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Vol. VII, No. 7
SGA General Elections
MIKE DINI Elected President
Mike Dini has been elected
President of the Student
Government Association for the
academic year 1972-73.
In last Thursday's balloting,
Dini received approximately 32
per cent of the valid votes cast
for President, in a six-way race.
Max Brady, a junior Business
student who is also Advertising
was elected Vice-President.
Bernie Boyle was elected
Recording Secretary and Debra
Young Corresponding Secretary
in uncontested races. Tom
Dixon defeated Don 'Snyder in
their head-to-head confrontation
in the contest for SGA
Five program senators and
four at-large senators were also
chosen. Ron Edwards will
represent Social Science students
in the coming year. Incumbent
senator Joe Perretta was
reelected as a representative of
the Business Program. Bonnie
McSweeny, Humanities, and
Ron Snyder, Engineering, were
also reelected, in uncontested
races. Jun Quill won a tight
four-way race to be elected
Elementary Education senator.
The four candiates receiving
the highest number of votes, but
not elected as program senators
are the new at-large senators,
representing the student body as
an entity. The at-large senators
are: Robert Thompson,
Business; Joseph Kubiak,
Business; Elyse Paul, Social
Science; and Steve Levy, Social
However, Levy withdrew
from the University after the
ballots were printed. It is not
known if he plans to reenter
Capitol Campus next fall. If he
does enroll in September, the
at-large seat will remain his. If he
decides not to hold office, either
Judith LePere or Evon Golphin
will become the at-large
representative in Levy's place.
LePere and Golphin tied at 34
votes each. If Levy does not
hold office, the new student
government will settle the
situation when it assumes power
in September, according to SGA
The following is the official
breakdown in the SGA voting
from the 491 ballots cast, about
one-third of the 'student
136 votes or 32%; John Sheridan
93 or 22%; Fred Manas, 75 or
18%. Sen. Gene Bryan finished a
shockingly dismal fourth with
51 votes. Ray Nearhood received
35 tallies. Steve Berry, who
withdrew from the campaign but
whose name remained on the
ballot, got 30 votes.
Brady, 156 votes for 36.7% of
the votes cast for the office.
Marilyn Levin was second with
137 or 32.2%. Charlie Carlin
finished a strong third with 132
votes or 32.1%.
SECRETARY Bernie Boyle
received 376 votes in her drive as
Recording Secretary and Debra
Young got 377 as Corresponding
Secretary. Young's vote total
was the highest gathered by any
candidate as she ran unopposed.
currently a Senator, captured
260 votes for 65% of the total
cast for this particular office.
Don Snyder received 140 votes
for 35%.
Edwards, 72 votes; Steve Levy,
55 votes; Elyse Paul, 53; Evon
Golphin, 34.
BUSINESS Joe Perretta,
74; Robert Thompson, 65; Joe
Kubiak, 62.
McSweeny, 83 votes.
Snyder,,BB votes.
EDUCATION Jim Quill, 36
votes; Judith LePere, 34 votes;
Andye Fuller, 31; Anthony
Lombardozi, 22 votes.
candidate on the ballot, but
Michael Cernusca received three
write-in votes. A senator from
the program will be appointed
by the SGA.
The Constitutional question
failed to pass on an absolute
In an editorial decision last
week, the total yearbook order
of the 1972 Capitolite has been
cut by fifty books. Editor Tom
Ogden told Capitolist reporters,
"We just have not been selling
enough books to justify its
production. Despite that fact,
we will continue delivery of
books to those who have been
faithful enough to order."
Ogden suggested that part of the
staff's problem has been
students' promise to order books
and failure to do so. As a result,
an over-speculation on the staff's
part would have caused dozens
of extra annuals to flood Capitol
Campus next year. Rather than
cheapen the yearbook, the
editors of the Capitolite decided
to cancel all further organized
sales and order only enough
extra copies of the 1972 annual
for problems in mailing,
inter-school trade and staff use.
Students who have neglected to
purchase books and still wish to
attempt to do so are advised to
contact either Tom Ogden at
944-7768 or any member of the
yearbook staff immediately,
since the printer's deadline for
receipt of purchaser's addresses
is June 1, 1972.
