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Capitol's Student Court is
back in session. The Court
handled its first case of the new
year last week, the case involving
last spring's SGA election.
Steven C. Levy, a tenth term
student in the social science
program, petitioned the Court,
whose members are Chief Justice
Harry Franzrev, and Senior
associate justices Sam Randazzo,
Rick Jordon and Larry Olexa.
Levy claimed that the senior
at-large seat now held by Judith
LePere. (10th-elementary
education) should be his.
The affair is a very
complicated one. Following will
be a detailed account of the
events surrounding the situation.
SGA Spring Elections were
scheduled for Thursday. May 18,
1972. SGA officers and senior
senators for 1992-73 were
elected at that time. Levy was a
candidate for senator from the
social science program. His name
appeared on the ballot and he
received 55 votes, the second
highest total from the
curriculum, which, at that time,
entitled him to an at-large seat.
However, as of May 11, 1972,
Levy had officially withdrawn
from the University, due to the
tragic death of his father. But
the official election ballots had
been printed prior to his
withdrawal, thus the appearance
of his name on the ballot.
Ballots were not reprinted
between May 11, the date of
Levy's withdrawal and May 18,
election day, because some of
the ballots had already been
distributed, serving as absentee
"Levy was not a student on
election day, consequently he
has no claim to the seat," the
Court stated in its decision. Levy
contested the seat because he
was led to believe he would be
given the position upon his
return to Capitol during the
summer session.
He was led to believe that
through an article which
appeared in the May 25, 1972
which quoted then SGA
President Terry Wimmer as
saying, "It is not known if he
(Levy) plans to reenter Capitol
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Student Court Decision
Refused Sena to Sea t
Campus next fall. If he does
enroll in September, the at-large
seat will remain his. It he decides
not to hold office, either Judith
LePere or Evon Golphin will
become the representative in
Levy's place."
LePere and Golphin, who
were next in line in the voting,
tied at 34 votes. Wimmer and
the then Election Committee
Chairman Harvey Brown
apparently changed their minds
and decided to stage a run-off
election between the two.
LePere edged out Golphin by a
63-62 count. LePere then
assumed her duties at the SGA
meeting of June 12, 1972.
Levy contested the entire
procedure and took his case to
the Student Court which
reached a decision last Friday.
Following is the text of the
Court decision:
We the members of the
Student Court (Student
Standard Board) do hereby
submit the following
decision concerning the
petition of Steven C. Levy
filed in accordance with
Aricle IX, Section 8 of the
S.G.A. constitution.
Case in point: The Court
has unanimously agreed that
Steven C. Levy is not
entitled to hold the Senate
at Large Seat.
This decision of the
Student Court is based on
the following articles in the
S.G.A. constitution Article
11, Section I.
"All registered full time
undergraduate students
shall be members of this
organization." Upon Steven
Levy's with drawl from
Capitol Campus Penn State
University from May 11,
1972 to June 2, 1972 he
could not be a member of
the S.G.A.
Article XIII, Section I
"...All students seeking
office in the Spring election
must have enough total
semester hours to qualify
them as first term members
of the class they expect to
enter. This total shall be
compiled from semester
Special I
your VW
19.12 plus tax
John Hershey, Gen. Manager'
Capitol '7l
ma am No imi EN ma No moll
hours previously finished
plus those being taken
during the term they seek
Steven C. Levy did not
complete the required
semester hours during the
term that he sought office
thus forfeiting the right to
run as a candidate for Social
Science Senate Seat.
Washington, D.O . (CPS) -
Women students of the
Georgetown Law School have
denounced Acting Associate
Dean William Greenhalgh for
"demonstrating a blatantly
prejudiced attitude toward
women" in his speech before the
opening session of a Local
Government Law class.
Allegations were prompted
by Greenhalgh's announcement
that Sarah Carey, originally
scheduled to teach the class,
would be absent due to an illness
contracted during a recent
business trip to the Soviet
Union. Angered by the
inconvenience of Carey's illness,
Greenhalgh commented, "Let
this be a lesson to you girls or
women or whatever you want to
call yourselves, as to professional
A woman in the audience
replied, "I don't think it applies
to a woman any more than to
anyone else in the class as a
lesson in professional
"Be that as it may,"
Greenhalgh answered, "I'm in
charge of hiring and firing and
I'm going to keep this in mind.
This is the second time that a
girl professor has done this this
Greenhalgh later commented
that the incident served as a
"short course" in professional
ethics, since attorneys are
responsible for keeping
appointments. "The example
applies to everyone," he said,
"but it's the second time since
July that this has happened and
both times it involved a
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Photo by Mike Welliver
Gautreau , holding plaque presented to Capitol for its
aid during the flood.
At the Monday night meeting
of the Lower Swatara Township
Council, Capitol Campus was
presented with a plaque in
appreciation of the cooperation
and aid extended to flood
victims of tropical storm Agnes.
Capitol Campus served as a
housing and food distribution
center for weeks after the flood
had ravaged the Highspire and
Bob Hetzel
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October 12, 1972
Middletown area.
On hand to recieve the award
were Dr. Robert McDermott, Dr.
John Grimm, Mr. George
Dressler, Mr. Norman Gautreau,
Frank Williams, Mike Dini, and
Sam Randizzo. Mr. Charles
Boyer, president of the Council,
made the presentation and
extended his personal thanks on
behalf of the Council.
SGA Senator £
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