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The Bathtub
Race is HERE!
On Wednesday, May 24, the
PSPE First Annual Bathtub Race
will be held at 1 p.m. Judging
for the Best Looking tub will be
held at 12: 3 0 p.m. The start and
judging is at the Student Center.
All students, faculty and
observers note traffic will not
be allowed on campus during
this time period of I to about 2.
On Tuesday night, PSPE will
hold the Pre-Bathtub Racc
Dance at the Student Center
from 9-12 p.m. Eden will be
providing the music and
admission is 50 cents. There will
be one or two of the bathtubs
on display.
Let's get out and give support
to both the dance and the race.
Suzuki TM-250.
The closest thing
you can buy
to the world
champion 250.
Pure motocrosser. 30 hp/
7500 rpm. 21 ft./lbs. of torque.
Only 220 lbs. 5 speeds.
Racing -type forks and
suspension. I.: nohhys.
Ipswept exp;,nsion chamber
PEI ignition. CO
tube. Ride one. It
can turn you into .4*
something that it suium
already is: a champion.
623 Second Street
H ighspire, Pa
Phone 939-2591
41.1 k 40 • AME. 114.M.0 ..M0 .k •••••• 4=li. 4MINI. O.IIJ
by D. Hassler
Student Center
5:00 p.m.
May 31
Sponsored by
Meade Heights
Board of Governors
and WZAP
Weekdays 9 AM to 8 PM
Sat. 9 AM to 4 PM
Picnic and
Everyone Welcome!
Inside if it rains
Parts and Service
Bowling Results
(As of Wednesday, May 10,1912)
1. All in the Family
2. XGl's
3. Pinheads
4. Foulballs
5. W.8.Y.A.?!
7. Last Laugh
Last Laugh
Tennis Team
Shows Good Form
by Michael Collins
On Saturday, May 8, the
Capitol Campus Tennis Team
played Lebanon Valley College
before a large home crowd.
Although the team did not win,
the crowd did see some fine
tennis played by Capitol.
In singles, the team was led by
Jim O'Donnell who posted a 6-0,
6-2 victory over his Lebanon
opponent. O'Donnell, a tough
competitor on the courts,
showed consistency in all his
strokes as he set down his
opponent in straight sets. There
was also some good play on the
part of Keith Reinsmith who
drove his opponent to three sets
before losing 6-1, 3-6, 2-6.
In doubles competition,
the teams of John Phillips and
Mike Collins, and George
Harakal and Keith Reinsmith
lost tough matches. The team of
Phillips and Collins held the lead
throughout the first set but lost
it in the nine point tiebreaker as
Lebanon Valley came from
behind to win. In the second set,
Phillips and Collins fought back
from a 3-0 deficit to tie Lebanon
Valley, but the Lebanon Valley
team proved to be too strong as
a Mile
University Park, Pa. -- A main
campus senior has set a record
for the mile run.
That's the mile run event
which requires participants to
stop at six downtown State
College establishments along the
way; fill up on a glass of a
favorite beverage; and continue
James A. Frye, of Ligonier,
senior in political science, ran
the distance in the record
shattering time of six minutes
and 40 seconds to capture the
fourth annual "Phi-Psi 500", a
charity race sponsored by Phi
Kappa Psi fraternity.
Frye's time eclipsed the
previous record by nineteen
According to race officials,
$l,OOO was raised through entry
fees and donations all going to
the Centre Community Hospital
building fund. The four races
have earned approximately
$3,000 for the hospital.
Second place. and first place
in the fraternity division, went
to Charles B. Parrish, of
Pittsburgh. a junior majoring in
chemical engineering. who ran
the distance in six minutes and
46 seconds.
This Week's Results
3 All in the Family
2 Foulballs
4 Forfeit
Individual Standings
Cliff Claypool 181
Gunter Idler 165
John McCormick 566
Gordy Shuman 556
Mike Kilgallon 213
Jerry Matonis 207
they took three of the last four
games. The final score showed
the Lebanon Valley team the
winners with 6-7, 4-6.
