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Vol. VII, No. 4
On April 24, Sen. George
McGovern (Dem. South Dakota)
appeared at the Harrisburg
International Airport.
A candidate for the
presidential nomination,
McGovern utilized a "whistle
stop" campaign technique in
arriving at the airfield, making a
few remarks, going around
"pressing flesh" and quickly
taking off. The entire affair
lasted but 30 minutes.
But the Senator made the
most of those few minutes. His
concise remarks and sensible
answers to questions posed by
the press demonstrated an
ability to think on his feet. He
took the time to mill among the
crowd, shaking hundreds of
hands as well as signing dozens
of autographs.
A hugh percentage of the
group at the airport included
Capitol Campus students,
faculty, and administrators. At
least 600 people gathered to
hear and see McGovern,
including a busload of school
children from the Cumberland
Valley District.
The jetcraft carrying the
McGovern entourage was 45
minutes late in arriving, but the
throng did not seem to mind.
The press corps passed the time
by talking presidential politics.
Most of the media men were of
the opinion that Sen. Hubert
Humphrey would swamp the
remainder of the Democratic
contenders in the Pennsylvania
Primary the next day.
As it turns out, they were
right, but McGovern made an
honorable showing in the voting.
In Dauphin County, two
delegates were to be elected in
the Democratic Primary. Pete
Wambach, who ran uncommited,
and Bill Minnich, who was
pledged to McGovern, were
elected, a testimony to the
appeal McGovern projects where
he is able to make a public
Just before the McGovern jet
arrived, his delegate candidates
were introduced. Delegates from
four surrounding state senatorial
Open "Free" Period Considered
by Mike Dini
At a recent Faculty Council
Meeting, the following
recommendation concerning a
"free" period at Capitol Campus
was submitted. The suggestion
called for an open period for
lunch/meetings and
educational/cultural programs
and events.
The recommendation was
presented at the Joint Student
Affairs Committee Meeting and
was deliberated and discussed.
The committee voted
unanimously to support this
recommendation with the intent
that "students and faculty alike
be given a chance to articulate
their impressions and reactions
to the concept of an open "free"
period at this campus.
A group of concerned,
interested and involved students
circulated a petition which
opposed this suggestion. 480
students and faculty members
signed the petition.
The Joint Student Affairs
Committee conducted an "Open
Comes To Middletown
districts portrayed the liberal
youth backing given McGovern.
They were college students,
women, and blacks.
The Senator disembarked
from his Northeast Airlines
plane into the cold, wet weather
of Middletown. His first remark
was that he did not "see Gov.
Shapp in the crowd," referring
to the Pennsylvania Governor's
stolid support of Sen. Edmund
Muskie. But McGovern hoped
that such a political mistake
could be rectified when "we
come back after November and
hold a confessional."
He regretted that he could not
spend more time campaigning in
the state and he acknowledged
the work of McGovern
volunteers and advance men
whom he termed "the best
personnel in the country,"
compensating admirably in the
He talked about a ringing
victory because his "candidacy
has the best grass-roots
organization," and that he can
"carry the issues to the people."
McGovern, sporting a maroon
tie and a blue and white striped
shirt, was accompanied by
20-year-old Kathleen Kennedy,
daughter of the late Sen. Robert
F. Kennedy. Miss Kennedy was
supporting McGovern in return
for the endorsement he gave her
Forum" where the question of an
open "free" period was
discussed. Campus community
members exchanged ideas
concerning the pros and cons of
the recommendation.
The Student Affairs
Committee reconsidered the
recommendation and discussed
some alternatives which might
be considered in resolving this
important matter. One
alternative was to consider the
possibility of an open "free"
'The following alternatives are submitted for your consideration:
1......1. In favor of an open "free" period. I
1 ....... 2. Not in favor of an open "free" period. I
I .... 3. In favor of the recommendation encouraging daytime'
Education/Cultural Programs. (with the present schedule
Iremaining unchanged) 1
1 4. Other suggestions. (submitted on a separate piece of I
16ubmit this survey to the Capitolist Office, Room 104, as soon as'
'possible. Results of the survey will then be published. 1
"All The News That Fits
father during the 1968
presidential campaign, she said.
"He is the man who best meets
the positions which my father
took," she stated heartfully.
The Senator believes the war
in Indochina to still be the
primary issue, although he
emphasized he is not a one-issue
candidate. "The War has meant a
heavy throb in the pit of my
stomach for every day the past
seven years. If elected President,
my first order would be to put
an immediate end to the war,"
McGovern stressed.
He pointed out that his
whirlwind tour of Pennsylvania,
"was not a last minute decision
in campaign strategy. We
planned long ago to limit our
campaign here."
He said he was disgusted with
the conditions of life and the
environment of many of our
citizens. He stated that he had
many solutions in the planning
stage; ready for implementation
upon election. "What are we to
do about these problems?" he
asked. "Let's stop crying and do
something about them."
