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    October 12, 1972
Take Note!
By Michael Collins
This year business students at
Capitol Campus will find some
new changes and many
opportunities open to them.
First in extracurricular activities
there is the Business Club.
The Business Club, with it's
new name Beta Chi is growing
and looking for more new
members. Beta Chi's
membership is presently 44
students (only two women) out
of a total of 430 business
Each year the club offers a
program of activities such as
dances, Casino Nights, and slave
sales. With the funds obtained
from such affairs, the club is
able to fmance its educational
Last year the club took a trip
to the Transpo Exposition in
Washington D. C. Here club
members were introduced to the
problems and some of the future
plans and ideas of
transportation. At the meetings
films are sometimes shown,
which depicts different facets of
the business world. So get
involved and join Beta Chi.
In the Business Curriculum
the outlook is good as plans for
expansion and improvements are
in the making. For the first time
courses in Health Administration
are being offered under the
auspicious of the Health
Administration Program. The
program currently carries four
courses which will be available
over a three semester span. Dr.
Tucker, the head of a prominent
hospital in the area, is the
instructor for the courses.
Another improvement which
may be realized in the winter
term is the addition of some
special topic courses. Some of
the courses being coffered are:
Advertising, Information
Management, Commercial Bank
Management, and Econometrics.
The Business Department will
try to make these courses truely
unique and attempt to lure
specialists in these fields of
industry to come in and lecture
in these courses.
The Business Department is
also looking at the possibilities
of hiring more instructors and
also having the school accredited
by the Association of Collegiate
Business Schools. To qualify for
such accredidation the school
must meet all the standards of
the association, including one
which states that junior college:
students who transfer to an
upper division school can receive
credit for only the basic business
courses (basic accounting,
economics and statistics) while
all other business courses must
be taken at the upper division
This subject of accredidation
by the A.C.B.S. is ambiguous, in
that nobody really knows the
benefits of such accredidation
and that such accredidation will
cut down on the number of
students able to transfer here
which is something the Business
Department does not wish to do.
Test Dates
Teacher Examinations
College seniors preparing to
teach school may take the
National Teacher Examinations
on any of the four different test
dates specified by Educational
Testing Service, a nonprofit,
educational organization which
prepares and administers this
testing program.
New dates for the testing of
prospective teachers are:
November 11, 1972, and
January 27, April 7, and July
21, 1973. The tests will be.given
at neatly 500 locations
throughout the United States,
ETS said.
Results of the National
Teacher Examinations are used
by many large school districts as
one of several factors in the
selection of new teachers and by
several states for certification of
licensing of teachers. Some
colleges also require all seniors
preparing to teach to take the
examinations. The school
systems and state departments of
education which use the
examination results are listed in
an NTE leaflet entitled SCORE
USERS which may be obtained
by writing to ETS.
On each full day of testing,
prospective teachers may take
the Common Examinations
which measure their professional
preparation and general
educational background and a
Teaching Area Examination
which measures their mastery of
the subject they expect to teach.
Prospective teachers should
contact the school systems in
which they seek employment, or
their colleges, for specific advice
on which examinations to take
and on which dates they should
be taken.
CANDIDATES contains a list of
test centers, and information
about the examinations, as well
as a Registration Form. Copies
may be obtained from college
placement officers, school
personnel departments, or
directly from National Teacher
Examinations, Box 911,
Educational Testing Service,
Princeton, New Jersey 08540.
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