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    February 1, 1973
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by Phoebe
Whole natural foods and vegetariansim could easily become a
whole way of life to those who want to devote the time to it; but
this column is to introduce inexpensive and tasty recipes from
different students, instructors, and administraters on campus.
Anyone with contributions or suggestions of people to interview,
write a message to the CAPITOLIST office.
Tiny Tim will agree that "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, so try to
eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables, and drink juices or water
instead of expensive fattening snacks (eg. candy, potato chips and
between the two and decide which is the more economical of the
Whole grains are an inexpensive high protein sourse and a good
change from meat at every meal. Once you start cooking with grains,
the combinations are unlimited. A good source of ideas is the
cookbook. I leave a copy of the latest epicurian delights in the
bathroom at home and read it like a novel. This gives me exposure to
new combinations and different methods of food preparation (and
believe me they are endless). These first recipes are simple and
inexpensive alternatives to meat.
2 c. water
1 c. rice
some oil or butter
flavoring: bullion, dulce ( a seaweed from the Coast of Maine)
or tamari soy sauce. (Soy sauce should be used on the plate
rather than in the pot.)
1. Clean rice
2. Add to boiling water, cover.
3. Cook on a MEDIUM LOW flame until finished. Every pot
holds heat differently and takes a different amount of cooking time
so you will have to judge for yourself. Flame height is one of the
crucial points in cooking, if you learn how to control your flame
you have the world in your hands. Unfortunately, most people use a
flame that is too high. Remember, it is better to wait longer for your
food to cook than to burn, or overcook it (this ruins food value as
well as taste).
Kasha is made from buckwheat groats. The grocery store sells
groats as kasha and the natural food store usually sells kasha as
buckwheat groats. -
1. Heat oil in iron skillet (garlic oil is excellent if you like garlic).
2. Add kasha. (It expands like rice, judge accordingly). Cook on a
medium low flame until groats are toasted.
3. Slowly add water, (about 2 cups or less for each cup of groats);
I'm not sure because I never measured groats.
4. After water is absorbed, make sure groats are a bit crisp, but
not impossible to chew (not soggy) serve.
Garlic oil is easy
1. Put oil in blender (olive oil or cold pressed oil)
2. Throw in garlic.
3. Turn on blender.
4. Refrigerate.
Can be used in cooking and salad dressings.
1 c. oil or garlic oil
14 c. wine vinegar
Throw in a little parsley, tarragon, dulce
Varations can be made by adding V-8 or tomato juice
lots of relish
some mayonaise
Mix together, (thick) and use on meat sandwiches (is excellent on
corned beef, roast beef, salami, etc.) and salads (thin).
If you are boycotting lettuce due to choice, expense, or if you
just want a change, try a fresh raw spinach salad. You'll never eat
cooked spinach again! (It is very fresh at Acme).
NEXT WEEK: Homade yogart, a surprise interview
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Brown Rice
Garlic Oil
Easy Salad Dressing
Russian Dressing
3160 "0" Strout, N.W.
Washington, D. C. 20007
It's time for finding a partner
and getting in shape for the
marathon dance during Nostalgia
Beginning Friday night, Feb.
16, the dance will continue until
only one couple remains, no
matter how many days it may
take. The reward for enduring
those aching muscles will be the
prize of one hundred dollars to
the winning couple.
Mr. Oldie & Co. will provide
the largest collection of 50's and
60 's songs and Visual
Performance from 9:30 P.M. to
2:30 A.M. to entertain not only
the contestants, but all those
who just want to dance along.
After that, our famous DJ's
from WZAP will keep the
turntables moving until the
contest is over.
The Electrical Engineering
Society (1..E.E.E.) held its fourth
meeting of the school year in
E-330 last Wednesday night on
January 24, 2973.
Bringing the meeting to
order, the Chairman introduced
Mr. John P. Gibbons from
Philadelphia Electric Company
as the speaker for the evening.
Mr. Gibbons spoke on high
temperature gas-cooled atomic
reactors. He complemented his
topic with a slide presentation as
he spoke. Covering the many
aspects of this type of reactor,
Mr. Gibbons explained how it is
constructed, how it operates,
and how it is controlled.
The slides involved technical
data and detailed drawings of
every phase of high temperature
gas-cooled reactor in practical
application. Mr. Gibbons was
well-informed in this area and
presented a very technical
subject in a knowledgeable
manner. The meeting lasted over
an hour with a brief question
and answer period ending the
session. Following the meeting a
social with coffee and donuts
was held. Over twenty members
attended the event.
Diabetic Supplies
Russel Stover
Hallmark Greeting
Your Complete
3 East Water at Union
Electronic music
by Michael Welliver
The auditorium was full, the
audience attentive, as the sounds
of electronic music suggested an
atmosphere of something
comparable to a soundtract from
2001 A Space Odyssey!
James Benshoof and Burt
Fenner, two members of the
faculty in the Music Department
from University Park, sat
manipulating a series of dials and
switches resulting in the
production of a spectrum of
sound that was entirely new to
most of the members of the
The program was one of
many that is being planned and
carried out by the Cultural
Program Committee of this
Mr. Fenner and Mr. Benshoof
took turns expaining such things
as the development of electronic
Community Planning-Grad Program
University Park, Pa., A
graduate program leading to the
master's and doctor's degrees in
Community Systems Planning
and Development has been
initiated in the College of
Human Development of The
Pennsylvania State University
with approval of the Board of
The new offering is designed
to prepare candidates for
professional, teaching, and
research leadership in policy
formation and the planning,
development, and evaluation of
community service systems. It
extends the graduate offerings of
the College of Human
Development into three related
areas of community life: health
services, administration of
justice services, and community
organization and social welfare
The purpose of the new
FM' These Fine
Mr. Swiss
Pantry Pride
Joe,the Motorists
Norge Village
Rea&Derick Drugs
Royal Jewel Box
Children's Shop
Hobby Shop
*Gladell Shop
music, the way different
sythesizers and recording devices
are designed and operated in
order to produce the music, and
the basis interests of the
electronic music movement.
Mr. Fenner ended the
presentation by playing one of
his own compositions intitled
"And They All Shall Change,
but One...'.
The demonstration was an
interesting one, bringing to the
students something new in the
way of entertainment.
Other programs of the same
nature are being scheduled for
the coming weeks, so if you
were in attendance at the
program and would enjoy seeing
more like it, keep an eye out for
announcements of the Cultural
Program Committee
program is to develop
competence in the ; iowledge
and skills that ace needed to help
communities work our policies
and programs that will provide
needed services and to assess the
effectiveness of F . ch poliCies and
programs. Specifically, the new
program will train professional
people who will be able to:
--identify major operating
elements of a community;
--recognize problems and
dysfunctions and express their
relative seriousness in terms of
economic and social costs;
--develop with community
members ways of coping with
such problems and help them
put into effect programs that
will improve the quality of life;
--evaluate the effectiveness of
such actions as guides to further
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G.A:C. Finance