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Unicef Works for Peace
In 1965, when UNICEF was
awarded the Nobel Prize for
Peace, a member of the Nobel
Commit tee remarked, "To
create a peaceful world, we must
begin with the children."
If children are to take an
active part in ' building
international cooperation, they
must be better fed, healthy, and
educated. The United Nations
Children's Fund is dedicated to
removing the obstacles to
growth faced by the one billion
children now living in the
developing countries of Africa,
Asia, and Latin America.
In every project UNICEF and
its partner the developing
country -- share responsibility.
Most of UNICEF's assistance
takes the form of needed
equipment, while over one third
of its aid supports the training of
local teachers, health workers
and other personnel. The
assisted country makes
susbtantial commitments of its
manpower and natural resources
which more than match the
value of UNICEF's investment.
On the average, the assisted
nation spends $2.50 for every
dollar UNICEF spends on its
child care programs.
Because of this sharing of
responsibility and because
UNICEF selects pilot or
demonstration projects which
can serve as models for more
extensive national efforts,
UNICEF aid acts as a catalyst. It
stimulates programs that
countries can catty ott cot theft
own children. UNICEF's
international staff, located
throughout the developing
world, assists local
administrators in making the
most effective use of UNICEF
aid within the context of the
country's development plans,
and coordinates this aid with
other agencies in international
For over 25 years, the
funding for these programs has
been entirely voluntary -- by
governments and private
Letters to the Editor
organizations and individuals
who support UNICEF. During
most of those years, an
important and growing source of
UNICEF's income has been the
Trick or Treat collection on
Halloween. The coins which are
dropped into the familiar black
and orange cartons by U.S.
citizens add up to millions of
dollars (almost $3,500,000 last
year) for UNICEF's world-wide
child care efforts.
Collecting for UNICEF
rewards America's own children
with a sense of sharing, and
helps to bring food and water,
the relief of pain, the tools of
learning, and the knowledge that
others care to millions of
youngsters in all countries of the
developing world.
U.S. Committee
331 E. 38th
New York, N.Y.
****** * * * * *
Ca pitolist
I have been reading recent
issues of the Capitolist with
great delight. What an enormous
improvement is here! The paper
is now full of news and interest
to students and faculty; the
meetings are well reported; the
choice of press releases is fine;
and even the cartoons and
announcements are better. It is a
great pleasure to see students
concerned with professional
standards of excellence. My
thanks and congratulations.
You do have a few debatable
adjectives 'fuzzy', 'uproarious'
- that are slanted, but I don't
object to a little editorializing.
Dr. Nancy Tischler
Program Head
No Dirty Words
To the Editors,
Jefferson, along with the rest
of our country's founding fathers,
advocated public education on
the grounds that it was necessary
to have an educated population
if the individuals in that
population were going to be able
to make intelligent decisions
when they entered a polling
Now, inherent in the concept
of making decisions is the
process of making a choice,
inherent in which there are two
or more things from which to
choose. Stated another way,
there are two or more methods
of doing something, and if one
method doesn't "do" it
satisfactorily, there is a
possibility of making a
CHANGE in the method.
From this, one may say that
education is a method for
enhancing the changemaking
Realistically, education in our
country today seems to function
to reflect and maintain the
status-quo of'. the society. A
whole array of methods are
utilized by society to effect the
maintenance of that status-quo,
—one of the most obvious being
money. A perfect example exists
right here in this campus
newspaper which you are now
I inquired in THE
CAPITOLIST office why certain
types of articles were
conspicuous by their absence.
The answer, given me
appropriately by a young man
who identified himself as the
business manager, was that
objected to the use of certain
language in THE CAPITOLIST.
The advertisers didn't want their
product identified with "dirty"
words. My reply was that THE
CAPITOLIST was produced by
students, for students. (People
who are not students do, of
course, read the paper, but it is
primarily a student-orientated
publication.) I said that I felt
quite certain that the average
student was aware that words
have no value in themselves,—
their value is in how they are
Moreover, I here make an
assumption that a person who
utilizes WORDS outside of the
status-quo norm is possibly
entertaining IDEAS which are
outside of the status-quo norm.
In other words, that person is a
deviate. (Deviate: negative social
label utilized by status-quo
members of the society designed
to control that "different"
member of the society, —and
maintain the status-quo.)
****** * * * * *
The Head Shop has started a
FREE, anonymous drug analysis
service. If you come across any
unidentified pills or powders,
put them in an envelope with a
distinguishing mark ( Any
symbols, numbers or letters.)