The team of Harakal and
Reinsmith played strong tennis
in the first set and won 6-1 but
could not hold on as they were
ripped by Lebanon Valley in the
next two sets, 1-6, 2-6, losing by
an overall score of 6-1, 1-6, 2-6.
The final score of the overall
match showed Lebanon Valley
the winner 8 to 1 but it was not
an easy win for the team.
Phillips 3-6, 2-6
O'Donnell 6-0, 6-2
Topez 2-6, 0-6
Trindler 0-6, 3-6
Harakal 1-6, 0-6
Reinsmith 6-1, 3-6, 2-6
Collins 1-6, 3-6
Lopez-O'Donnell 2-6, 3-6
Phillips-Collins 6-7, 4-6
Harakal-Reinsmith 6-1, 1-6, 2-6
Lebanon Valley 8
Capitol Campus I
r " - ident" " - 1
1 Center 1
Wednesday, I
May 24 1
I Basketball 21, I
I 6:30
I ill
I Entry Deadline. 1
1 May 22, 5:00 p.m. :
1 B ill iards
7:30 1 I
I M/W singles only 1
i Rec/Aths Bldg. 1
HOT LINE -944-1033
Stan Esher
Grant Berry
Cliff Claypool
Harold Dahringer
Thursday, May 18, 1972
Club Baseball
capitol soils
With L.V.
by Steve Rosenzweig
The Capitol Campus nine split
a doubleheader with Lebanon
Valley College last Saturday.
After a brutal 140 loss in the
first game Capitol came back
with an impressive 6-2 victory
behind the solid pitching of
Andy Oronzi.
Capitol had little to cheer
about in the first game as Bulko
of Lebanon Valley pitched a
three-hit shutout. The only
bright spot for Capitol was a
good relief stint by Steve
Rosenzweig who gave up only
one run while striking out seven
in three innings.
The big story of the day was
the 6-2 Capitol win in the
second game. The team finally
put it together to help relieve
the frustrations that have been
building all season.
In that game, Capitol had it's
highest output of the season
with six runs and twelve hits.
Steve Kansowitz had three hits
while Phil Wexler, Stan
Laskowski, and Barry Deacon
had two apiece.
Capitol jumped off to a 40
lead in the first inning. Wexler
led off with a walk and then
stole second. After a walk to
Kelly, a single by Oronzi scored
the speedy Wexler for the first
run. To cap that first inning
rally, big Stan (Stash) Laskowski
hit a shot over the 325 sign in
left center for a three-run
homerun. Capitol later scored a
single run in the third on Steve
Kanosowitz's second HR of the
season. The sixth run was scored
in the fourth when Wexler's
double scored Bobby Guss who
had walked.
Andy Oronzi struggled
somewhat, but he always had
the big pitch when needed. He
gave up eight hits on his way to
his first victory of the season. He
also struck out eight opposing
So, Capitol has finally won.
Why not come out on Tuesday
to see the team play. Maybe
Andy Oronzi will show you his
sore arm or Phil Wexler will
show you his strawberries. The
game will be at three o'clock at
Oak Hill Field in Middletown.
To get to the field, go down
Route 230 past the 7-11 and
make a left at the Mobil station.
Follow that road for two blocks
and the field is on your right.
AB R H RBl's
40 2 0
30 1 0
40 2 0
30 0 0
40 0 0
40 0 0
21 1 0
30 0 0
31 2 1
10 0 0
31 2 8 1
Bachman (38,P)
Ober (2B)
Deroba (SS)
Sener (CF)
Robey (LF)
Melsky (C)
Hartnett (1B)
Eshelman (RF)
Heisey (P)
Bulco (1B)
AB R H RBl's
31 2 1
30 0 0
31 1 1
32 3 1
21 2 3
30 2 0
30 1 0
21 0 0
10 1 0
20 0 0
25 612 6
Wexler (CF)
Kelly (RF)
Oronzi (P)
Konsowitz (1B)
Laskowski (C)
Deacon (3B)
Scuddy (2B)
Guss (SS)
Conn (LF)
Poidence (LF)
One 2 -
001 100 0 2 8 3
Capitol 401 100 X 6 12 4