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    Letter To the EOllOll
Dear Editor
Re: Editorial
"It's Your Decision"
Without question there is no
better use for the $5.00 Cap and
Gown fee than for the Cap &
Gown. After all, this is similar to
other fees related to the
attaining of a degree
application, tuition, room and
board, schedule changes,
transcripts, and so on.
Nonetheless, there is a fund
which should be established and
so many who should get into the
act will only stand and watch
the parade go by. Later they will
be totally unaware of another
missed opportunity.
Shortly, Mr. lierpel will retire
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It is expected that Resident
Assistants will advise and
counsel students within the
limits of training and capability
available to them.
3. Resident Assistants are to
be cognizant of student conduct
in their areas and to report
problems to the Residence
Coordinator when they occur.
4. Resident Assistants are
expected to help organize and
maintain the educational,
athletic, cultural, social and
other activities sponsored by the
Office of Residence Living
5. Resident Assistants are
expected to support the
functioning residence
governments within the area.
6. Resident Assistants should
serve as examples for other
students. A standard of personal
conduct commensurate with
responsibilities of the position
should at all times he
Residence I las: $4lO fee
reduction per term.
Meade !heights: $3lO fee
reduction per term.
Steps In
The Application Process
I. Candidates must be
matriculating at the Capitol
Campus as ti
undergraduate or graduate
students al the (line of tiling an
application for the position.
2. Candidates must have filed
an application for on-ca lupus
housing for the 1972-7;
academic year before applying
for a Resident Assistant
3. Candidates must have a
cumulative Grade Point Average
Staff of the
Tom Hagan
Lee Nell
Associate Editors
Bob Bonaker
Mike Welliver
Business Manager:
John WoHorn
Loan Fund?
after 35 years of University
service affecting 25% of its life.
His efforts on behalf of the
outlying campuses and all
students are well chronicled.
Establishing a Loan Fund in
appreciation would be an
expression well worth all
necessary effort. The Fund
currently operating was his
creation. The Faculty Wives
Club has made additional
contributions and hope to add
more soon. Its outreaching
effects are limitless.
Surely this is one decision
that should come naturally.
Very truly yours,
George Dressler
Financial Officer
of no less than 2.20 at the
Capitol Campus. This average
must be maintained during the
period of appointment.
4. Complete the application.
Be sure that the addresses of
those three persons you have
listed as references are complete
and correct. The Residence
Living Office will mail the
recommendation forms directly
to the persons you specify. At
least one of your references
should be the Dean of Students
or your academic advisor from
the previous college attended.
5. Candidates who have a
preference for a particular area
(i.e. Meade Heights or the
Residence Halls) should so
indicate on their application.
Persons are assigned to the
particular areas in relation to
their relative individual
strengths. Arca preferences can
therefore not be guaranteed.
You have the right not to accept
an offer for appointment in a
particular area, but you will not
be reconsidered for positions in
other areas.
6. All application forms must
be returned Friday, April 21, at
5 p.m. in the Office of Student
Affairs (W- 10 ). When the
recommendations have arrived,
your file is considered complete.
7. When your file is complete,
you will be notified concerning
the scheduling of interviews.
All interested persons are
encouraged to attend. If unable
to attend, although interested in
appointment as a Resident
Assistant, you may acquire an
application in the Office of
Residence Living Programs
W- I 0 I , Main Building.
Applications must be returned
to this office no later than
Friday. April 21, 1972, at 5 p.m.
Samantha Bower
Gregg Crescenzo
Jane McDonald
Steve Wesley
Cheryl Boyes
Don Lewis
Tom Black
Steve Rosenzweig
Michael Collins
Cliff Batson
Charlie Zither
Frank Fox
or. mcAree
want To see You
Dr. James McAree, Social
Science Program Head, has
established a basis for consulting
with social science seniors who
will graduate at the end of the
McAree hopes the private
talks to be pleasant conversation
about the future of the
individual students, as well as
individual impressions of their
academic career at Capitol
Also, he wants to institute a
system whereby the graduated
students can return information
to him concerning their success
on the job market or their
present academic situation.
All graduating students in the
social science curriculum are
invited to participate. Dr.
McAree will be in his office,
W-157, evzry morning
throughout the term.
Appointments are not necessary.
If he is occupied at the time a
student wants to see him, he is
requested to return later. Dr.
McAree wants to see everyone,
even if they have consulted with
him several times before.
