The capitolist. (Middletown, Pa.) 1969-1973, June 01, 1972, Image 5

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    Rock Festival
January Burgundy
February Plum Purple
March —Azure Blue
April Shell White
May Fern Green
June—Salmon Pink
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=Ol. RL--
r e 7
The wish-upon-a
star-ring come true
for you, for
someone special.
Linde birthstars in
14K gold setting.
July Claret Red
August Mint Green
September—Cornflower Blue
October—Azalea Pink
November— Lemon Yellow
December Bahama Blue
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The Selective Service System
has issued its last major group of
Regulation changes and thus
ended more than two years of
almost constant reform in draft
policies and registrant rights.
The Regulations concern
procedures for personal
appearances and appeals, among
other subjects. The issuance of
the new Regulations removed
the administrative hold on
personal appearances and
appeals which had been in effect
since late 1971.
The Regulations set a 15-day
time limit following the mailing
of a Notice of Classification card
in which a registrant must
request a local board personal
appearance or an appeal. When
he demonstrates that his failure
to respond within 15 days was
due to reasons beyond his
control, his local board may
grant an extension of the 15-day
The new Regulations also
require local and appeal boards
to give a registrant at least 15
days notice of his scheduled
personal appearance before his
local or appeal board. Another
change announced gives a
registrant who is under a long
postponement of induction the
right to receive consideration
from his local board for a
reopening of his classification to
hear claims for exemption,
deferment, or conscientious
objector status.
The new Regulations also
allow a registrant to have up to
three witnesses appear in his
behalf at his local board personal
appearance, require that a
quorum of the members of the
local board be present, entitle
him to 15 minutes for his
presentation, and state that his
local board must furnish him
with the reasons should he
receive an adverse decision on
his classification request.
A personal appearance before
a quorum of his state appeal
board and, when the vote of the
state appeal board is less than
unanimous, the Presidential
appeal board, also are provided
for by the new Regulations.
These boards also must furnish
the registrant with the reasons
should he receive adverse
decisions on his classification
request. He is now allowed to
have witnesses appear in his
behalf before appeal boards.
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Free Picnic
lune 10
3 PM
Meade Heights
Recreation Area
Sponsored by
Meade Heights
Board of Governors
4,) ;
• -")
I\4 l .
Nt i ) Ale
Folk Dung
Thursday evenings at 7:30
on campus
CLEP Exams
To Be Held
June 14
The College Level Entrance
(CLEP) Examinations arc
offered monthly at Capitol
Campus. The next testing date is
Wednesday, June 14, 1972.
Through the CLEP
examinations, thousands of
people have entered college at an
advanced level with credit for
material learned without
attendance at formal college
classes. The examinations arc
available to anyone wishing to
take them.
Two kinds of CLEP
examinations will be offered at
the Capitol Campus Test Center.
The general examination
measures achievement in five
basic areas of the Liberal Arts -
English composition,
Humanities, Mathematics,
Natural Sciences, and Social
Sciences-History. Applications
for the general examinations
must be received by June 9. The
subject examinations measure
achievement in specific college
courses. The deadline for
applications for subject
examinations is June 5, 1972.
A person desiring to enter
college at an advanced level with
credit for material already
learned may take the CLEP
examinations and have the
scores sent to thecollege.
Capitol Campus and many
other institutions of higher
education in central
Pennsylvania will recognize
academic credit for the CLEP
examinations, providing their
standards are met.
Persons wishing to take the
examinations should inquire at
the institution they wish to
attend as to whether credit will
be accepted for CLEP
examinations, the examinations
to take, and the scores required
for credit.
Applications and other
information can be obtained
from area colleges or from the
Capitol Campus Admissions