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    SGA (Con
ceremonies. Senator Cathy
Brewington (Jr., at-large) was
placed on probation for this
term because her grade average
fell below the Senate required
2.33. She must raise her average
to that level by the spring term
or race removal from office.
Senator Elyse Paul (Sr.,
at-large), Chairman of the
Campus/Community Service
Committee reported U.S.
Senator Richard Schweiker has
declined an invitation to be the
featured speaker at
Commencement, due to a prior
engagement. The senior senators
then selected Texas legislator
Cissy Farenthold to be next
invited. Dini and Sen. Paul were
to meet with Provost
McDermott on Tuesday to
establish a budget for graduation
The Chairman of the ad-hoc
Committee on Student/Campus
Academic Concerns, Bill
Mathews (Jr., at-large) reported
on a recent conference he held
with Provost McDermott.
According to Mathews,
McDermott stated the campus
name change will "be effected in
the near future." As for changes
in degree nomenclature,
"Provost McDermott seems to
think we would be wasting our
time because there is no
substantial proof that the
present degree hinders graduates
in obtaining a job. The subject
has been rehashed and fought
over repeatedly with no further
settlement in sight. He thought
it might be advisable to redirect
our efforts," Mathews said.
Bernie Boyle mentioned that
the campus Leadership
Directory has been distributed,
but errors or oversights
occurred. An addendum is being
prepared for publication.
Senator Michael Leasher (Jr.,
Social Science) reported he had
talked to Mr. Dressler about
keeping campus offices open to
students by staggering the lunch
hours. According to Leasher,
Dressler pointed out it is not just
a matter of keeping offices open
during the noon hour but also
during the evenings. Apparently,
arrangements have been made
for the Finance office to be
open during lunch on Mondays
and on Fridays for payroll
checks. Leasher also reported
the administration has planned
to place tables in the lavatories
on which to place schoolbooks.
Leasher had originally pushed
for the installation of permanent
shelving, but the authorities
rejected it because of the cost
factor involved. A Senate
motion to establish a coat-rack
area in Vendorville passed by
Dini then turned to an issue
he called "a major priority," the
publication of a general student
directory. He noted that the
Student PSEA Meets
The campus chapter of
Student PSEA will stage a
meeting on Thursday, January
18 at the New Birth
coffeehouse. Meeting time is
6:30 p.m.
All members are requested to
attend as photographs for the
yearbook will be taken.
Also, if you are interested in
tutoring, please contact the
organization's President, Mike
Kowalcheck, at 944-3992
tinued from page 0
Office of Student Affairs had
supplied the information to the
Academic Services Office in the
expectation that office would
print it. Academic Services did
publish a 123 page directory,
but Dini expressed the size and
cost of printing nearly one
thousand of them was to
cumbersome. He expressed a
desire for Student Affairs to
publish a handy directory, like
last year's of approximately
eight pages. Dini thought
Student Affairs had "passed the
buck" when it turned the matter
over to Academic Services. He
believes the publication of the
directory to be the duty of the
Student Affairs Office in the
strengthening of campus..
communications. He then asked
"Is Student Affairs really
performing its mission?" when it
failed to print a directory. The
Senate passed a motion, by 19-1,
requesting the Student Affairs
Office to publish a student
** * *
Robert J. Bielo, Executive
Director of the Susquehanna
River Basin Commission, will be
the featured guest speaker at a
Civil Engineering Seminar, being
held tonight at Capitol Campus.
His topic for discussion is "River
One of ten seminars
scheduled on Water Resources
and Water Pollution Control, the
session will meet from 7:00 to
8:30 p.m. in Room E3lO of the
Main Building. It is open to any
individuals interested in the
topic and free. Additionally, the
entire series may be taken as a
Water Resources course for one
credit. Tuition cost is $3l.
Bielo has served in his present
capacity since December , 1971.
Prior to this appointment, he
served as Executive Director of
the Pennsylvania Fish
He holds a Bachelor of
Science degree in Biological
Sciences from Elizabethtown
College and a Master of Science
in Marine Ecology from the
University of Delaware.
Bielo's broad experience in
water resources affairs gained
through service with the State
Sanitary Water Board, the Water
and Power Resources Board and
the Pennsylvania Water
Resources Council well qualify
him to direct the seminar on
"River Management."
*.*************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mt Swiss
Grad School
newest edition of "GRADUATE
a book describing academic and
special assistance programs
offered by graduate and
professional schools for Black
and other minority group
students, is now available to
college guidance counselors and
other interested groups.
published by Educational
Testing Service (ETS), with the
support of a grant from the
Henry Luce Foundation of New
York for the data collection and
dissemination. The book is
endorsed by several
organizations of graduate and
professional schools.
Included in the book is
information provided by some
700 schools and graduate
departments about their
programs in arts and sciences,
business, law and medicine. Each
entry describes the school's
admissions standards, fee waiver
policy and financial aid
programs. In addition,
information is provided about
the percentage of minority
enrollment, the number of
minority faculty, and the
existence of active monority
enrollment, the number of
minority faculty, and the
existance of active minority
recruitment programs.
About 20,000 copies of the
book will be distributed free of
charge to Black,
Mexican-American, Puerto
Rican, and American Indian
students and student
organizations, as well as to
libraries, colleges, and graduate
student counselors. Copies may
be obtained by writing: Special
Services, Educational Testing
Service, Princeton, New Jersey
Classified Ads
WANTED: Typing, college students.
Let me help you with your work
load. I am resonable and fast. Call
944-5095. Ask for Peggy.
Congratulations to Steve LaVana
and Dottie on their recent
Also congratulations (or
condolences) to Neil and Barb as
they prepare to enter the gates of
Congratulations to Skip Stephens
and Jackie on the birth of a daughter,
Jennifer Marie, on January 9.
Valuable CAPITOLIST coupon
1 wieteve qo
The Cultural Programs
Committee is sponsoring a
classic film series about the
American West. Nine films have
been rented for periodical
showing throughout the term.
The film series, originally
established for the course
Westward Movements,
conducted by Dr. Jay Anderson
and Prof. Mark Dorfman, is now
offered as a "package deal." The
films will be shown in the class,
which meets Tuesdays and
Thursdays, during the second
and third periods for those
enrolled in the class as well as
others who may wish to attend.
In addition, the films will be
presented that same night at 8
p.m. in the auditorium for
general viewing, as sponsored by
To Capitol Students
Rea and Dern
Olmsted Plaza
74a. 74,444etsget-Seateteut
mum UN Bracer
1111. $1.15 Nov $l.OO
Mull I It. lel. $1.51 Nov $l.Oll
the committee
Prior to the evening
presentation, an informal
discussion about each film will
be conducted, according to
Nancy Colnes, Student Activities
Coordinator. The session will
usually begin at 7:30.
Following is a schedule for
the film presentations. One film
has already been presented,
"The Heart of Texas Ryan.";
January 19, "Shane."; January
25, "Outcasts of Poker Flat.";
February 6, "They Died With
Their Boots On."; February 12,
"The Old Chisholm Trail.";
February 20, "Stagecoach.";
February 28, "High Noon.";
March 10, "Lone Ranger and the
Lost City of Gold."; March 13,
N ? A