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Five Faculty Members
The promotions of five
faculty members at Capitol
Campus have been announced
by Dr. Richard H. Heindel, dean
of faculty.
Promoted are:
Dr. Mihail.° Dordevic, to
professor of humanities and
Dr. Robert J. Lesniak, to
associate professor of education.
Dr. Robert J. Bresler, to
associate professor of political
science and social science.
Dr. Frank J. Swetz, to
assistant professor of
mathematics and education.
Dr. David Langmeyer, to
assistant professor of psychology
and education.
Dr. Dordevic came to Capitol
Campus in 1969 from Western
Washington State College in
Bellingham, Washington, where
he was an instructor in the
Foreign Language Department.
A native of Yugoslavia, he
received his master of arts degree
in French at the University of
Belgrade in 1949 and his docteur
es lettres in modern comparative
literature at the University of
Paris in 1958. Since coming to
the United States, he also has
taught at Converse College,
Spartansburg, S.C., and Hayes
High School and Ohio Wesleyan
University in Delaware, Ohio.
A former associate director
for instruction in the Urban
Teacher Preparation program at
Syracuse University, Dr. Lesniak
was appointed to the Capitol
Campus faculty in 1969.
A graduate of Hope College,
he received his master of arts
degree in elementary
administration and doctor of
philosophy degree in teacher
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preparation at Syracuse. He
taught in the Herkimer Central
School District, New York, and
was intern supervisor of the
Urban' Teacher Preparation
program at Syracuse before
assuming the duties of associate
director for instruction in 1965.
An honor graduate of
Earlham College, Dr. Bresler
received his master of arts and
doctor of philosophy &gees,
both in politics, at Princeton
University. He taught at the
University of Wisconsin and the
University of Delaware before
joining the Capitol Campus
faculty in 1969.
During the 1970-71 academic
year, Dr. Bresler was on leave
from Capitol Campus and served
on the staff of Goddard College,
Cambridge Institute Graduate
School for Social Change,
Cambridge, Mass.
Dr. Swetz, who also joined
the Capitol faculty in 1969, is a
graduate of Marist College. He
received his master's degree from
Fordham University and his
doctor of education degree from
Teachers College, Columbia
Dr. Swetz's teaching
experience encompasses faculty
positions at Marist, Fordham,
Teachers College and the
Malayan Teachers College and
secondary school teaching in
New York City, Chicago, Hawaii
and Malaysia. While teaching
with the Peace Corps in
Malaysia, he assisted in the
development of jungle
settlements and bridge
construction in Borneo.
Dr. Langmeyer has been a
member of the Capitol Campus
faculty since last September. A
graduate of Brooklyn College, he
received his master of arts and
doctor of philosophy degrees;,
both in psychology, at the.
University of North Carolina.
Her served as an instructor at
Frostburg State College for two
years and was a . part-time
instructor at the University of
North Carolina prior to joining
the Capitol Campus faculty.
MChMall New Social SCiene ling
Dr. Irwin Richman, associate
professor of American Studies
and History at Capitol Campus,
has been appointed chairman of
the Social Science Programs
including the new graduate
program in American Studies at
the campus.
This program plays a special
role in carrying out the
innovational responsibility
which has been given to the
Capitol Campus by The
Pennsylvania State University.
Capitol is the only upper
division and graduate level
campus among the
Commonwealth Campuses.
`Qr. Richman's appointment
was confirmed by Dr. George D.
Wolf, head of the Division of
Humanities, Social Sciences and
A member of the faculty
since 1968, Dr. Richman
formerly served as special
projects assistant to the
Executive Director of the
Pennsylvania Historical and
Museum Commission. He also
had served as assistant historian
for the Division of Research and
Publications for the Commission
and curator of history for the
William Penn Memorial Museum
in Harrisburg.
Dr. Richman holds a Bachelor
of Arts degree in history from
George Washington University
and Master of Arts and Ph.D.
degrees in history from the
University of Pennsylvania.
Author of books, articles and
pamphlets on Pennsylvania and
American history, he has special
professional interest in American
medical and scientific history,
especially of the 19th Century.
His book, Historical Manuscript
Depositories in Pennsylvania,
received the 1965 Award of
Merit from the American
Association of State and Local
Dr. Richman is a member of
Pi Gamma Mu, honorary science
fraternity; the American
Historical Association; the
Society of Architectural
Historians; and the Pennsylvania
Historical Association. He also is
a member of the American
Association for the History of
Medicine, and the American
Association of Museums.
Dr. Richman assumes the post
formerly held by Dr. William E.
Lewis. He is married to the
former Susan Steigerwalt who is
an assistant professor of
mathematics at Capitol.
Thursday, September 28, 1972
The Educational Testing
Service has announced that
undergraduates and others
preparing to go to graduate
school may take the Graduate
Record Examinations on any of
six different test dates during
the current academic year.
The first testing date for the
GRE is October 28, 1972.
Scores from this administration
will be reported to the graduate
schools around December 4.
Students planning to register for
the October test date are advised
that applications received by
ETS after October 3 will incur a
$3.50 late registration fee. After
October 10, there is no
guarantee that applications for
the October test date can be
The other five test dates are
December 9, 1972, January 20,
February 24 (only the Aptitude
Test is administered), April 28,
and June 16, 1973. Equivalent
late fee and registration
deadlines apply to these dates.
Choice of test dates should be
determined by the requirements
of graduate schools or fellowship
sponsors to which one is
applying. Scores are usually
reported to graduate schools five
weeks after a test date.
The Graduate Record
Examinations include an
Aptitude Test of general
scholastic ability and Advanced
Tests measuring achievement in
19 major fields of study. Full
details and registration forms for
the GRE are contained in the
1972-73 GRE Information
Bulletin. The Bulletin also
contains forms and instructions
for requesting transcript service
on GRE scores already on file
with ETS. This booklet is
available on most campuses or
may be ordered from:
Educational Testing Service, Box
955, Princeton, New Jersey,
08540; Educational Testing
Service, 1947 Center Street,
Berkeley, California, 94704;
Educational Testing Service, 960
Grove Street, Evanston, Illinois,