Grades Due
Deferred grades for the Winter
Term 1972 are due May 18th, as
specified in the University
Policies and Rules for Students,
Section Two, M-6. All deferred
grades should be submitted to
E-106 no later than Noon on
May 17th so that they may be
processed and sent to University
Park. In the event that it is not
possible to submit the deferred
grade, a form for an extension
must be filled out. Extension
forms are available in Room
A questionnaire has been
distributed to all junior students
and faculty by the Cultural
Programs Committee. The
responses will be utilized by the
committee to plan next year's
The committee hopes that
everyone will take the time to
complete the questionnaire and
return it to the Student
Activities Office, W-105, Main
d) A
Grou p Form in
contod :
I ; - 11Ichttl Antemal
apd Cy zeci
cro i l piN 3 o,
in Us
Dear Stud And Uncle Slime
. . . due to an error in your
packet or a course closing, you
did not receive all the courses
you requested . . . Well that's
sweet, and its also a normal
predicament for all us students
on and during registration day.
You go in there and you have
about two minutes with
hundreds of other
disenfranchised students, to
make a simple decision on your
life. It was suggested by a fellow
drone while we were standing in
line, that if you don't get a
course they could at least tell
you what course you didn't get.
This way, registration wouldn't
be as disturbing as it is, that's
just on the surface though. See
you simple fuck, its an error in
your head, Slim Slygh, this
school, and today's society does
not make mistakes. Everybody
knows that we the stud-drones
are here to serve the machine
(Sieg Heil). Regardless, ain't
Slim cute when he's efficient.
So we all did our comic
phoney duck scene of registering
for our education, well that's the
way I view it anyway. I did have
the fortunance to rap to a few
fellow studs who asked me,
"Well what degree are you
working for, what are you going
to be, a BA, BS, or a BU?" I
proceeded to discuss some more
cosmic relationships, and this
stud asks me about degrees. It
seems that Slim and his cronies
have really sucked some peoples'
fine minds -- now they're just
the amerikan idea of niggers
(white or otherwise, no squirrels
"Mein furher, this young man
does not haf his papers -- Vhere
are your papers mein schmuck?"
"You do not haf your papers in
order, well you must go to the
end of the line, a gas chamber is
vaiting for you, See you in
Auswitch, the great fire oven in
the sky -- Sieg Heil!" "Sieg Heil
Mein Furher!"
So some funky assed
commander puts someone at the
head of the class, and you know,
its always slim pickings on the
way down, way down in the
heart of your educational brain,
locked, and put under key. And
then its very obvious to see that
no one give a fuck about
education in this god forsaken
hole. Experiencing registration is
a joke, its not real, but the most
disquieting fact of the matter is,
that it is real. This advisor tells
me that I can't take the courses I
NOT LINE -944-1033 LE
"Mon. Niect qlll Motorcycles
New and Used
Official Inspection
C 0 rn Vtte e. Station
Nov ie All Makes Repaired
IKIRU 515 Rosedale Avenue
Near Olmsted Plaza
Middletown, Pa.
(8 P:Wi Phone 9444256
michael chew
want, Well I want this, Its
closed, Well I'll take it anyway,
You can't! I guess that told me,
but that dude-fuck is really
interfering with my education,
while all the while giving me a
new one; I just look under his
surface. Some good theatre
might have been to whip a can
of blood out and shot the
bastard, the pagan bastard.
So this guy is only adding to
my nightmare, and to further
relate our mendacity (or the
systems), we're gonna really
relate to this paper illustion,
we're going to get into the
Drop-Add dazes. Its just more
paper and nothing else. Only if
you could only shove that paper
and save a tree, Halt the
machine, I want to get off. Then
slinking down to the bathroom,
cop me a stall, whip out this pint
of Rye Whiskey, take a little hit
... Zow! What a rush!
Returning to the inner-stellar
hallways, dissolution is rolling
through the Isle of Man, or at
least through the hallways of
your brain; in thirty-three and a
third, no less. One just blows
around tryin' to fight this
confusion Hey, somebody say
something real, meaningful . . .
Attencion' Pleeze, courses
M4193-A and 85420-P have
been D-Eighteened, so check
your 014's and your Zero 0
Ones! Repeat, I say courses ....
his voice dies away, Take II -- a
long scream, primal at that. Still,
I feel insane, but secure in my
own madness.
Uncle Slim trucks by me,
sweating underarms swollen in
bureaurocracy, Sieg Hell! Ole
Slim, he's cool and regardless,
only gettin' a little red in the
face; But I'm not here to blow
Slim away, he's just doin' his
job. Maybe he could go a little
easier on his health, sit back and
take a simple suggestion; There
must be a better way. I mean,
man what are you doing, what
are you perpetuating, what are
you creating, why are you
destroying the right to free
education, why are you closing
the door to the light, why can't
registration be a three day trip
into understanding. There's got
to be another way cause this
other way only puts people
uptight, disatisfied, and aborted.
Regardless, one flew east, one
flew west, I went on over the
cuckoo's nest with McPatrick,
and we left Big Nurse with all
the rabbits for a good Irish
Drunk . . . this is the hangover.