The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, September 28, 1972, Image 5

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    Thursday, September 28, 1972
Right Lane Only! Brought to
you by Dauphin Deposit Bank,
Be Dauphin De-positive because
of Inter-state 83, which is
funded by Yield. Then, only to
have Speed Limit 50 Radar
Enforced causing Emergency
Stopping Only, to Stop. No
Passing Zone which switched
places with Speed Zone Ahead
causing Right Lane Only to be
coincided with 1-83 South,
causing Left Lane Only to be
brought to you by: Right Lane
Closed, funded by: Right Lane
Closed, but only coinciding with
Merging Traffic, brought by
Cadillac-Olds Dealers combined
with forty acres Zoned 1-3, who
owns Snow Relief Route, all cut
off by Right Turn Lane Only.
Bulletin: The sign Right Turn
Only was attacked by The Finest
in Cartridge Tapes, which wasn't
gaudy enough because Gulf,
"C'mon lady. Stop screaming. Think of this as
living theatre, bringing art to the people."
by Boz
Do not but men
have eyes by
which to see?
Reserve a smile,
potentially happy
Desirous to know,
yet from such
knowledge flee?
Texaco, and Midas Muffler
battled Stop into a submissive
Yield and etched their new
initials: Right On.
Meanwhile Beware! There
stood President Slippery, sixteen
ft. (pronounced `phfe) high and
six in.; And who do you think
she was? Oh never mind, that
was how it was to be said, she
would say it doesn't matter.
Though, I'm not so sure about
that anymore, as I was walking
through some dense underbrush
in these woods. There out of the
bowels of the earth were
teardrops. They were frozen, but
then it might have been the cold
and such, but then spring is right
around the corner. Though to
me, right around the corner is
Third and Broad Street,
someone is starving along the
side the sign: No Parking. So
Spring, he's got to get up, but
A simple plasma donation will contribute to the
short supply of vitally needed fractions used for
the treatment of hemophilia, leukemia, and child
birth diseases, etc. While helping alleviate this
shortage you can earn at least $4O and up to $BO
per month.
All Blood Types Urgently Needed!
Plasma Center, Inc.
260 Reily Street
Harrisburg, Pa. 17102
232-1901 or 232-1902
wait, he's too late. There's the
friendly osifer and he's laying a
ticket on our rebirth, then he's
callin' the old tow truck. Johnny
yelled, "Hey Artie, they're
impounding our Spring!"
Artie, himself in disbelief, "I
know, I know!"
There was about three days of
silence, no one said anything
important. We'd walk around
with limpid stones in our eyes.
We saw the buds on the trees, we
felt anew with spiritual growth.
It devoured our shelter-seed
being. It was quite wonderful;
Now I don't mean to sound trite
or trivial, but then take a look
around. Jesus Babaramdas
harked forward in stong
sensual-psych debate with
himself mumbling in slow
overtures, "love them for they
know not what they do."
O'Brian Auto, Inc.
Authorized SAAB Dealer
Lebanon Valley Shopping Center
Palmyra, Pa. 17078
Phone 838-1346
John Hershey, Gen. Mana
Capitol '7l
Greetings to
Capitol Student s
10% off any item Sept.2B-Oct.
Casual Flare Slacks
Ve Vo#ta;l
*2 - 1
For the Finest In Men's W
% Price
Reg. $9.00 to $lO.OO
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