Then drop it off through the
dryer exhaust chute at 835
Nelson Dr., Meade Heights, any
time of the day or night.
Five days later, call the Hot
Line at 944-1033, describe your
envelope and you will be advised
of its contents. Those of the
Head Shop wish that you take
advantage of the offered service
if and when you need it.
If you need the comfort and
security of being one of the
crowd,-the whole big crowd, -
you probably will support this
policy of our "student voice",
other hand, if you would like
your education to serve to
enhance your ability to make
intelligent decisions, it seems
that you should make known
your support of the deviates
among us, even if they say "F--"
once in a while, (do you?).
Back to Jefferson!
This country has historically
valued the rugged pioneer spirit
of individualism. Individualism is
still given lip service, even (or
especially) in the educational
institution. If we intend to
operate out of this value, it is
obvious that we have a
responsibility to cherish and
encourage our deviates, or
non-conformers, or
free-thinkers, or whatever label
we choose to identify an
individual who has the
awareness, mental ability and
inclination to question and/or
criticize the established norms.lf
we won't we can depend on the
fact that we, along with the rest
of society, will continue in the
same old rut. We will have the
security and comfort of that rut.
We won't go backwards because
there will be too big a crowd
shoving us along, but the rut will
get deeper and deeper and there
may come a day when we can't
even see the sun. Then we WILL
be part of that big crowd
lending out efforts and strengths
to silencing the minority who
have the temerity to suggest that
there is a different way, —which
might just be a better way than
what we're locked into.
Please understand that I am
not advocating complete
elimination of all standards.
What I am saying is that those
standards should be very
carefully considered, and not
arbitrarily defined. Also, the
criteria for deciding the
standards is every bit as
important as the standards.
I have two questions:
1. Can we allow someone
who advertises in our paper
(who is therefore after the money
in our pocket) to define the
limitations of our thinking and
the expression of our thinking?
is going to abide by this moral
judgement laid on us by outside
forces, how can they
conceivably, in good conscience
accept advertising from the Star
Art Theater?
Sara R. Shenefelt
***** * * * *
Racist Ouote
of the Week
(CPS) -- Private Wesley
Williams was acquitted of
marijuana possession charges at
Fort Hood, Texas, recently by a
jury who deliberated only five
It was obvious to witnesses of
the trial that the jury was more
concerned with the failure of the
judge to disqualify himself for
being a racist than the innocence
or guilt of Private Williams.
Colonel Adair, the military
judge, had a quick reply to that
charge: "Why, just last week I
tried a colored boy and found
him innocent."
Dr. Poore
to Speak
by Sy Sebastionelli
Dr. Daniel M. Poore, Head of
the Division of Administration
and Business, will be the
featured guest speaker tonight at
a Beta CM meeting scheduled for
7:00 P.M. in room E-310.
Dr. Poore has been invited by
the officials of the organization
to informally speak on the
future of the Capitol Campus
business curriculum and to
answer any questions from
concerned students.
Some of the topics to be
discussed cover program
development, expansion,
accredition, improving relations
with commonwealth campuses,
and the transition from
undergraduate to graduate
school. In addition, some light
will be cast into the future of an
internship program in business.
This is an excellent
opportunity for all business
students to become aware of the
efforts of their faculty and also
get answers to questions
concerning course advisement
directly from the head of the
business department.
The Pennsylvania State
Association of Student
Governments (PSASG), an
organization of student
government presidents from 13
Pennsylvania state colleges and
Indiana University of
Pennsylvania, has endorsed
Senator George McGovern for
PSASG, which was organized
35 years ago and which is active
in supporting legislation of
concern to students, has never
before made a presidential
Jim Stuart, of Shippensburg
State College, President of
PSASG, said:
"When you look at the choice
and look at what is at stake, you
see that President Nixon has not
met standards he has set for
himself, or those standards for
students. He has not supported
education for youths, he 'has not
ended the war, and he has not
supported social reform.
McGovern is working to
improve veterans' eddcational
benefits. Pennsylvania ranks
43rd in terms of per cent for
higher education benefits for the
veteran and ranks 50th in
support for higher education."
Student enrollment of the
state colleges is approximately
70,000. The colleges include
Bloomsburg State College,
California State College,
Cheyney State College,
Mansfield State College
Millersville State College,
Edinboro State College,
Kutztown State College,
Shippensburg State College,
Slippery Rock State College,
West Chester State College and
Indiana University of