He continually stressed the
fact that he was opposed to the
War years ago even when it was
politically unfeasible, in
response to a question from a
newsman. With that statement,
the throng again chanted
"McGovern right from the
The South Dakotan
emphasized that the
environment is probably the
most important long-term
problem the people of the
United States face. Tax reform
legislation and the care of all
disadvantaged peoples are also
his top priorities.
As of this writing, based on
his strong showing in
Pennsylvania and a victory in the
Massachusetts primary, Sen.
George McGovern is the
Democratic leader in the number
of delegates pledged on the first
ballot at the Democratic
National Convention in Miami
Beach in July.
period and the other alternative
was to adhere to present
practices of conducting daytime
programs and events. The
committee also recommended
that Capitol Campus Curriculum
Program Groups, the Social
and Cultural Committees and
Student Organizations be
encouraged to conduct
Educational/Cultural Programs
during daytime hours without
the consideration of an open
"free" period.
NMI Mg - IM - =I MINI =I -
We Print"
Is On The Way
Harrisburg Rock Festival 11,
sponsored by Good People
Productions, will happen on
Mother's Day, May 14. The
raindate is May 21.
It is a FREE concert, with
free parking, and it will be held
in front of the Classroom
Building here at Penn State
Capitol. The Rock Festival will
run from noon until midnight of
that Sunday.
The concert will feature
renowned bands from Central
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and
Washington, D.C. Among the
Groups are: Big City Music
Band, High Gate, High Tension
Acres, Mark, Eden, the Elvis
Davis Band, Legends, Shanghi,
Willow Mill Park, and Beloved.
Don Lewis, Mike Bauer, Mike
Beckner and the other members
of GPP would appreciate any
assistance that is offered in the
fmal planning stages for the
concert. Student marshalls and
stage personnel are desparately
The Light Show, which is part
of the proposed program, is by
World Control Studios under the
auspices of the Social
Committee of Capitol Campus.
This year's Rock Festival will
This Week
This week's Senate meeting
began with the commit tee
reports when a quorum was
The SGA was granted $2OO in
operating expenses for the
remainder of the term. The
Business Club was allocated
$lOO and the Photo Club
received $75 to fund its exhibit
which is now running in the
Gallery Lounge.
The Traffic Engineers
organization (ITE) was granted
$lOO to attend a convention,
Transpo '72. The Social
Committee received $l2O for
lighting equipment which would
then become its permanent
The XGl's were allocated an
additional $73 for air fare to
attend a convention in Duluth,
Minnesota next week. The
Senate approved the grant in a
motion where the only
dissenting votes were those of
Sen. Jerry Scalen and Tres. Don
Ekberg, the ranking members of
the Finance Committee.
The Teaching Award,
established as the senior class
gift in memory of Dr. James
Jordan, needed additional
funding. It was announced that
the cost of the bronze, being
developed in Detroit, Mich., will
cost $2OO. The proposed
contract being made with
sculptor Oliver LaGrone calls for
an additional $6OO. Included in
the last figure are the artist's
travel expenses, work fee, the
award medallions, mounting in
mahogony, and refinements,
bringing the cost total to $BOO.
The SGA approved an additional
$3OO to cover the cost of'-the
The following faculty
members have been nominated
for the James.. A. Jordan
Rock Festival
Thursday, May 4, 1972
be bigger and better than the
one held last year, which
attracted as many as 15,000
people throughout the day's
activities. GPP is publicizing the
event in the tri-state area of
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and
Look for the special Rock
Festival and General Election
issue of next week's
ITE M eeting
The Institute of Traffic
Engineers (ITE) has elected it's
club officers for the 1972-73
academic year. Ed Gzarnecki
was elected President, Jim
Rollimsow, Vice-President, Gene
Benton, Secretary and Chuck
Emick is the new Treasurer.
The organization is also
planning to attend Transpo '72,
the National Transportation
Convention to be held at Dulles
Airport, Washington, D.C. The
scheduled date is May 30. The
show is an international exhibit
where transportation companies
and agencies display modes of
transportation and present and
future systems.
in the SGA
Memorial Award: Mr. Ralph
Frey, Dr. F. Frederick
Newbauer, Dr. Cole, Mr. Wesly
Howser, Dr. Jeffrey Hartzler, Dr.
William F. Lewis, Dr. John
Patterson, Dr. Robert Bresler,
and Mr. Ambrose Klain.
Teacher and Course
Evaluation forms for the Winter
Term are now being distributed.
Each faculty member will
receive one copy. There was
considerable debate about how
much influence such evaluations
really have. The Election
Committee specified, under a
Senate motion, that candidates
for the General Election on May
18 must be able to serve during
all three terms next year. That
is, they must be a full-time
undergraduate student during
the Fall, Winter and Spring
The SGA voted to endorse the
war moratorium activities which
are being conducted today. The
vote was 8 in favor, one
opposed, with 6 abstentions.
A definite main speaker for
Commencement has yet to be
found. The Dean's Advisory
Committee appointed six new
members and reappointed one, it
was reported. However NONE of
the people recommended by the
SGA were appointed.
There will be a special
meeting of the Student
Government Association
TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. in
Room 216. The session will be
utilized to approve proposed
constitutional revisions.