Special Run— Off Election
"All The News That Fits . . . . We Print"
majority, but an official count
has yet to be announced. As of
this writing, a recount was
Sen. George McGovern
received the highest number of
votes in Capitol's Presidential
Preference balloting. The South
Dakota Democrat pulled down
45% of the total vote in a field
of 10 candidates which included
both Republicans and
Democrats. The official results:
McGovern, 171 votes; Pres.
Richard M. Nixon, 99 votes;
Gov. George C. Wallace, 43; Sen.
Edward Kennedy, 26; Sen.
Hubert Humphrey, 16; Rep.
Shirley Chisholm, 14; Sen.
Edmund Muskie, 8; Sen. Henry
Jackson, one and Representative
Pete McClosky and John
Ashbrook failed to receive a
congratulates all winners in the
election and sends condolences
to the almost winners. Let us
now work together as a
community for our mutual
The following persons still
owe the balance of their 1972
Capitolite. If all monies are not
received by June 1, 1972, your
yearbook contract WILL BE
CANCELED without refund:
Joyce Akins, Donald
Alexander, Harvey Brown, Steve
Calhoun, Faye Constantine,
Anne Crawford, Thomas
Dallapalu, Merle Erb, George
Gilbert, Rita Girondi, Bob
Hartman, Kathy Januzelli,
Robert Kaylor, Robert
Kleinhaus, Shirley Lawson,
Portia LEininger, Carol
Peterman, Ed Radwanski, Dr.
Portia Leininger, Carol
Peterman, Ed Radwanski, Dr.
Winston Richard, Phil Rocca,
Connie Simko, Marianne
Stambaugh, June Stetler,
Barbara Tucker, Andrea Verna.
Anyone appearing on the
above list who has already paid
in full or has any questions,
please contact Tom Ogden at
944-7768. Anyone still wishing
to purchase a 1972
CAPITOLITE and has not yet
done so, contact Mr. Ogden or
any member of the yearbook
staff immediately; after
shipment orders are sent your
purchase cannot be guaranteed.
Evon Golphin
Judith LePere
A. Edwards Presents Lecture
S.G.A. elections were not the
only highlights of the day at
Capitol last Thursday. There was
also an interesting display of art
on hand in the Gallery Lounge
and a lecture presented by the
artist who produced it, Herbert
Mr. Edwards' work, which
included a series of oil paintings
on canvas and velvet, drew
widespread praise from those
students who got to view the
collection during its week long
stay in the lounge.
A graduate of the Art
Institute of Pittsburgh, Mr.
Edwards worked for a number
of years as a commercial artist.
He has taught art at the Bettis
Atomic Energy Laboratory. In
1959 he switched from the
commercial art field to formal
art and from there proceded to
work with the oil productions
which were on display. Primarily
a portrait artist, he has done
protraits of several prominent
people. His works have been
shown in Toronto, Canada;
Milwaukee, Pittsburgh,
Cleveland and New York.
His lecture dealt with the field
of commercial art and his own
personal feelings about the
meaning of art. His lecture was
highlighted by some interesting
statements like: "I have never
seen an ugly person. There might
be a lot of character in those
features that one might consider
ugly." and "A dead person is the
best model to use." His general
concept of art was that "art or
drawing is the desire to interest
For Senate at-large Seat
Thursday, June 1
Poll SGA Office
N. R. F
hu g e Success
-thanks to:
Mike Bauer
on Lewis
More next week
lm Arthur Oehler Fund
Scholarship Aid for 1972-73
Applications now available in E-106.
Thursday, May 25, 1972
others in what has interested
It seemed that most people
who saw his works were
interested in what he had to
display and talk about. Our
thanks to the Student Activities
Office for bringing such a fine
artist to Capitol Campus.
Capitol Campus has again
received a grant of $750.00 from
the Alcoa Foundation. This is to
be used to support one student
in either EDET or MDET for the
school year 1972-73.
A committee has been formed
to screen applicants and select
an awardee. This committee
desires to receive application
from all students who feel that
their scholarship and/or need for
financial assistance warrants
their being considered for this
award. A tentative deadline of
May 25th has been established
for receiving applications.
Those interested in being
considered should make
application at office suite
W-356. Further information may
be obtained from Dr. R.T.
Brown in W-356C, Prof. W.H.
Adkins in E-356 or Prof. D.
Miller in W-164. Students who
have previously complete:.
application for the All
University Scholarships need not
resubmit a form as they will be
automatically considered.
G PP memiers
No Classes:
Monday, May 29
Make-up Date:
June 15