "We find
an Action Plan written to avoid
violation of environmental law,
and thus the delays of...court
challenges, but not written to
implement seeking those systems
most beneficial to the people of
the commonwealth."
Among reasons for a system
not based so heavily on
automobile use, the group cites
the current "energy crisis" and
calls for consideration of plans
which will lessen the fuel
demands of the automobile as
much as possible.
In citing public support for a
greater reliance on alternatives
to the automobile, the group
cited a recent poll by the
Harrisburg Area Chamber of
Commerce which showed 78.8%
of the respondents finding very
important better bus service to
the city, while only 52.3% cited
better highways as a need.
According to Fridirici, many
Harrisburg area groups and
citizens support the need for
more careful planning of
transportation systems. Alfred
Wadley, President of the
Harrisburg Chapter of the
National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People
said in personally endorsing the
group's statement, "The time
has long past when we can
afford to sit back and allow
haphazard planning to destroy
and degrade our communities
when what is often needed is a
better use or different use of
what we have, not just more of
the same."
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February 8, 1973
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