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- MO n_ 1-ii "All The News That Fits ... . We Print"
Vol. IX, No. 5
Pictured are students from Harrisburg Independent Academy and
their student teachers on a recent visit to the campus radio station
WZAP. The academy is located at Harrisburg's Sixth Street YMCA.
Sitting: Stefanie and Lance Hardcastle. Standing (From Left) Neil,
Gary, Sue, Vance and Marc Cohen.
Student Court Decides
`Floating Sticker' Case
by R.W. Bonaker
On January 31, the Student
Standards Board (Studen Court)
handled another traffic case.
Dean of Student Affairs John
Grimm referred the case of
Michael Bowman to the Court.
Bowman received a ticket
from Security Officer James
Paul approximately t week
before the Court reviewed his
case. Bowman was charged with
failing to have a parking sticker
on his motor vehicle. As it turns
out, he had registered his vehicle
with the Business Office, in a
"floating sticker" situation
(where more than one car is
utilized on campus by one
student), but had failed to
display the sticker on the
windshield of his vehicle.
Bowman appealed the case to
Dean Grimm, stating he did
possess a sticker, and had merely
forgotten to display it. Grimm
changed the violation to "failure
to display the sticker" and
upheld the violation but
suspended the one dollar fine. In
effect, according to Grimm,
Bowman only received a
"warning". However, his second
such violation would constitute
a relatively more severe three
dollar fine, based on the orginal
violation even though the
payment of the fine was
Sha-Na-Na Concert
The University Concert
Committee will hold a concert at
University Park on Sunday,
March 6, featuring SHA-NA-NA.
The concert begins at 8 PM
and the price of tickets is $3.00.
All students interested in
attending the concert, contact
Don Snyder (944-1972) no later
than Tuesday, Feb. 13. The
number of tickets is limited.
Bowman was not satisfied
with Grimm's decision,
consequently Grimm referred it
to the Student Court. During the
Court hearing, Bowman
maintained that Mr. Paul knew
he had a "floating sticker" for
the vehicle in question. He
thought Mr. Paul should have
recognized the vehicle' as
Bowman's because of its distinct
The Court, by a 3 - 2 vote,
upheld Dean Grimm's decision.
Following is the majority
opinion of the Court.
Majority Opinion
It was my decision that the
sentence be sustained. It is the
responsibility of each student to
make sure that his/her sticker be
on the vehicle (whether it be a
floating sitcker or a permanent
sticker) at all times so the officer
knows that the vehicle is
I feel it is not the
responsibility of the officers to
have knowledge of vehicles that
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111 111111 l lIIMIIIMIMII
SGA Positions
Marilyn Levin, chairman of
the Election / Screening
Committee of the Student
Government Association, has
announced her committee will
be screening applicants to fill a
variety of SGA positions.
Vacanies include: a junior
justice on the Student Standards
Board (Student Court); a junior
at-large SGA Senator seat; and
open positions on several
F acuity Organizations
Interested applicants may
sign up in the SGA Office,
W-104, from now until 5:00
p.m., Thursday, February 18.
Screening will be held that same
night at 7:00 p.m. in the office.
Faculty to decide on Program
Planning Committee
by R. W. Bonaker
Last Thursday, the faculty
met in the auditorium to debate
a proposal to establish a Special
Program Planning Committee
under the guidelines of Capitol's
Faculty Council.
The measure was drafted by
Dr. Roger B. Saylor. At its
meeting of January 23, the
Council approved the measure
and decided to present it to the
entire faculty. Council
representatives include Dr.
Thomas J. Knight, Chairman,
Dr. Kenneth Masters, Dr. Robert
Bresler, Dr. Herbert Eisenstein,
Dr. Wayne Lee, Dr. Jacob
Susskind, Dr. Robert Lesniak,
Mike Dini, and Mark Israel.
Saylor serves as Parliamentarian.
The following is a detailed
explanation of the SPPC, as
stated by Knight:
The SPPC represents the
Council's response to
requests from both the
Provost fha members of
the Academic AffairE!
The Provost has on
several occasions asked the
Faculty to become involved
in deciding the
priority-ranking among
course and program
proposals and the \ feasibility
of offering such courses and
Likewise, the Academic
Affairs Committee has
often reminded the Council
that its review functions left
This Week In The S.G.A.
by R.W. Bonaker
The Student Government
Association staged another of its
"meaningful" meetings this past
Monday night.
