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    October 26. 1972
Do Nothing
The Do-Nothing Club has
recently become a chartered
SGA organization. The club
states its purpose as
"Attempting to get those
students who literally do
nothing to become involved in
activities as the club sees fit, in
the present system." To
enlighten our readers, the editors
contacted club representative
Harry Franzreb to elaborate on
the Do-Nothing Club. Here is
Harry's story:
Our club really began during
Orientation Week. That
Saturday night around 12
o'clock, about 10 of us met in
front of Church Hall and
decided to do nothing since
there was nothing to do.
A few weeks later, innovative
Bob Getz, who has become our
president, suggested that we
actually form a Do-Nothing
Club. Executive officers were
chosen one night in a taproom in
Highspire. "Wild" Bill Harris
became vice-president, I became
secretary, Joe Thomas our
treasurer, and Jim Emerick
became our publicity chairman.
FOP These Floe
Mr. Swiss
Pantry Pride
Joe,the Motorists'
Norge Village
Rea&Derick Drugs
Royal Jewel Box
Children's Shop
Hobby Shop
Gladell Shop
(Actually he's making sure that
Joe doesn't drink our dues.) The
officers have no official titles
other than that of members of
the Executive Council.
Prospective members, of
which there are more than 30,
include distinguished SGA
senators and some of the best
drinkers on campus. But our
club lacks what many of the
other clubs on campus lack -
WOMEN. Our club is open to all
students who are willing to pay
dues of one dollar per term and
who are tired of doing nothing.
By the time this article is
printed, we will have had our
first meeting where we intended
to plan and discuss our activities
for the term, the membership
drive, and plans to draw up a
budget. Look for signs of our
activities in the classroom
bulding and for future articles
and notes in the CAPITOLIST
and the HOT LINE.
something is better than doing
nothing and nothing is better
than something.
If that phrase doesn't make
sense, come to our next meeting
and help us write a better one.
Fabrific Fabric Center
Barber Shop
Montgomery Wards
Fashion Flair
Beauty Shop
Thrifty Beverage
Sherwin Williams- Paints
G.A.C. Finance
Mr. Jarvis Tyner,
Vice-Presidential candidate of
the Communist Party, visited the
campus last Friday. The Human
Awareness Committee sponsored
his appearance.
Tyner is running on the ticket
with Gus Hall as presidential
daniSdate and in on the ballot in
Pennsylvania. Over 40,000
people signed a petition
advocating their presence on the
ballot. Tyner was accompanied
by Anthony Montiero who is
running on the Communist ticket
for representative from the 3rd
congressional district in
Tyner stated that it is clear
his team cannot win the election
but "it is not a futile gesture. We
will get a good total of the vote.
If you vote communist -on
November 7, it will be the most
significant vote you ever cast,"
he asserted.
He explained he is running
because there is a crisis in this
country; "a crisis where over 10
million people who are able to
hold jobs are out of work; where
50 million are poor or deprived;
where the war in Indochina has
drained the resources necessary
to solve these problems."
Racism and the lack of adequate
child care and medical
rehabilitation were also
identified as factors and
attributes of the national
"crisis." "There is also a crisis
because of the lack of
confidence we have in the
present government, because the
Nixon administration has lied on
many occasions," he declared.
Tyner has long been active in
issues concerning civil rights. In
the 1960'5, before he became a
party member, he served as
chairman of the Young Worker's
Liberation League. The
Philadelphia native is currently a
member of the central
committee of the Communist
Harry Franzreb
The candidate, in a calm and
assurative manner then outlined
the platform of the party. "We
have the best proposals in terms
of peace and improving
economic conditions, as opposed
to Nixon and continually,
McGovern. Both go by the rule
R• l•
Phone 944-7446
108 Wilson Street
Middletown, Pa.
that what is good for the large
corporations is good for the
country. To show you how little
difference there is between
Nixon and McGovern, consider
this example. A short time ago,
Senators speaking for both were
debating the minimal allotment
or poverty level for a family of
four. The Nixon man said
$2400 and the McGovern man
$2600. I can't see how it can be
less than $6500.
Here is the Communist Party
platform as outlined by Jarvis
Tyner: "1. A complete
withdrawal of forces and a total
end to our involvement in
Vietnam. 2. Aide with the
United Nations resolutions of
1968 and call for an Israeli
withdrawal from the territory it
captured in the June, 1967 war.
Peace negotiations will then
proceed. 3. Dismantle our
foreign military bases and
padlock the Pentagon and the
FBI- their actions have hindered
civil rights for decades. 4. We
would then establish a public
works plan which would be a
$l2O billion program. One-half
of the money would go to aid
oppressed minorities. Full
employment would be an
outgrowth of the program. 5.
Nationalize our monopolistic
industries, in such a way to
better serve consumers and cut
operating costs in half. The
money for these services can be
obtained not from a raise in
taxes but from ending subsidies
to large corporations."
Tyner then lashed out at
President Nixon's policies,.
calling such notions as
anti-busing and quotas "racist,
with catering to the average
worker and confusing him.
Nixon has attacked the public
assistance program to rally the
AVf::tr'::....... r .
Mea dowbrook
Night Club
Rt. 322 9 mi. East of Harrisburg ph one 566-3127
Held Over
Oct. 16-28
A combination of James Brown,
Sly, and Ike and Tina Turner
all rolled up in one.
Fri., Nov. 3 - Wayne Cochran and
the C.C. Riders
This paper worth $l,OO off admission
price when presented at the door.
Mr. Jarvis Tyner
working man against it. The fact
is, the worker is taxed $4O per
year for welfare while paying
$BOO out for 'defense'. Yet 60%
of those on welfare are white."
Public education crises"caused"
by the Nixon administration
were next in Tyners tirade
against Nixon. "We are in need
of new schoolrooms and
increased free education, yet
Nixon has vetoed three major
education bills," he said.
Tyner believes there is also a
historic reason for his candidacy.
He refers to the Declaration of
Independence and presents a
certain passage as it means to
him. "Anytime we have a system
that has been unable to provide
for the needs of the pr ale, it
has failed. It is then the duty of
those oppressed people to
institute a new government. This
system must be changed," he
The Communist Party
Vice-presidential candidate
finished his talk with the
following remarks: "We live in a
society where profits come
before people. The Horatio
Alger idea can no longer exist.
We can build a new society, and
it can be done through the
Communist Party. The fight will
not be over on November 7th; it
is just beginning."
!Nylon Lined wind breaker
with Penn State and Beta
Chi lettering. .4
- Due date for $lO deposit
Oct. 27
Call Bill Ryan at 944-1907
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