Asst. Dean of Student
Affairs, Jerry South, discussed
some of the issues he believed
SGA should consider. He called
for intensive SGA involvement
in the major social activities
scheduled for the next two
terms: Nostalgia Week, the arts
Festival as conducted by the
Black Student Union Iduring the
first week of April) and the
spring music festival.
He stressed the SGA should
be deeply concerned with
student-to-student advising;
refining the program and making
it a continuous operation. He
stated his Student Activities
Office has tentatively scheduled
two "leadership conferences" at
Stone Valley (Located near
University Park), the mid-July
seminar centering on leadership
techniques and group efforts and
the late August seminar
concerning the brass tack issues
of organizational budgets and
activity planning. Mr. South also
discussed the relative importance
of teacher evaluations; that they
hiatuses, for example, on
the question of how courses
and programs relate to each
other in terms of cost, use
of faculty, space
considerations, etc. In
addition, the Council has
been concerned about the
initiation of programs
which have no ready-made
constituency within the
Divisions, as might be the
case for certain
interdisciplinary offerings.
The Council has decided
to recommend the
following with respect to
the SPPC (Rtile 1,6 on Page
7 of the Constitution):
1. The SPPC shall be a
special committee of the
Faculty Organization.
2. The SPPC shall consist
of two members from each
Division and one student
appointed by the Faculty
Council Chairman in
rcorisu4tP4 - Nri vfith_ the
3. The SPPC shall be
charged as follows:
"The Special Program
Planning Committee shall
consider all matters which
would result in significant
changes in the uses of the
instructional resources of
Capitol Campus. These
resources are to include
both physical and human
resources. The changes to
be considered shall include
must be made available for
widespread student use during
Mr. South announced he has
established a committee of
students, lead by Rita Girondi,
which is it the beginning stages
of re writing the Student
Handbook. He also announced
Ms. Nancy Colnes, Student
Activities Coordinator will be
leaving the campus at the end of
the current academic year.
South is currently in the process
of establishing a search
committee to fill Ms.Colnes' job,
and expressed a desire for
student input.
President Mike Dini
announced Cathy Brewington, a
junior senator at-large, had
resigned from the Senate.
Apparently, Senator Brewington
resigned due to academic
conflicts. Her post would he
filled within two weeks,
according to Dini.
Treasurer Tom Dixon
presented a statement of the
monies maintained in the SGA
budget. Approximately $l,lOO
is available in a section reserved
for general allocations to campus
organizations, over and above
orginal budget grants. That fund
is continously supplemented
February 8, 1973
1. Additions of new
2. Expansions of current
3. Alterations in
emphases in current
4. Reductions in current
5. Deletions of current
It is anticipated that the
Committee will not be
seriously concerned with
minor changes but rather
with priority and budgetary
matters. Necessary data
should be made available to
the Committee.
The Committee shall try
to establish a consensus of
the Faculty regarding each
proposed singificant change.
When this is not possible, it
shall consider the various
view-points and try to
present them in concise
fonn fly irenftkal Faculty
The Division Heads have
expressed some concern
about these proposed
procedures. In particular,
they feel the
quasi -executive implications
of priority-ranking and
comparative costing
inherent in the SPPC charge
are redundant, since the
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from campus pinball machines
and money collected from
parking violations. About
$1,058 exists in the SGA
Operations account; money for
printing and office supplies.
Don Snyder, Chairman of the
Social Affairs Committee
reported nearly $1,200 will be
spent for the upcoming
Nostalgia Week activities. Prior
to any payments for Nostalgia
Week, the committee had
$2,300 in its budget. Snyder also
announced the appointment of
Mike Leasher as Coordinator for
the Spring Weekend "Music-Arts
The Chairman of the ad-hoc
committee on Academic /
Campus Concerns, Bill Matthews
(junior senator at - large)
submitted two proposals to the
SGA. The first called for an
adoption of a decision passed by
the Business Program "giving a
liberal definition of extenuating
circumstances" in drop-add
procedures. The second proposal
concerned the establishment of
an "Appeals Board" consisting
of three students, three faculty
and one administrator. Matthews
stated no such specific
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